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Amateur Shemale Videos Just Next Door
I rented out a place in this neighborhood not because of the fabulous location but because it was really cheap. It wasn’t what you call a family neighborhood, but nobody was picking on me, at least. My flat didn’t have much of a view. The living room window was facing the building nex... Read full Story
Amatuer Strip Night
Sasha had just had her breasts done, and now fully healed wanted to show off her beautiful new C cups. She wandered around for a few days in low cut tops and certainly got a lot of attention, but she was aching for someone to really worship them. Flipping through the paper, she saw an ad for an a... Read full Story
A Letter to my Master
A letter to my Master telling him how I felt after the other night Master is coming round tonight and I have the flat to myself. He wants me dressed and ready for him. Good! I am aching for his meaty manhood and looking forward to tasting his cum. He has given me instructions as to what I must... Read full Story
Amanda and Me Chapter 2
I rolled over after reading Amanda's note with a big smile on my face. I couldn't believe that after all the time I had spent masterbating to shemales and fantasizing about meeting one it had actually happened. Not only had it happened but it had been the most amazing sexual experience of my life. ... Read full Story
Dressing for my Master
Master is coming round tonight and I have the flat to myself. He wants me dressed and ready for him. Good! I am aching for his meaty manhood and looking forward to tasting his cum. He has given me instructions as to what I must wear and I know exactly what will turn him on most. I have the requi... Read full Story
wonderful day
I live with my mother. she know that I have a lot of femininity. I ignore it. I am at home. I do not wear women's clothes or men's clothes, but between this and that. I woke up in the morning and I wanted to have all this sex started by shaking my body hair and then looking for a man In th... Read full Story
Wie sich schlagartig mein Sex Leben änderte... Teil 1
ich war nun schon einige Zeit heimlicher Crossdresser. Nie wurde ich von meiner Freundin erwischt, auch wenn es manchmal wirklich knapp war! Ich hatte ein sicheres Versteck für meine schönen Sachen und meine Sextoys und konnte hin und wieder meine geheime Neigung ausleben wenn sie nicht da war.Trotz... Read full Story
Cast party
My name is Dan, and I have always considered myself an adventurous and open minded person, but my experience was taken to a whole new level in my junior year of college when I got involved in an amateur theatre group. We all got along astoundingly well and I found myself becoming friends with severa... Read full Story
Very Clean Bad Boys
This weekend, I got myself set up with a little garden in the courtyard-style patio of my new apartment. And while I was getting everything repotted and boxed and hung, I learned to my chagrin that it’s quite possible to work up a sweat even in a 4 x 4 space. So by the time I was even halfw... Read full Story
Warm milk before asleep
Lou was my best friend after 6th grade, he knew nothing about my “girly” episode (It was very embarrassing to me) we did everything together in those days… The summer was beginning and we were enjoying our vacations when the bad news arrived: Lou and his family had to move to another city because hi... Read full Story
Encyclopedia Erotica By The Fan
It was a normal-looking enough place. A small town in California. Looking at it, no one would ever guess it sat on the hellmouth. The Mouth of Hell. A portal to a multitude of dimensions filled with horrors and wonders. Many things came to the Hellmouth, drawn by its power. Vampires. Demons. Mon... Read full Story
Vegas Baby: Swinging for the Fences
"Hello," Miss K said as she answered the phone. "Where are ya? You're gonna be here in 5? Alright. You got the address for IHOP, right? OK, See ya in a bit. Bye." "So is this girlfriend of yours on her way?" Jennifer chimed in. "I mean if she doesn't exist, this... Read full Story
Experimenting with Cock
I was 22 and at the time did not have a girlfriend. I had a habit of jerking off at least once a day if not more. Starting masturbation at an early age made me bored by "normal" porn star videos. Leading me to amateur porn. Soon that became boring and I was experimenting with everything. O... Read full Story
Nylon teasers
They came into the video store where I worked as a clerk. Almost every day. Teasers. Both of them. What made it both great and terrible for me was that it fed my deepest fetish -- stockings -- as it denied me any fulfillment other than frequent and frantic "self-gratification."... Read full Story
Baby Face Jack's Biggest Fight
The referee held his gloved hand high in the air. The crowd was hushed as the ring announcer spoke, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this World Featherweight Championship Boxing Match to unify the title, by technical knockout, and still undefeated; Baby-face Jack Mc Coy." The crowd scr... Read full Story
A Couple and Me
I have obsessions. I have compulsions. I suppose everyone has them but not many of us act on them. I do. Every chance I get. I obsess and compulse on being gang banged, or on anonymous sex or on sex with young guys (sometimes girls too). I get into bondage and being forced and sometimes on violent s... Read full Story
Becoming a Drag Queen
I was thrilled when my boss told me he was sending me to San Francisco for a conference. It was a location on my "Top 10 places I wanted to go". I went online and Googled the major attractions and tourist "must sees in San Francisco. The conference was Wednesday to Friday and I figure... Read full Story
Becoming a Free Spirit
She lay dying in my arms. A brief smile came across her face. She croaked "honey remember that idol I told you about locked away in the safety deposit box?" "Yes dear but save your strength okay, I'm not concerned about some idol" "But I have to tell you about it. I... Read full Story
