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A Weekend Chem Special
I pour out a few of these glistening white pebbles onto my mirror. My debit card crushes it into fine powder and I neaten it into a fat line. A crisp note is pre-rolled, I grab it and lean over the inviting line. Before I place the note to my one clear nostril, I brace myself for the complete transi... Read full Story
The birth of a sissy slut who falls in love
So I’m laying in bed, wide awake from all the partying I’ve been doing in the last few hours. It’s 3am and I’ve got my favourite black thong on, matched with black fishnet stockings and a black lace top. By reading just that, you would think I’m a seasoned sissy whore who knows what I’m doing. Y... Read full Story
Cum in my wett mouth Big Tits Girl!! La?
Hit me up. I’m soo needing a gurl to practice bjs on for hrs.... Read full Story
Best dating, Undervalued Dating Sites
Margarita Moscow, 39 years old - I have always had a biased attitude towards dating sites. It seemed that there were people who were not able to establish relationships in real life. But then she noticed that I myself did not meet new people in real life. Work, home, meetings with old friends .... Read full Story
Dating all whole my life
Julia and Ilya, together 10 years It was more than 10 years and 2 children ago. In December 2005, we agreed to meet at the gate of my office after a working day. I did not go out godlessly for a long time (40 minutes from the appointed time), but he still waited. I hope he does not regret it ... Read full Story
i loved the penis from a young age .. i injoyed having sex with a lot of menand it was a fun experience ..all those who put their dick in my liked it body is female ..and i like to be subject to the one who fuck me so hard ..i love having sex with a group..two dicks in my ass ..two in my mouth ... Read full Story
Hi everyone.
I have been in love with beautiful Transgender people early age.I am 5 11 200 pounds I love too meet someone one day for friends with benefits. Lol I like too dress up.l .I have a female body.I love my nipple and my anal play.Calgary Alberta.... Read full Story
The Greatest Liar, Deal With The Devil
The Greatest Liar, Trans Erotica With a Purpose By Alexandra Rios, © 2019 The Lost Chapter, Deal With The Devil This is a work of fiction. All characters (including the narrator), products, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictit... Read full Story
The day i bought my fleshlight and it was better then i expected
We have all been there, you want something bigger and better than just jerking off, not sex but something that you can enjoy solo. We have all seen that famous American Pie scene where Jim decides the apple pie will feel amazing to fuck and proceeds to shove his dick into it and if I really think ab... Read full Story
Cumming and peeing in public while driving.
As I have previously posted, when I have my cock ring on a weird sensation exists, I feel like I need to pee more often than normal, but about 90% of the time I feel like I am going too cum. Weird one today, on way back from checkup at the doc, driving home, I started thinking about taking my coc... Read full Story