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Foot Massage by a Shemale
My wife and I had just finished a nice Sushi dinner in an upscale restaurant outside of LA, with an old college friend of hers. We strolled down the boardwalk and were almost past an asian style massage spa, when my wife said why don’t we take advantage of their 45 minute foot massage for $... Read full Story
My First Filling
It was my 18th birthday and my friends were getting on my back about still being a virgin. They’d pick on me about having not had sex with a gir yet, but they didn’t know that I fantasied about something other than a girl, I lusted and craved myself a trans partner. All the fun of a girl but with a ... Read full Story
A Fantasy for the future
I walk up to you from behind. Just as you sense my presence, you hear my husky voice whisper in your ear, "Do not turn around, or all this will stop". A shiver of excitement goes through you. I start to stroke the back of your neck, first with my fingertips, then with the ends of my beau... Read full Story
A Lover Wet Dream
I fantasized about my tranny girlfriend fucking me the other night. I dreamt that she told me to be wearing my blue teddy, earring I got me for for birthday, thigh-high white stockings, and black heels. I came home all sweaty and dirty from a long day’s work, and told her to get me a beer from t... Read full Story
My 1st transgender experience
Many years ago I was living near the San Francisco area. I had purchased the most recent Hustler magazine and one of the layouts had Shannon. She was so beautiful, and oh my what a cock. I had only ever been with women and did not consider myself gay, but for some reason I wanted to suck that cock. ... Read full Story
Gay Cumslut
I was busy at work and Robert a guy I work with needed a little help. I told him to come into the lab and I locked the door behind us as I wanted to get some work done undisturbed and then go home. I leaned over one of the computers that I had been working on most of the day. And after a couple of m... Read full Story
A SLUT is born...
I've always had this magnetic attraction to slender pointy hi-heel stilettos for as long as I can remember. Even when I was just a kid of around five years old, I used to get these strange feelings between my thighs every time I saw a young teenage girl strutting and teetering around on these f... Read full Story
Caught in the act...
One summer, my cousin Nancy came to stay with us for a while, as her parents had gone away on a cruise trip. At 18 years old, she was a couple of years older than me and in the full bloom of her young womanhood, so to speak. She knew it, too, and it was obvious that she had no problem at all in pull... Read full Story
Nancy finds out...
Nancy’s stay with us that summer was going to prove even more eventful than ever I could have imagined. Even after having been caught wearing her things by the neighbour’s son, Lesley, which led to a whole new dimension in our friendship, as you’ll know if you’ve read “Caught in the Act…” Once ag... Read full Story
A day to remember
so I'm on a business trip and decide to call an escort to make this trip worthwhile. set up a time for an afternoon date call when I get to the parking lot. she answers the door in a nice skirt and top on invites me in and we procede to her bedroom. from there stood the sexiest black tgirl Ive ... Read full Story