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Newest Tranny Stories

A secretary fantasy
I love the idea of boss / secretary fantasy, where i'm the secretary. It's one of the few places where I can dress in beautiful dresses, stockings/pantyhose, and heels. I envision a situation where the boss knows i'm a trans woman, and hires me because of it. 1 to help me out as i need a job,... Read full Story
Life Lesson #1: Older Guys Are Fun!
I was 24 and living on my own in a different town from where I grew up. It was far enough away that I could be anyone I wanted to be and so I got deeper into dressing up. I had a good job now, so I could afford some nicer clothes, and now that I had my own place, I could order things through the mai... Read full Story
Life Lesson #2: Freaky People Attract Other Freaky People :)
So for the most part, having sex while crossdressing is a bit of a fetish and once people know you are into it they are now free to share their own fetishes with you. That’s were my next life lesson comes in and I have a couple of stories about people doing some surprising shit near me or to me. ... Read full Story
Everyone likes masturbating. There are as many ways to wank as there are names for jacking off. I can say … If it was an Olympic sport I would have to be in the final! Any way I started hand fucking when I was about 12. I don't recall anything about how I came to be juicing but all I know is it wa... Read full Story
meijiao dream
My father and I live on farms, mountains, forests, beaches. In the sunshine, I twisted my naked carcass to provoke Dad's animal desire, and the anus cave was large. Never close because Dad's meat stick sprays semen Wear neck collar, nose hook, hand shackles, foot shackles, bells, breast rings, st... Read full Story
A Little Girl Forever
Since I was a little girl I dressed in my sister's clothes, she knew it and she kept clothes for me and sometimes she bought clothes thinking about me. She was my accomplice and still is. When I was alone I dressed totally as a woman and I felt totally satisfied and realized as such, this included m... Read full Story
正常的青壮年男子,三天左右就可以排出高浓度的大量浊精,大部分人选择插入女人的毛穴肉洞达到排精,而我雌雄同体人妖享受肛门被插入高潮同时排精,双重享受,女人化妆,涂指甲是为了取悦男人,我浓妆艳抹,红艳艳的脚趾甲让男人流口水,而我比女人更浪,更知道怎么让男人舒服,男人喜欢玩妖艳女人,雪白的玉脚让他吸吮。淫荡的艳舞后舔弄骚臭的阳具,卵蛋,屁眼,龟头冠状沟系带用舌头敲击,舌尖挑弄,马眼流出汁水就吸吮干净,不时用舌尖顶马眼,双手拨弄男人的奶头,爽的上天。 我疯狂的变装持续了11年,从最初的偷母亲奶罩内裤穿身上自慰,到如今……听着嗨曲扭动,甩着没毛的小鸡巴,扭曲红色脚趾,戴着铁链,脚链手铐口枷一次次的灌肠... Read full Story
A Day to Dress
Story Bra first. Its the most girly thing. In go the breast forms. Confirmation that I am a girl, at least for the next few hours. Its a white one, with lace trim. “Nice and Sexy” the label says. Mmmm. I do feel sexy. Hose next. Thigh highs with ample lace at the elastic tops. Pulling each one... Read full Story
Best session with a T Girl
I like T-Girls. Recently had a chance to go to Costa Rica for work. While I was there I decided to see what Costa Rica had to offer in this department. There is quite a good amount of girls to select from. I started texting this Tgirl and we set a time. I got ready and headed over. It was a Hotel th... Read full Story
The secret sissy gala
I fell asleep on my sofa the other night, I was so stoned out of my sissy mind that I just drifted off. Id had some wine too, sipped while I wanked over pics and videos guys and gals with huge cocks humiliating little sissy willies. I passed right out on my sofa, but woke up in a room decorated i... Read full Story