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Dirty man,dirty dick : friday fail.
Friday march 22,2019 : I went to the date I had with the guy who promised to pay me for a fuck. He was there,waiting I kept walking and i gave him a sign by my eyes,he followed me behind rocks. I learned from my experience,that any guy goes mad and want anal,when I do blowjob,so I started by pull... Read full Story
Next friday,next payment (I hope)
Update - monday march 19,2019 : strange - almost supernatural - thing happened when I was walking to a place where I used to suck, my lips start moving to the right side like to suck something,their movement was kinda "out of control", once I stopped walking I heared steps behind me,that was a ma... Read full Story
Social Media Woes
I know these things are done often because they just are but it still perplexes me when I get a random dick pic in my inbox. Like what am I supposed to do? Just stop everything, go to wherever the person is who sent the dick pic and we fuck? Should I cover my own travel expenses too? And what’s in ... Read full Story
My first experience with cross dresser....
It was the beginning of the summer vacation.. we all guys headed for the beach to party and get wasted!! I had my friend Jimmy sharing the room with me. I knew him from school days so we used to get along very well. Until one night we were getting ready for a party I just saw a stockings and a fema... Read full Story
The Transsexual Teacher
Greg was late for class. He ran through the hallways. They were very particular about being punctual here. His health teacher especially. She was very focused on such things. Greg had been late twice this week. He couldn't help that his car kept breaking down. Ms. Sin was a real hardass and didn't a... Read full Story
She Wood in the Wood
"Alright, juniors and seniors to the white bus please." Mr Jacob's voice cut above the rabble of the moving crowd. All 50 of us filed into the large vehicle, talking loudly, a mixture of excited comments and loud complaints. It was field day, which meant the whole school was going to take up an e... Read full Story
Transgender orphan meets new kid in town
I stared at the wall of my room. My family had moved over the summer. Tomorrow morning I would start school, in a new town, and all my friends were back East. "California is a great place to live, and Sacramento is a fantastic city! It's the capitol of the state!" My dad had gotten a new job, so ... Read full Story
Getting paid for the first time.
- night of March 11th to 12th 2019 : I seduced an islamist guy,I gave him a sign to follow me,I went behind a concrete block,he followed me. He seemed little perplexed then I approached him and asked him what time is it,then he started talking about sins and repentance,I just replyed by "hhe..hee... Read full Story
The Pet Store Girl
I was 25 years old, had just finished law school, and had a great girlfriend -- who I loved. But there was a desire lurking deep in my mind...I fantasized about trans-girls. I remembering stumbling across a video on pornhub during college, and was surprised to feel the blood rush to my cock as I wat... Read full Story
Bachelorette Party
I was asked to put on a show for a group of women at a bachelorette party last weekend. To make things more interesting, I wore latex fetish clothing consisting of latex stockings and a latex garter belt, latex crotchless panties, a latex corset, latex gloves, a studded latex choker and my leath... Read full Story