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Alleyway Adventure
I was on my way home from school and this girl in those tight yoga pants and a shirt that showed off her huge boobs taps me on the shoulder as I walk past her. "Want to have some fun?" She asked smiling. Nodding I said "Yes I would love to." Taking my hand she lead me down the street to a alleyway that goes so far back you can't see anyone. She then turned around and took off her top, her nice perky boobs out and brought my hands up and let me squeeze them and play with them. Meanwhile I felt her hands undoing my fly and belt buckle, as I played with her boobs and she ... Read full Story
Morning Head Becomes All Day Affair
I just woke up, super horny, and reach down with my hand, take out your soft cock and slowly work it while your still sleeping. Making it harder...and...harder til it's rock hard, I slip under our silk sheets and wrap my hot mouth around you stiff rod. Licking and caressing it up....and down. Ohhh, its.....SO big. So VERY big. Your so hard, I can feel your veins bulging, I go up and down bottoming out at your balls every time. I pause and take each one of your silky balls into my mouth to massage them, they need love too. You rise from your slumber and realize ... Read full Story
My first BBC experience!
Lasted about an hour of getting pounded hard bareback but it didn't start that way. He had to start slow with some good quality lube and gently push and wiggle his way in until finally 9 thick vieny inches made it all the way in!!! :) All my dildo training had paid off and it felt amazing! It was feeling so good I stopped him about halfway into it, he got mad at first! Lol Then when he saw me rip his condom off he gave me this evil dirty grin and threw me back on the bed on my back. He then grabbed my legs and then by my ankles, pushed them all the way back til my ass was off the bed then... Read full Story
The Century Gurl Too
The Century Gurl Too Hey There! It’s me again. So, its been about a week now and I’ve been trading some serious flirting and dry humping around the office with my beautiful black haired T-Gurl. One day, she cornered me in the break room and asked if I would like a special protein drink for lunch. I replied, with at ouch of sarcasm in my voice. “I you want your cock sucked, just say so. That innuendo is just weak and dusty.” She gave me a mock frown, “Fine, My cock ain’t gonna suck itself, and I’m horny. Would you kindly do me in the restroom?” I didn’t mind, and she seemed pretty pen... Read full Story
My first sex teacher..!
I must be about 16 or 17 and we were staying at our ancestral home and there was no TV there. So, I used to go to my aunt’s house to watch TV. Her name is Sheela. I am not sure when my aunt started to seduce me, but one day when I was at her place and none was around, she asked me whether I like to a watch an English movie, and I happily obliged. She played an English porn in the VCR and sat just next to me. I was not expecting a porn movie and was so embarrassed though I enjoyed what I was watching. While watching porn, she started asking me whether I like it or not, whose boobs are ... Read full Story
My first time with a shemale
This first time I saw a she-male in my live was in Germany Hamburg at the Reeperbahn. I was in a tranny show where I realised I got horney seeing those women do there acts. After there show I went to talk to the ladies. Nothing went feather then some kisses and that there dicks are full operational. That night I drove home with a hard one and at home I masturbated 4 times with the vision of those she-males in my mind. The weeks after I went on the internet and searched for she male porn. I masturbated several time a day. After buying some dildo’s I masturbated about 4 times a day. The feeli... Read full Story
Michael’s Visitation
I was on my way to the airport to catch my flight to Miami. I thought to myself that my seat mate like a little in flight entertainment. I decided to wear my platinum blonde hair pulled back in a pony with some wispy bangs, dangly floral ear rings, light eye make up, but heavy on the lipstick (always heavy on the lipstick because that’s my signature when sucking cock, lipstick cock rings). My 42C tits tightly packaged in a shiny teal green satin crop top t-shirt with my nipples pressed through the flimsy material. My well tanned, firm, smooth belly exposed with my belly button jewelry da... Read full Story
Bikini contest
I was at this beach bar in Mt Pleasant SC. There was a bikini contest that day. As I attended, the contest started. I was 23yrs old and the thought never crossed my mind about a tranny. However this was supposed to be all girls. Nobody, including me suspected this girl that won the contest was a tranny. I was cheering so loudly that she took notice and joined next to me at the bar, so I bought her a drink, and a very nice conversation insured. She was stunning and she was a gorgeous black girl , so I thought. As I had complimented her, it was then that she asked if me being a white man was i... Read full Story
Anally destroyed by a Peruvian goddess
Browsing around the Transsexual escort ads here in town I found a new girl, something else than the typical manly faces with heavily photoshopped pictures. A Peruvian girl named Isabella had just arrived in town and was open for business. She has a few retouched pictures but also some natural selfies in which you can see she is an absolute stunner. So, after the usual moment of doubt I decided to go for it and give her a call. She has an incredibly sweet and feminine voice, so much in fact I doubted if this was really the T-girl I had seen in the pictures. It was worth a shot, I agreed I wo... Read full Story
I love Pocahontas First encounter
I love Pocahontas First encounter You seen the video of her wearing white with her huge ass bouncing around on daytona beach,guys are stopping her and at the end of the video a couple guys have her and her friend in their room dancing,i was in Daytona celebrating my birthday that same weekend,we'll get back this. Her ass and tattos have became legend,she goes by Pocahontas,big booty keke,krystal.this ass is unreal i mean stop traffic big she has another video on YouTube walking in a tight black and white skirt i mean her ass is unbelievable,so back to the weekend,our first night t... Read full Story
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