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When I Knew I Was A Crossdressing Sissy Slut
I remember the fun I had taking selfies with sexy little outfits and make up on. I loved the dirty,sexy feeling of taking pics of me exposing my asshole and sliding back onto a suction cup dildo stuck to the wall. Hearing from a guy just how much he wanted to eat my ass or fuck me always got me ting... Read full Story
Alicha the Saudi Arabian and how she became a Transsexual
It all started that one day when I deleted my friend account in one of those paid games and he lost so much he forced me to repay him by any means necessary...I was very young so I had no money but he suggested a way to repay him. It was sucking his cock and giving him a blowjob. At first I refused ... Read full Story
Making A Man Out Of Tommy
I have two good friends, Brad and Matt who are actually my fuck buddies. Both of them travel for work, so they tend to be gone a couple of months at a time. I have a key to their apartment, so I can let myself in for sex when they are home and to bring in the mail when they are not. I also get to us... Read full Story
sissycdpaula first sexual experience
An on line crossdresser invited me to her house for a party for cross dressers. It turned out I was the only one who showed up. Now I considered myself to be straight and had never had any desire to be with a man.. We sat and had a drink and I found her to be very attractive and sexy and in my mind ... Read full Story
en el cine
un día x en concepción, Chile. andaba solo y pase a un cine porno , pague mi entrada y ne dirigí al segundo nivel le película esta buena le estaban dando a una mujer entre dos y eso me calentó mucho y partí al baño a masturbarme en eso cuando estaba yo corriéndome la paja veo que en el baño del lad... Read full Story
Fuck Talk with Melanie Jackson (A talk show transcripy)
THIS IS AN ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT OF THE PROGRAM “FUCK TALK W/ MELANIE JACKSON” DATED MARCH 10TH 20__ MUSIC CUES ANNOUNCER: Hey everybody! Welcome to “Fuck Talk” with Melanie Jackson”! The show that talks about, you guessed it! FUCKING! Any kind of fucking! Straight fucking! Gay fucking! Any kin... Read full Story
Steamy date with a TS
Last year I had a great experience with a TS escort and I saw she was in town again, I texted her to meet for dinner and to my surprise she agreed. I met her at the restaurant and we had a nice time together, she´s very friendly and incredibly attractive. She wore a red summer dress with high hee... Read full Story
Warm milk before asleep
Lou was my best friend after 6th grade, he knew nothing about my “girly” episode (It was very embarrassing to me) we did everything together in those days… The summer was beginning and we were enjoying our vacations when the bad news arrived: Lou and his family had to move to another city because hi... Read full Story
Becoming an identical twin part II
When I woke up I realized that I was in a very pink room. It looks like the exact same room I stayed in the last time I was at my Aunt's castle. I get out of the soft bed and I realize that all my clothes have disappeared. I try to check the closet to see if my clothes are in there. There i... Read full Story
Becoming an identical twin part I
My name is Cody and I recently turned 19 years old along with my twin sister Cassidy. She is older by 4 minutes and is the apple of our parent's eyes. She is in almost every aspect a goddess. Her beauty, intelligence, humor, sex appeal, and just about any other trait you can think of she is flawless... Read full Story