A Job in the Theatre Chapter 13
Paula couldn't believe how wonderful the car handled. They had the top down and were turning more than a few heads on the way to work. Paula loved it and so did Sarah. But the closer they got to the theatre the more nervous Paula became. This would be her first appearance with real breasts. And n... Read full Story
A Job in the Theatre Chapter 18
"You are not going to believe this," Andrew said. He managed one of Ted's businesses down by the beach. He was one of the few employees who were aware of Ted's special interests. "Believe what?" Ted asked taking the bait. "A new guy started working out over there about... Read full Story
Case of the Jealous Transsexual Chapter 1
I met her on a free amateur’s web site. I have to admit that I was not particularly looking for a transsexual at the time. I had posted some naked pictures of myself on the site and had been going through the tons of emails that I had gotten in response when I ran across Dee as she called hers... Read full Story
A Night Out To Remember
A night out with Liz and Sue I had known Sue for almost five years but had known Liz for a lot longer. We had met while she was still at school although I was four years older we still became good friends. After she left school I helped her with her college work and more importantly when she need... Read full Story
Betrayed Chapter 4
I really wasn't surprised when Dianna directed me into the parking lot at Ringers. It was only a few blocks across town from my new home; a five-minute drive, if the traffic wasn't killing at the time. Consciously, it had not been a factor in my decision to take the new place. Sub-consciously... wel... Read full Story
A Schoolgirl Story
Jason Sheen was eighteen when he moved to River Falls with his mother. Ever since he was a small child Jason had lived with just his mother, Felicity, and he could no longer remember anything about the father who had abandoned the two of them when Jason was just three years old. Fortunately, Felicit... Read full Story
Fantasy Reversal Chapter 5
Thankfully I had taken the week off work, or at Katrina had prearranged my week off prior to the switch. Though as the week had progressed I was less sure that Katrina was in my former body of Sam. None the less ass the week progressed I was growing increasingly comfortable as Katrina, and in most c... Read full Story
The Football Jock and Chrissie
Back in college, sharing an apartment with my BFF/roommate Kelly, a lot of my dates and hook-ups were arranged by Kelly. For some reason she always seemed to know just who was into what when it came to sex. She learned a lot about other people’s likes and dislikes from hanging with her lesbian... Read full Story
Call me
Shortly after I'd finished college I had a job with an import-export business whose main office was located near the cultural center. This area of the city was home to a small arts college, a large public library, several bookstores a small upscale hotel and a couple museums. I often spent my lunc... Read full Story
Digging for Home
Never Make the Last Out at Third After some minutes, Charlie broke the embrace. Backing away a step, she steered her moist brown eyes into Frank's damp grey ones. "What now?" The man tilted his head to one side and shrugged. "I'm not sure. It hasn't been a day yet since you went... Read full Story
A real cd explains what cd on cd sex is like
A lot of "strait" guys love shemale porn.I was one of them.Pre-internet I discovered shemale porn but it was hard to find.I had girlfriends but the sex was never many i was more concerned with cumming to soon than actually enjoying myself.Plus,as a porn watcher my fav was anal.M... Read full Story
When Rene Calls
Chapter One I first met Rene at an Art Museum Benefit. I aware of it at the time but Rene was the guest of honor as a result of his impending large donation to the museum's endowment fund. The reception and cocktail party was to be the event at which he was expected to announce his considerable... Read full Story
My REAL life as an amateur cd superstar
Earlier,I wrote about what real cd sex was like.What I'm gonna say now isn't fiction.See my galleries.The turning point for me was my 1st 3some.I met Gloria and she came with a professional makeover.She turned me on to a salon in Staten isl called fairplay that catered exclusively to cd's.I'll never... Read full Story
Amatuer Strip Night Chapter 2
Sasha stood in her bra and panties looking nervously out over the crowd at the topless strip club. She shuffled her feet and looked down, her blonde hair covering her face and she wondered to herself if coming back out onto the floor had been a good idea at all. Sasha had just won first place at ... Read full Story
First Time S & M Whore
Suellen certainly looked the part of a cheap S & M whore: black seamed hose, shiny pink patent 5 inch heels, a black leather miniskirt, and a translucent white nylon blouse that clearly showed the black bra underneath. Her long blonde hair swayed seductively and naturally. Well the hair was natu... Read full Story
Proud To Be A Sissy Chapter 2
As I reached down to retrieve my clothes that Mr. Clark had thrown at me there was a bright flash of light. Without thinking I turned my head towards him only to be blinded by another flash from his Polaroid camera. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Just wanted to capture the m... Read full Story
Hot for Teacher
Jack was enjoying his going away celebration, as he prepared to move from teaching high school to college. He had spoken with many of his former students, and found it endearing that so many of them cared enough to show up at the party. By the end of the evening, though, there was still one young wo... Read full Story
Unconditional Love Chapter 8
After a two' hour nap, Alison and I awoke and the first thing we did was make our way to the bathroom to freshen up. I started up the hot water and climbed into the shower and' once she finished relieving her bladder Allie climbed in with me under the hot water and we embraced each other. We kiss... Read full Story