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Thai Ladyboy Interview
An Afternoon With Some Thai Ladyboys I spent this afternoon with 6 Thai ladyboys. No, don't go thinking that I tried them out. I didn't. I spent a few hours chatting with them, finding about them, trying to understand what makes them tick and learning about their experiences and the guys who util... Read full Story
Thai Ladyboy goddes in Tokyo and a cheap love hotel
This is a real account of my meeting last week with a beautiful Thai ladyboy working at a flashy show at a night club in Tokyo. Written as a not to her. Hope you like it. You sexy ladyboy goddess, I must say you have the most beautiful body. When we first started drinking wine and talking ... Read full Story
My second time with ladyboy Nan
If you like the idea of a girl going at it with a ladyboy and follow the ladyboy stories section of our blog for some time, you should remember the story about Thai ladyboy Nan that our reader Julia wrote. Well, this is her second report and I hope you enjoy it as much as the first one. This time... Read full Story
Ladyboy Loves Up The Midwest
When Jasmine, a Thai ladyboy, moved into a small town in Iowa the locals didn't know what had hit them. She was instantly the talk of the town; initially for being so different and exotic but once she opened her club her reputation spread right across the county and state line. It was only a real... Read full Story
Soo, my ladyboy friend in Bangkok
This shemale story is not your usual one as it's written by a lesbian girl Jamie and it involves a very sensual description of sex with an Asian ladyboy. Enjoy reading! Well as an openly gay Lesbian woman (submissive as I say) a long way indeed. My friend in Bangkok, Soo is a beautiful, articula... Read full Story
Fucked and sucked by a ladyboy
Our reader Maxie wants to share what it is like to be fucked up bottom by a ladyboy and getting a blowjob from her at the same time. Seems very exciting, what do you think? ;) On a recent visit to Thailand I went further than I ever thought I would. I picked up a "young lady" Bangkok wh... Read full Story
Smoking ladyboy in latex indulges my fantasies
Our reader, Matt J, have recently visited Pattaya and, as you can see from his story, it was a very fruitful visit! He had a petite ladyboy Lo spend a night with him during which he came countless times, and now he says he'll be coming back for more. Who wouldn't? ;) I recently indulged a few of ... Read full Story
Looking-Glass Ladyboy
I was taking a walk to stay--all right; I'll admit it--to get in shape, when I saw the "Going Out of Business" sign in the second-hand furniture store a block north of my condo. I wasn't in the market for anything, new or used, but I can't resist a bargain, and what was better for finding ... Read full Story
My First Ladyboy
I was working in Bangkok a couple of years ago. As was the normal practice all the guys would finish work on a Friday afternoon and head to the local bar for a couple of beers. This particular Friday we were in the usual place chatting and having a nice relaxing time. When she walked in. Taller t... Read full Story
Ladyboy Lust
I had been watching ts porn and thinking about visiting an escort for a while, when I found myself working in London and actually got the oportunity. I had been checking out the London Eros guide on the internet and had called several tgirls when I came across Seri Atika's profile. I called he... Read full Story
My First Ladyboy Adventure
I had been watching ts porn and thinking about visiting an escort for a while, when I found myself working in London and actually got the oportunity. I had been checking out the London Eros guide on the internet and had called several tgirls when I came across Seri Atika's profile. I called he... Read full Story
A LadyBoy For My Wife
I have been happily married to my sexy Thai wife Lisa for three years now. My wife is Thai is petite (5'1") with a stunning figure, a tight ass and long waist length black hair. We had met in a bar in Thailand and subsequently we were married back here in the UK. She was very loving with m... Read full Story
Busted and Hoodwinked
INTRODUCTION Mack and Barry were cell mates in prison which is where they first met. They had both been convicted of burglary and breaking and entering. The befriended each other while in prison and became lovers. Barry was gay and Mack became a bisexual during their time in the same cell. Mack a... Read full Story
Fucked by indonesian ladyboys
this is a true story of what actually happened to me in bali When i was 17 i was on holiday in bali, indonesia. i'd only had sex once prior, with a genetic girl, and i barely managed to get hard and wasn't able to cum so i knew pussy wasn't for me. i had been clubbing several tim... Read full Story
Thai ladyboy Jenifer
Another wonderful story posted by our reader Jason... I have experience with Thai ladyboys and Phillipino lady boys. The one Thai ladyboy that left the most impression on me is Jenifer. She is a bit big on size for a ladyboy, but her gentle demeanour sure make all for her size. The first time ... Read full Story
I will go back there!
