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Chicago TG Romance (part 3)
It is Sunday morning, just barely dawn and I have just spent the weekend with the most amazing girl. You know when everything clicks and it seems that at first you have met the person you want to spend time with and share with. Beth was standing at the glass windows full length and the sun was just ... Read full Story
Chicago TG Romance (part 2)
As you must read part one of this story, one of the most interesting and attractive T-girls I have met is sleeping beside me in my motel room after a wonderful evening of being together. Beth awakened around 4am and got up to go to the bathroom. She was brushing her teeth and heard me stirring, I di... Read full Story
Chicago TG Romance
Most transgendered girls I have met want to be treated and romanced just as a normal girl would. Only in the height of passion should your animal instincts take over. I was in a Las Vegas club earlier this year and had great conversation with some tranny women. I was instructed if I wanted to meet s... Read full Story
Just me...
When I first started to get high, I was such a good freak. I started taking pictures of myself in panties and lingerie, taking pictures of my dick and showing the world, showing off my tight little asshole, just trying to become a porn star. I still want to be a porn star because I know that I would... Read full Story
Vegas Honeymoon to Remember
I had dated my wife (Carmen) for about 6 months before we decided to Marry. One evening we were soaking in the Jacuzzi together and drinking wine. She always wants to try different things, which makes our sex life wonderful. Carmen asked me if I ever had any fantasies. I said I guess like most me... Read full Story
Submit to big mexican verga
When my travels take me to San Jose area, always hook up with Grace. Not too attractive, but she has the largest cock for dominating my slutty mouth and ass. The latest visit I brought along a leg spreader and wrist restraints. So I get to her place, we exchange our pleasantries, then get undress... Read full Story
First Time Fantasy
We talk online for long enough to build trust. He is aggressively letting me know how much he wants to fuck me. He is physically larger than me and slightly older. After cumming to and on my pics and videos several times over the course of weeks or months, we finally decide to meet. He may or may no... Read full Story
I'm a straight guy! a few years ago, I stubble the cross shemale p***. now I must say, it felt weird, I mean being used to watching females doing p*** on my life. but I have to admit, these shemales that I was watching were passable, and most of all looked very f*******. shemale p*** made my di... Read full Story
Fantasy Came True
Almost a week ago I had the pleasure meeting almost local tgirl escort. This girl was perfect for my fantasy with shaved 5in. cock and she already had top off. After introduction was over, I sat on edge bed pulled my shorts off. Perky bcup Tits were at perfect height to suck one nipple while rubb... Read full Story
My Job, For The Past Five Years
Hey, everyone! This is Eva Patricia Meglesch and I am really pleased to welcome you to my personal Sissy Social page! I am currently located in Bucharest, Romania and I have been employed for the past 5 years as a Front-Desk Receptionist for a women's fashion/clothing& accessories compan... Read full Story