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Ladyboy Fuck Show

Thai Kathoey Ladyboy Fuck Show in Patpong

So last night my TG girlfriend and I went to Bangkok's Patpong prostitutions zone to see a fuck show. Instead of the "normal" sex show with old women shooting darts out of their twats, we asked the touts to take us to a ladyboy fucking show.

We arrived, bright eyed and bushy tailed. So this guy comes out on to stage with a huge fucking monster dick on him and a condom. Now, I would have prefered them to go bareback, rawdog. But the planets weren't aligned I guess. So the well endowed boy started stroking his manlihood for all to see. Now I wasn't into it, seemed a bit gay. Then again, most people would say getting fucked by a tall, slim ladyboy with an 8 inch cock would be gay too, so be it.

This t-girl came out, she was a TIT school member. (TIT school is a term I coined for Transexuals In Training). This hot, slim TIT schooler bent over and got her ass reamed, rimmed, fucked and torn up by this tan Thai guy. He fucked her six ways from Sunday, he even fucked her when he was hanging upside down on monkey bar poles, and did a 360 degree span of ass fucking. Unbelievable.

The look on the ladyboy's face was absolutely priceless, and OH did I sprout wood. I had a hardon like never before. I had to hide it from my girlfriend and pretend like I wasn't in to it. If she only knew...

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