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Domination of Bjarne

Dear Diary. At the behalf of my lover Bjarne alias Cigar54, I will ease the curtain of my bodouir and invite the curious reader inside to a little piquant seance that we had together during his recent visit over here.
Bjarnes visites always begins with kissing deeply, while my hands find the way to his nipples ..... Bjarnes nipples are enviously big and he belongs to those who have a direct connection between nipples and cock. .... almost like a switch you can turn on. It goes without saying that I take advantage of Bjarnes two contacts roughly to get the most out of his visites.
Well! Immediately after I've grabbed his nipples and squised them a while, he undresses to fully naked .... He greets my Lady dick politely and exclaiming excitedly " This is how to make a woman." Then he greets with kisses and tonque my pussy. I bend over the dining table spreading my legs in stretched position. We adjust a little on the height, and Bjarne starts to fuck me.
It's a scene we've played many times.
Sometimes we also play with roles, and this is one of these occasions I will describe here.
I have come to fit the role of a Diva quite good. I usually introduce her to Bjarne with a hard hug in his nipples, with a possesive look in my eyes and ask him if he is ready to serve his Diva.
I still have a firm and hard grip at his nipples when I tell him how I intend to use him for several hours.
- I need your fat cock slave! Do you think it´ll satisfy my hungry pussy.

I can´t find my whip at the moment and hit his cock severel times with my hands instead.The fat cock is already getting hard and thick- What's that slave? Has it been allowed to rise?
The dick gets a few more dashes and becomes quite hard.

I command Bjarne to lie on the back of the floor and place my self on his face and push my pussy down to the mouth so that the tonque can do his job. I push the good wet pussy around his face, requiring him to sniff in so that he can get the juices in his nostrils. All the time I grab his nipples. When Bjarne is really good and I'm well warmed up, he can lick me to anal orgasms. Then the juice flows simultaneously, and Bjarne swallows it all

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