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Sex with two people
As usual, we were going to work with my friend Nazanin on the street walk. By the way, we promised that we could get their blood and liquor. We would have been going. BMW, my friend said, "I'm working with me." I said, "Burovo went and called me." Two people got stuck in... Read full Story
Donating to Mona and the inspiration of the two ginseng
I'm Cyrus, 25 years old, from Tehran, about two years ago, because of a skin condition in my womb, I went to a doctor named Elham who had a clerk named Mona, both the doctor and the secretary were really physically and extraordinary. They imagined I did not have two sexes. When I got into the r... Read full Story
Lady and the Cop continued
The next night Regina got a visit from. Larry the cop who openly declared war on shemales and trannies. He was working a homicide where a trannie friend had been killed in her apartment. Larry was a known shemale hater and he never failed to express his opinions. Tonight he was in her apartment to ... Read full Story
My life as a tgirl teen slut. part 1
My name is sapphire. I'm 18 and an escort in the sex capital of the world, bangkok Thailand. I've been on hrt for 6 years and it shows: I have a banging tight body with 34C natural breasts, a small waist, cute tight jiggly ass, and a 8 inch cock that drives all the boys wild, they clamor f... Read full Story
Uncut sucknsuck
I used to work at a place that has a locker room and showers. A guy I worked with had a locker right next to mine. Everyday after work I would find my way to the locker room and would be hit with an over powering smell of sweaty balls and I would sit down on the bench in front of my locker. My frien... Read full Story
Hi! I'm Kacey! :)
I am male. I live my life out loud as a straight male. I've been with 32 women and loved them all. I have also been with 9 crossdressers, trannys and shemales and loved every bit of that too. I am enamoured with the female figure, wether its a pussy between her legs, or a fat bulge behind her p... Read full Story
Lady and the Cop
THE QUEEN IS DEAD . A cab pulled up to the front door of the Orbit Lounge bar and three curvaceous figures, Regina, Alice and Rita stepped out, paid the cabbie, and moved gracefully towards the main entrance. They were all so jubilant and any observer would suspect correctly that they were already... Read full Story
Anal Pleasure While Girlfriend Away
It's the time of the year where my girlfriend travels back home to visit her family, so we have to fuck like animals as a goodbye. By dating a transexual i got introduced to anal pleasure, and i loved it because i took it real slow. It's mostly when fucking my girl she puts her finger ... Read full Story
Castro - shemale goddes
Nobody would have believed the scene was true, her slender, smooth and tanned legs crossed in such a deliberately provocative way as to reveal a glimpse of crisp white panties. Her tightly fitting, classically styled little black dress cut to ensure firm large breasts were displayed to maximum effec... Read full Story
An Amazingly Intense Encounter
The front doorbell ringing woke me from a pleasant nap on my living room sofa. It was late in the evening, and I wasn't expecting anyone to drop by. When I opened the door, there you stood. From your long, pulled back hair, to the red leather bustier, ultra mini black leather skirt(so revealing... Read full Story