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Glory hole surprise
I walked into the bookstore paid my way and went into the peeps; I usually avoid the theatres since there is not any privacy for playing. I guided my way in the dark letting my eyes adjust in the dark. I walked to the back where the stalls with the gloryholes are and found an open booth. I sat down and pushed to find one of three channels I liked and there it was the shemale channel, with a sexy shoulder length blonde and redhead with deep dark red lying on her shoulders. They were kissing and touching and boy was I getting aroused, so much, so that I did not notice the booth next t... Read full Story
Rob asked me to house sit and I didn't hesitate since he lives in a beautiful big house on the end of a Cul de Sac. There is only one house next to his and no one can see his backyard except the house next to his. His neighbor Bryan is a local college professor at the community college and doesn't seem to mind when we skinny dip in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. He seems cool so I thought this was going to be a great two weeks. I had no idea what was going to happen during these two weeks. It was the first Saturday of my two week stay and I was sitting in the back ... Read full Story
Friday Night
So its another Friday night and I was just driving around looking for something to do. I had already stopped by the local bookstore and didn't see anything I was really interested in so I kept driving. I saw a small bar down the street from the bookstore it looked quiet and not too busy for a Friday night so I stopped in for a Coke. I don't drink so I just sit at the bar and soak up the atmosphere. I was sitting at the bar for about an hour nursing the Coke, thinking about leaving and then she sat down. A beautiful, tall woman with shoulder length auburn hair and the sexie... Read full Story
One night I went to a different club to check things out. By now, I knew what I was looking for and where to find it. I was cruising the area with several bars for people with my kind of preferences you know women with more to offer a man. I parked out in the lot and began to walk in as I did I noticed this beautiful brunette with long legs. I was very interested in following her into the bar. I rushed to open the door for her as she just politely blushed and smiled at me. I tipped my head to her in respect trying hard not to blush too. She smelled very beautiful, the sweet smell of... Read full Story
I was walking around the local mall just doing some casual wandering shopping, not really looking for anything including what I found. I rounded the corner and there stood this amazing creature with long brown hair, deep blue eyes and the fullest lips I have seen in some time. She was a fuller figured beauty and I was very intrigued with what I saw since she was very sultry and definitely sexy. I followed her into a couple of normal stores when she led me into a store I was apparently not paying attention to when I entered. It is hard to act casual when you realize that you are in a lingeri... Read full Story
Danni Loves Tommy
Tommy was sitting in the bar for at least an hour when she finally arrived, she sat down next to him kissed his cheek, patted his leg and offered him her hand. He looked away as if someone had offended him and he was trying to avoid hitting them his veins popping out of his neck. She nuzzled up against him, rubbing his forearm with her fingertips gently, she leaned in to whisper in his ear three simple words he always loved to hear, “I want cock.” “Danni don’t tease me you know I hate when you act like that.” He said without even looking back at her. His heart wasn’t in it when he knew she ... Read full Story
Front row footage
As he stood in front of me, one hand stroking a very big cock as I looked quietly, kneeling in front of him. Being a crossdresser had its perks but, I was a straight man, how could I have put myself in this situation!? I love women, but I also liked dressing like them to, and going to a gay bar probably wasn't the best decision I had made.Yet as I watched these horny hunks drool over me when I walked in, I can't say the attention I got wasn't a turn on! I hadn't meant any harm when Riley offered me a drink and as we talked he kept complimenting my beauty. I didn't mean... Read full Story
Mary Ann and the Tim the Ranch Hand
A few months after my girlfriend moved away suddenly to her grandparents home across the country,( I learned a few years ago she got pregnant) I was riding around on my bike in the street when my neighbor Mary Ann called me over. She was 18, I was still 12 at the time and very horny since my girlfriend went away. I even begged Teddy, my girlfriends brother to fuck me like he did before(See story "First time cumming while fucked). All I got in response was a "no faggot" and a slap in the face. Mary Ann was very homely looking, chubby with greasy hair and a hook nose, not very attractive to most... Read full Story
Kim and Friends Part 1
It was around 7:00am Saturday morning, as I woke I could still feel Kim laying behind me with hand on my hip and legs over mine. Kim and I had been seeing each other for around 18 months. The first 6 months we were in a master-slave contract that ended and we became a couple afterwards. After that we had moved in together and had been the greatest year of my life. I sneaked out of bed as Kim always slept in later than I did. I went to the kitchen, made a bowl of cereal and watched some TV. About an hour later I heard Kim make her way to the restroom and then out to the living room where ... Read full Story
dominated by parent's friend
I was 18 & around at a friend of my dad's house sitting for him when he arrived home earlier than expected. He told me he would drop me home until I mentioned that nobody was there until a few hours later so I'd have to stay there. A smirk came over his face at the mention of that & he quickly suggested a few drinks as we waited. As we started to drink he told me that he'd been out with my parents but left early after a few angry words where exchanged. We talked more & both ended up complaining & bitching about things that had gone on of late with them. He then switched the topic to tal... Read full Story
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