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My First Ladyboy

I was working in Bangkok a couple of years ago. As was the normal practice all the guys would finish work on a Friday afternoon and head to the local bar for a couple of beers..

This particular Friday we were in the usual place chatting and having a nice relaxing time......when she walked in....taller than most Thai girls....but stunningly beautiful....long jet black silky hair.. halfway down her back, big eyes..small mouth..full what a beauty.... I was watching her walking in ..when she looked over at me..and smiled.

I thought ."Kelly...don't let this one escape" I followed her to the bar...and asked her if I could buy her a drink...

Her name was "Lea" ....over a couple of drinks she told me she was from a small town north of Bangkok.
We stayed in the bar, and drank a lot more beers..... I was getting a little too wobbly from all the alcohol and no food .... I suggested that we should grab a bite to eat....she agreed .. we found a small local cafe..and ordered some food.
Lea was lovely....her English was good..and we had a good conversation going ...she was relaxing...and laughing at my jokes.
We finished the food..and headed back to my hotel.....

Lea was a sexy lover......she liked to kiss....tongue on mouth ...lots of passion. I thought wow ..where have you been all my life.....I immediately got a huge hard on with her.
I was slowly undressing her......she had big tits....but I they were silicone.... this is normal for a lot of Asian girls...they have normally small or almost no tits, lot of them get boob jobs.
Lea had undressed me down to my shorts......and she was in her panties and pantyhose..
I thought I noticed a bulge in her panties....but between the beer and the dim light in the bed room....I dismissed it as shadows.
Lea....pushed me down on the bed...peeled off my shorts...and gave me a blow job.....and wow that girl knew how to use her tongue....I was struggling trying not to dick was rock hard.

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