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Newest Tranny Stories

An Amazingly Intense Encounter
The front doorbell ringing woke me from a pleasant nap on my living room sofa. It was late in the evening, and I wasn't expecting anyone to drop by. When I opened the door, there you stood. From your long, pulled back hair, to the red leather bustier, ultra mini black leather skirt(so revealing... Read full Story
Just Another Sunday in the Park...
… It was such a warm and sunny Spring Sunday morning that I decided to read my Sunday New York Times in the park. Newspaper under my arm, I strolled to the secluded bench in the far back corner of the park. It was in just enough of a break in the trees to "catch great rays". People ra... Read full Story
Born to suck
I’m a straight guy who watches to much porn and when I hit my thirty’s regular porn was getting boring. while searching the web I stumbled across some tranny porn, now I always loved blowjob porn it was my favourite but now watching a big dicked tranny getting her cock sucked is my favourite and I ... Read full Story
Crossdreaming Thoughts
Last week I crossdressed for a while. Wore tight dark green jeggings, and two different shirts. I was barely able to squeeze these huge fucking J cup tits into a basically skin tight size XS stretchy nylon beige tshirt, and the other was an olive green turtleneck of the same tight fit. Wore both ins... Read full Story
Castro - goddess of love (starter)
Nobody would have believed the scene was true, slender, smooth and tanned legs crossed is such a such deliberately provocative way as to reveal a glimpse of sharp white panties. A tightly fitting, classically styled little black dress cut to ensure firm large breasts were displayed to maximum effect... Read full Story
My 1st time with a CD
I was getting tutoring in HS and the tutor and I usually met at the library. This day he asked me to meet him at home because his wife was out of town and he had chores to do. No problem I thought. When I arrived I could tell he's been drinking. He offered me one which I took. He excused hi... Read full Story
Domination of Bjarne
Dear Diary. At the behalf of my lover Bjarne alias Cigar54, I will ease the curtain of my bodouir and invite the curious reader inside to a little piquant seance that we had together during his recent visit over here. Bjarnes visites always begins with kissing deeply, while my hands find the way to... Read full Story
Boo Candy Happy Halloween
Costumes are boyish women love things like trick or treat hand out chocolate rich taste as Hershey chocolate. I love Hershey kisses reeses pieces ect Chocolate world.... Read full Story
Young CD wants to be used
My biggest desire is to have my make up done by a professional. And then be tied up in a room where all of a sudden at least 10 Big Badass guys enter the room. They use and abuse me and put cum all over and all inside me and they leave me there tied...... Read full Story
A sexy rendezvous!
Knock  knock  knock...Who's is it? Sunny...Just a minute Sunshine, my bangs are giving me fits today! I'm coming hear high heels clanking on the hotel room floor...the door opens & you see just the side of her face with her beautiful blue eyes sparkling... Hi Sunny, come i... Read full Story