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A Hidden Surprise
Winter term at uni means thicker clothes which enabled me to hide some surprises under my clothes. The thicker blouses and tights would conceal anything from a thin g-string or a heavy lace pair of panties. And, me being me, I took this change of wardrobe to my full advantage. I’d been Matt’s fuck buddy for a month or so now and wanted to add some more fun into the mix. So as Friday rolled around I was lucky to finish at midday and got to head off into town for a little shopping session. Trawling the shops, running my hands over the soft fabrics in the girls section, fiddling with their bu... Read full Story
I hope your willing, and that you love shiny Spandex
I am looking for a woman, or a good look-a-like... (i.e. a trany, a ladyboy, a shemale, etc.etc.). No I am not gay, me I am what is called:" Bi-curious" If you as I do, enjoy drawing attention, or being and feeling sexy as often as possible, and this at any time of day... GREAT! Because I do. Like myself you MUST be NON jealous, and very open minded. I love to be a tease, or being teased, if you love same, then we understand each other already. (This makes for a good start). I also love trying new things, so I hope you can feel free, or confident enough to talk about your true desire... Read full Story
Shemale Personals Are Not Necessary For Great Fuck
When I was a little boy, the only thing I dreamed of is to become a little girl. My parents supported me 100% and, as soon as I turned 18, I had a breast surgery. My curves came later, after taking all those hormonal pills. At the age of 20, I wanted to go to the very end and have the surgery, but leaving my profile on shemale personals website made me change my mind. Of course, a lot of guys were interested in me. They kept on sending private messages, demanded dates and imagined wild sex. But the problem was in me - I was completely uninterested in those shemale personals addicts and want... Read full Story
Ladyboys are better than real girls – I am The Best
Today let us get to know on why you should go for a transsexual or transsensual shemale Ladyboy. I am a Ladyboy too in Sri Lanka who travels locally and across the globe as Asian shemales have a big demand in the international arena. Not only men, but also women love me a lot and couples are happy to have fun with me to explore new ideas. Here we go with the points why ladyboys are best. Sexy Ladyboys are sexier than girls as they put so much effort in beauty, figure maintaining and all other ways to please a man. Their sincerity to their body and mind makes them sexy with their lo... Read full Story
The Magic of my first Black Cock
Wow ! This was my first real experience with Black Cock. it was right after my divorce. I was in my late twenties. I ran my ads as a crossdresser on a few dating sites and on Craigslist. I recieved a message on my AFF site from a member whos profile mame was BBCRicky. My interest was immediately peaked. His profile discribed him as a dominant black male 6'4" with a 10 inch thick cock. He was older in his late 40s, Interested in meeting petite submissive white sissys which fit me perfectly. I replied back and almost immediately he responded. He loved my pics and profile and said ... Read full Story
The best feeling
It was this Halloween. I and a group of friends decided to dress up and go out for some drinks at my college. So we went and got our costumes. So oobviously i dressed up as a girl for some cheep laughs. I wore a blonde wig, a scarlet dress, black g-string, heals and since i live in Norway, a stuffed leather jacket with a midriff. When i slipped into the dress all i could think about was how we were going to just have a good time and drink like there's no tomorrow. we went to Robs place first to start the drinking(it was just us friends there about 13 people). I achieved what i was go... Read full Story
Cindy and Juanita Kinky Shemales
Her name was Cindy and she had been born a male. Cindy was a beautiful woman is every way except one. She didn't like the term tranny and preferred being referred to as a shemale. She was truly happy living as a woman. She began taking light doses of hormones at 19 she had stopped hormones because she had difficulty maintaining a full erection. Cindy was brunette with blue eyes and stood 5 foot 10 inches tall and usually wore a size 14 dress. Cindy weighed about 165 pounds and was shapely. Her transition had been long and difficult. Last year she had undergone several facial surgeries. He... Read full Story
Francine Hung Red Head Part 2
This is the second part of the story of "Francine" a Transgender woman from California. She and Jonathan meet in a Tucson resort two weeks after their first weekend together. Note from Francine-Thank you Mrstanley for writing and submitting my story. In real life I live and work in California and Mexico as a painter. Jonathan is a real lover from Phoenix. ***** Jonathan: My name is Jonathan and I am a single 27 year old bisexual man. I say bisexual, but that doesn't mean I have sex with men. I prefer shemales over women. I love pretty women whether they have a cock ... Read full Story
First time as a sissy
First time I was young(I won't say how young). I was dressed up as a little sissy girl for an entire week. A couple who was friends of the family had me while my parents were out of town. I was very tall at the time, but very thin and girly with my long brown straight hair. I had been given some pink cotton panties and a little red sun dress to put on. They took me shopping with them as their daughter, out to lunch, dinner and even to the park to play with other boys and girls. When we would go home, my "mother" would bathe me, rub me down with lotion and with lube my ass before... Read full Story
First time cumming while fucked
When I was young, my girlfriend's older black brother blackmailed me after he caught us having sex. I was made to suck his cock on a regular basis, sometimes while my girlfriend watched. One day he pushed me off his cock, made me turn over with my ass in the air. He poured canola oil on my ass and pushed his teen cock in my ass. It hurt at first, but after a while I started rocking back on it and my head got cloudy and the room began to spin. My body shuddered and my ass clamped down on his cock. Cum began to erupt from my limp little dick and I even cried out his name and asked him to fu... Read full Story
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