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la mia prima volta..parte 4
.......arrivo al portone ci salutiamo....entro in casa.....vado in bagno mi siedo sul bidè e mi rinfresco un po'.. .sono ancora ho in mente ancora quella scena dell'ascensore...è ancora presto domani non si lavora.... vado in camera prendo dal cassetto la mia crema lenitiva L... Read full Story
అమ్మా కొడుకుల ఆట_Telugu Sex Stories
ఎదురుగా ఎవరో దూరపు చుట్టాలు. పెళ్ళిపిలుపులకి వచ్చారు. సరళ వాళ్ళను లోపలకు ఆహ్వానించి, మర్యాదలు చేసేసరికి, ఆమె భర్త వచ్చేసాడు. కొద్దిసేపటి తరువాత వాళ్ళు వెళ్లిపోయారు. ఇక భోజనాలు అయ్యాయి. ఆమె భర్త తన గదిలోకి పోయాడు. సరళ వంటగది సర్దుతూ ఉండగా, హరి లోపలకి వచ్చాడు. ఎందుకైనా మంచిదని, ఆమె కాస్త దూరం జరిగింది... Read full Story
The start of "Jae Roxxx"
Well for starters my real name is Joe Evans, I am a male from Pennsylvania, US and 25 years. I been dressing up in the closet as I like to put it, for 4 years on and off, since last year I been getting more into it since I live alone and what not. Like idk what exactly got me turned on to dressing ... Read full Story
Too Much Hospitality
Ash looked himself over in his bedroom mirror critically, finding himself oddly self-conscious about his looks. He had been texting Laura all throughout the day and they had agreed that dressing pretty casual would draw the least suspicion, so he had. He wore a simple patterned t-shirt and some ... Read full Story
Sister fucks Cross-dresser brother
James pulled his cock out of my pussy and scooted across the bed to my face. He aimed his blowhole for my mouth. "Don't get any on the pillow," I said. He didn't seem to hear. James hunched over. His eyes narrowed. He stroked his Johnson. The jizz flew. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes.... Read full Story
Cum is a Cross-Dresser New Drink
Nikki looked up at me with her big, brown eyes as her head bobbed on my cock. Nothing was quite so sweet as one of her blow jobs. She had this way of dragging her tongue along the underside of my cock that made me want to cum in seconds. I always tried to hold it, but Nikki wouldn't let me. When she... Read full Story
Black Dickgirl Fanstay
It was only when she emerged from the bedroom in a purple silk nightie that not only clung to her full breasts, but also betrayed the hint of a bulge between her legs, that I realised that it was actually going to happen: my fantasy of sleeping with a black shemale was about to come true. She paused... Read full Story
A Big Celebration that goes sides for me
I'm reading my book when she enters. I hear a clatter of keys and I look up, to see framed in our little entry way the tall figure of my roommate. She's standing there as in triumph, legs planted apart, her face all smiles. I smile too. Geena never looks this happy, I've never seen this side of her.... Read full Story
I Give Up
The following story is the first of four parts of a tale that explores the theme of transformation. It is thematically similar others that I have submitted but has a larger narrative arc. I hope you enjoy reading the first portion, Act One & Two. I continue to work on better editing and someone h... Read full Story
While in New York for work I decided to check out another Tgirl bar. This time the bar was in the East Village. I arrived around 12 am. There were a couple of girls there. A couple of them approached me and we went to the back room for a lap dance. The first girl was a tall boricua with legs for day... Read full Story