Gotta thank our reader Amanda for this lovely ladyboy sex story. As an openly gay women I had heard so much about Katoeys in Thailand and that they were affectionate and prepared to do most things. I have to go to Bangkok on a marketing junket so decide to test the waters. The first bar I walked ... Read full Story
True story about a ladyboy first timer fucking her customer's as
Those of You that dream about having a beautiful Asian ladyboy fuck your ass will certainly love this naughty story posted by our reader Tommy where he got his asshole violated by a cute ladyboy. Did I mention that she was a first timer and Tommy was her first customer? Hi, me again with anothe... Read full Story
Ladyboy Fuck Show
Thai Kathoey Ladyboy Fuck Show in Patpong So last night my TG girlfriend and I went to Bangkok's Patpong prostitutions zone to see a fuck show. Instead of the "normal" sex show with old women shooting darts out of their twats, we asked the touts to take us to a ladyboy fucking show. ... Read full Story
My First Ladyboy
I was working in Bangkok a couple of years ago. As was the normal practice all the guys would finish work on a Friday afternoon and head to the local bar for a couple of beers.. This particular Friday we were in the usual place chatting and having a nice relaxing time......when she walked in....t... Read full Story
Hot Ladyboy
I had a phone number for a hot ladyboy that my friend insisted that I call for something different. I had always admired them but I had never been with one before. I finally decided to call the number a few nights ago and a soft feminine voice answered. The hot ladyboy was named Hollie and she to... Read full Story
How I became a ladyboy convert
Our friend Brian went to Thailand 3 years ago and had his first experience with a ladyboy details of which he would like to bring to Your attention now. He proudly tells he became a ladyboy convert after his first time and we have no doubt he did! On a trip to Thailand about 3 years ago I had my ... Read full Story
Ladyboy orgy in Thailand
During one of my many nights in the sleaze capital of the world Pattaya, Thailand I was at a certain ladyboy bar all dressed up in my sexiest outfit that the "girls" had ask me to wear in as I had shown them some pics of me dressed. Not that I could ever hope to compete with any of them! ... Read full Story
Beautiful ladyboy Natalie
Feasting comes after fasting. What's with you guys, it's been over a month that i haven't seen any new shemale stories from you, and now i'm getting them every day. Which is good of course. ;) Here's a shemale story from Tommy about his long-standing shemale fantasy finally fulfilled. I'd had she... Read full Story
My Filipina transsexual penpal
I too feel very attracted to Ladyboys, especially Asians. Since I started looking at the Ladyboy sites a part of me feels deperate to one day date, and maybe even be with a transsexual the rest of my life. I feel that I will never be sexually complete until I have finally had sex with an Asian Ladyb... Read full Story
My ladyboy in a bar fantasy
Our reader, Mark, writes about his ultimate fantasy about meeting a ladyboy in a bar and petting her right there through her clothes. Things like that always arouse me, and what is more, Mark has a very remarkable and vivid writing style. Most erotic read! While I haven't experienced one to date,... Read full Story
I prefer ladyboys
I prefer Ladyboys than girls and if that makes me a gay guy then so be it. I live on my own in New Zealand and have a Ladyboy Friend in Thailand, whom I am very much in love with. We are planning to live together in Thailand within the next months. My Ladyboy Friend is very Beautiful and SHE takes... Read full Story
More Than a Lady
Doctor Carter surveyed the gathering of ladies before him. Something wasn't quite right, but he just couldn't put his finger on what it was. He had been invited to speak on Female Reproductive Health but the women before him were neither the charity-driven older matrons nor eager young housewives th... Read full Story
My ts fuck
Patong beach thailand a few years ago, a few drinhs at a bar with some friends on going to toilet at public loo which was next door to ladyboy bar. Standing and relieving myself in runs two lovely ladyboys from next door. Who proceed to do there make up and have a good look at my cock for good measu... Read full Story
Me and 2 black men
Hello again this is EvA…I am a 40 year old tranny. I do not consider my self a crossdresser anymore, because I am doing that for so long that I have been transformed to a very sexy and feminine ladyboy. I have been taking also hormones for 4 years, on and off and I already saw many changes&he... Read full Story
My amazing Filipina girl
Today's post is not a usual ladyboy sex story that we all got used to, but something more romantic, down-to-earth and non-porn. Thanks British Buy for sharing this story and being so brave in making your fantasies real and finding your true love. I wasn't looking when I found her. I wasn't reall... Read full Story
Two ladyboys blow their seaman
Yargh! Today, my horny readers, i want to tell you a sex story about a rough sailor that accidentally got turned into a shecock lover by two sexy Filipina ladyboys. All this time he thought he was screwing two beautiful GGs when he suddenly felt something stretching his virgin anus. Enjoy this love... Read full Story
Thank you for Paradise
This hot shemale story was sent to me by our forum member Leeya and i'm anxious to share it here with everybody. It's a classy story about a guy who went to an Asian country on a business trip and met a very beautiful womain in a very romantic atmosphere... Little did he know that this young voluptu... Read full Story
Well endowed ladyboy Yoko
Here's the second part of the story posted by our reader Tommy, and i'll tell you what, it's even hotter than the first one! I went back to Casanova some months later, hoping to see that well endowed ladyboy. She was dancing on stage - we made eye contact, she hopped down straightaway and we kiss... Read full Story
First time with a ladyboy
Another little first timer's story and 5 minutes of glory for our reader Greg. I remember my fist time like it was yesterday. We met at a bar the most beautiful woman i have ever seen. A the end of the night she asked me for a ride home so natrally I gave Her one. She looked so hot in her tigh... Read full Story
Been a ladyboy slave
I have been a slave to a ladyboy in thailand. I challenged her to wrestling match to see who is dominant and she won and sat on top of me nearly naked with her cock hanging over my face, and proceded to taunt me, and made me suck her cock and submit to her. Then she strapped a leash on me and tol... Read full Story
Ladyboy Surprise - Part 2
My jaw hit the floor. Between the legs of these to beautiful girls were 6 inch cocks! I was stunned. Here I am standing naked in a shower with a raging hard on with what I thought were two gorgeous women, and they turn out to have dicks! I didn't know whether to shit or go blind! One of the ladyboys... Read full Story