Tranny Stories

Be Careful What You Ask For
I've been living with Janet for ten years now and for the first eight all was well. But over the last two years things have changed completely, and not for the better. I started looking at various sites over the years, you know the type, and I concentrated on cross-dressing and transvestite sites. B... Read full Story
Alternative Plans
Another Goth Trans Girl Confession I really enjoyed my first sexual experience. I had gone to the local adult entrainment store and purchased some toys; a butt plug, a 10inch purple dildo, some lube and condoms. I would occasionally play with my toys while watching some internet porn. I loved ro... Read full Story
First Time With A Dominant
I had long been interested in BDSM, specifically female domination. After downloading a shemale dominatrix video by mistake, I became interested in a dominant shemale. I consulted the internet looking for something, and when my wife was away for the week for business, I finally decided to go ahead a... Read full Story
Domination Island Part 2
The warm night air was lightened by a gentle breeze drifting in from the ocean. The sky was clear and a multitude of stars pinpricked the blackness. The town was crowded that evening, bustling with shemales enjoying themselves shopping, dining or relaxing. The noise of music drifting through o... Read full Story
Domination Island Part 3
At last the shemale came out from the cells. She had a great big smug smirk on her face. Lavina had been as patient as she could be, but now she was so randy beads of pre-come moistened her swollen cock-head. The shemale had gone over her time but it wasn't worth complaining. Most did. It was o... Read full Story
Domination Island Part 4
`More brew, Sweetie?' he heard Janine ask. `Fill me up,' the voice of Serena said above him. Then he heard her snort and chuckle, then she added: `An' den I'll fill him up.' The sound of female laughter went on for a long time. This was sheer Hell. He'd come to Hell and that's where he was be... Read full Story
Domination Island Part 5
The man who belonged to Serena woke with a start. It was dark and very warm and he was covered in sweat. Another nightmare, another recurring hellhole. These dreams were all the same. Beautiful women running at him and he was unable to move. And they all had enormous penises, rock hard and drip... Read full Story
The year is 2044. My name is Robert. I am 26. Light brown hair. Dark brown eyes. 5' 9", 122 pounds. I work for a supercomputer research and development firm. Like many young men at the leading edge of technology, I am transgendered. My counselor is Dr. Elizabeth Paris. Under her con... Read full Story
Jamie is taken Part 3
When this process was completed the Chinese gentleman s turned to his new acquisition in the floor. He lifted him up from the floor and deposited him on a high-backed chair; his legs still folded up, and tied him to it. Then he removed the strap from around his throat and instead shoved ... Read full Story
Headmistress' Favorite Sport Part 11
Denise lay in the trunk of the car, her legs tied together with rubber straps waiting patiently to see what would become of her. She had long since relinquished all control over her own life and knowing that she was just useless sissy-slut made it easy to accept that whatever was done to her was pro... Read full Story
Becoming a Drag Queen
I was thrilled when my boss told me he was sending me to San Francisco for a conference. It was a location on my "Top 10 places I wanted to go". I went online and Googled the major attractions and tourist "must sees in San Francisco. The conference was Wednesday to Friday and I figure... Read full Story
Carrie Ann's Delight
Chapter One It was a Friday afternoon that seemed of little consequence. I got up, shaved, cleaned and pampered my body. After my underwear was in place I wore my usual boots, boot socks, jeans and a plaid shirt. The bar at Fulton Street was busy that afternoon when I arrived about 2:00 and every... Read full Story
Domination Fantasy
I wake out of a daze to feel water running down my body. I am somehow naked and i dont remember going into the locker room shower or taking my clothes off. The last thing I remember is meeting this beautiful girl named Crystal at the game and her getting my drink from the concession stand. "... Read full Story
Down the Path Part 4
I haven't heard from anyone all week. Finally feeling like I can relax a little. The weekend was too much. I didn't feel right for at least a couple days afterward. I just kept thinking about the stuff I had done. I can't believe that I finally really sucked a cock and not just a cock but several co... Read full Story
First Moves
We met on the internet, as so many do. He was searching for a girl with something extra, and my schoolgirls outfit fit the bill as far as he was concerned. We met a month later, he had abandoned his wife and children for a day in the woods with me. First we were going to have a little fooling around... Read full Story
Discovering Mistress Sarah's World Part 4
Chapter 11 Discovering the Girl in Him For the first time since he arrived at Mistress Sarah's house, Josie was left alone in silence. His cock was still throbbing from all the attention from the girls. It continued to throb as he thought about his exciting assignments for the night. He picked up... Read full Story
Discovering Mistress Sarah's World Part 7
Chapter 18 A Life Changing Decision Sunday morning was not much different than the day before for Josie. He woke-up on the floor outside Mistress Sarah's bedroom, dressed in a silk night-gown and his cock was hard and aroused when he awoke. Just like Saturday morning, he crawled into the bedroom.... Read full Story
Discovering Mistress Sarah's World Part 9
Part 9 -- The Final Part Chapter 23 Leaving Work Josie's last week at work and concluding week of his normal life went quick. At work he spent time getting things in order for the next unlucky person to take over his job. Mentally he was already checked out of work. All he cared about was gett... Read full Story
