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My Start
In the beginning, when I was younger and trying out my sexuality and starting to understand what I wanted and liked and craved and needed, I played with boys and girls. But in short order, I decided I wanted something in between. Which is how I would find myself sneaking into clubs in Manhattan in t... Read full Story
Bad Luck(or best day ever)
Bad Luck ? (or best day ever) by Cdlishmis Talking about bad luck usually means, a very bad day. Well my day started out just fine. I woke up at 7 am., right on time for work. I showered shaved and p... Read full Story
Lady In The House Ch. 03
A story by MicheleNylons ( Michele continues to be used by the inmates of a prison. Hot wet fluid suddenly soaked the tops of my thighs and the crotch of my panties. I felt stream after stream of his creamy seed shoot against my silken hosed thighs and being to slowly run down my legs. My crot... Read full Story
Lady In The House Ch. 02
A story by Michele Nylons, Part II "She's all yours Eddie. She looks beautiful." I heard Carmel say as 'she' disappeared down the corridor, her high heels clicking on the tiled floor. Eddie appeared at the door to the cell, he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. "So what do yo... Read full Story
Lady In The House Chapter. 01
A story by MicheleNylons ( Man in jail is transformed to prison slut.) How had it come to this? I was dressed as a woman and standing in the far corner of a darkened cell on E Block of Chelmsford Correction Facility for Men, and waiting for the most dangerous inmate in the jail. How had a mild... Read full Story
It been extremely too long
For me, the ultimate feeling of femininity happens when a man is inside me, and It had been far too long. Over the last few years, my wife had effectively shut down my indulgence in the hobby of crossdressing in public - mainly at bars frequented by the transgendered and their admirers. She only sus... Read full Story
Fuck Friends Forever
"Flip over..." Those two words come as a surprise, filling my mind with expectations. I find it interesting that Brian wants to switch from doggie style to a more traditional sex position, a romantic one at that. Hopefully, he won't be turned off if he sees my cock while we're having sex. I hope... Read full Story
Chinese Apple Turnover
I crashed harder than anytime ever in my life and my dreams were fucking vivid. I dreamt of being fucked. And of sucking huge cock and getting face fucked so hard that I was cock drunk and high from holding my breath so much. But so really horny from him doing that, so into that cock. Of Jax f... Read full Story
Threesome fun
We had invited friend over who has big cock --he arrived and we sat around for awhile talking about sexual encounters of the past --I'm a bi part time shemale cross dresser who is very kinky --anyway it got around to looking around the house and as it happened we stopped in the bedroom , and all o... Read full Story
How it started
What got me started off watching shemale porn was actually meeting a very beautiful shemale at a beach party. I already knew she was a guy but she was so beautiful. So at one point I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk and after a few minutes and let her know that I was down. Her response was ... Read full Story