Sissy's Baby Ch 1-4
A CHILD FOR SISSY BY MISTRESS DIEDRE DAMON A submissive sissy whore who misses her “period” is forced to carry a baby for a full term as punishment for the transgression. CHAPTER ONE: SISSY’S BIG MISTAKE A friend of mine had a live in sissy awhile back who was required to... Read full Story
White Mistress & Black Male Slave
Right now, I'm staring into the eyes of my favorite person in the world, a sexy black man named Pierre D'Arnaut, as I slam my member up his tight ass. For I am a sadistic biracial transsexual with dominatrix tendencies who can't get off any other way. My name is Claudia Fils-Aime and I heartily auth... Read full Story
Another Day at the Office
It was 9.30 in the morning and Peter Reid was sat at his desk pondering the first major problem of the day. It was a problem being faced by thousands of other workers across London at that exact moment. Should I check my personal e-mail first or have a quick game of Freecell? Peter decided on checki... Read full Story
Becoming a Shemale's Bitch
I just got into town and spent the whole day moving in and cleaning my new apartment. I didn't have much furniture but the place needed a lot of cleaning. I saw their was a bar a few blocks away from my apartment and decided to go out for something to eat. It was around five o'clock when I walk... Read full Story
Young Sissy Chapter 1
I don't know how long I was under...days, weeks...who knows, maybe even months. Reality blurred with nightmares as I felt my flesh being cut into by cold scalpels and stuck with needles, filling me with horribly persuasive dreams of a beautiful new body. I tried to imagine myself as a man, just to s... Read full Story
Intro to a Dream Made Real
Jim had known growing up that he enjoyed bi-sexuality. But he had never found a man attractive the way women were to him. For example, he never found himself wanting to kiss a man, but he liked holding a hard cock as much as he enjoyed touching a wet pussy. He really enjoyed sucking a dick as much a... Read full Story
Dick And Ass
I don't have this kind of sex often, I feel like it's wrong to want this, wrong to crave this so badly. I am by no means a sissy or a gay man. I have a wife a family.... I just need it the domination the surrender of all my will and being, the first thrust that hurts so fucking bad when it... Read full Story
Domination of Bjarne
Dear Diary. At the behalf of my lover Bjarne alias Cigar54, I will ease the curtain of my bodouir and invite the curious reader inside to a little piquant seance that we had together during his recent visit over here. Bjarnes visites always begins with kissing deeply, while my hands find the way to... Read full Story
When Fantasy Comes True 2
After my first threesome encounter with Jenni and her friend, getting a golden shower from three trans women was a bonus. Being drunk and now four of us snuggled in bed, i thought the night had ended but i did hope for more. I was not disappointed as Jenni's friend (Sasha) who had been sleeping d... Read full Story
Debbie Part 1
He had gotten a job with a large company doing odd jobs, mostly filing papers and bringing out mail. It wasn't much, but it was enough to pay for a small one-room apartment on the seedier side of town. Since he was still very shy from his experiences in high school he hadn't made any friends yet, bu... Read full Story
Debbie Part 7
As Debbie was led into Dr. Jacobsen's office, she saw that Mistress was already there waiting for her. "Your property Miss Chamberlain", the doctor proclaimed, indicating Debbie. Debbie's heart began to flutter with love and submissive fantasies as she saw Mistress. Mistress was dressed in... Read full Story
Angel at a Christmas Party
Angel stumbles along to the upstairs guest bathroom of her friend Helen's house. The downstairs one is full at the moment and she needs to pee really badly. She is also horny as hell after watching one of the guys that is friends with Helen's husband dance and flirt with a bunch of girls that Angel ... Read full Story
Headmistress' Favorite Sport Part 7
At the academy Denise and the others immediately resumed their old routines. The training for the second year slaves had started a few weeks before the new batch of sissies arrived at the academy. Not many new elements were introduced in the training as the second year was mostly about perfecting th... Read full Story
Debbie Part 10
Debbie might have lived out the rest of her life if it hadn't been for some events, which started back at Mistress' mansion. Several years after selling Debbie, Mistress Helen Chamberlain still ran her ruthless slaving operation. Giselle was still her favorite slave, constantly restrained and regula... Read full Story
Judi's Fantasy
When I got home I could hardly stop thinking about the wild night with Judi. I didn't even care if my wallet was empty. I was going to work plenty of overtime that next month to make up for it. Judi gave me specific orders not to call her but she would call me whenever she was not busy. About two da... Read full Story
Gali's Surprise Package
Chapter One Gali sat in the front row of John's class with her legs crossed, raising her skirt and revealing her garter. She had sat there since the start of a new school year, and it was her seat for the rest of the year. She'd taken Beginning English Literature from him last year, and she was a... Read full Story
Discovering Mistress Sarah's World Part 8
Part 8 -- Complete Surrender Chapter 21 Leaving Behind Joe's Life Mistress Sarah was very pleased with Josie's training and feminization. She was anxious to have complete reign over him so she sent him home a day early to pack up his things and prepare to leave behind his life in the Philadelp... Read full Story
Fetish Club With Shemales
The smell of rubber and latex and the combination of the strobe lighting was overpowering, the techno sound of the club just added to the already intoxicated atmosphere of the place. The club was a frenzy of half naked, latexed, rubberised bodies covered in sweat dancing to the frenzied sound of tec... Read full Story