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Thai Ladyboy
One year ago, when I was 19 I went back to Thailand. The year before was to see the sights and explore the country, the second was more exploring and more fun, the third and final time was to get with as many ladyboys as possible. I had always been curious about trans women. Im not attracted to ... Read full Story
Holiday romance
I had a special holiday with a malay ladyboy this summer, I've known her since 2012 I guess but we never met before as soon after I began a relationship with a ts from Jakarta that lasted for 5 years. I never lost touch with the malay girl, but we never managed to meet until this summer, when I invi... Read full Story
Sex with security guard in the apartment..!
I always fantasize about exploring the unlimited possibilities of cross-dressing and exposing myself in public such as dressing up and clicking hot pics in public places, seducing men and get picked up from pubs, having sex in car and on the roadside, etc., and some of my fantasies have already come... Read full Story
About Mariana Cordoba.
Common Sense.... Well, nobody stops to consider that perhaps Mariana just wanted OUT of The Biz. . .I mean if she officially was Recognized around the year 2006, age 23, then people don't realize that she was probably in sex work maybe even from a much younger age in Argentina before she was known i... Read full Story
Car Broke Down
A Fantasy: Car Broke Down My car was running hot so I pulled into a driveway so that it would cool down. I got out and raised the hood and added some water. I then got back inside and smoked a cigarette and sipped on a beer that I had. I listened to the radio and glanced out the window and... Read full Story
Flying High
Flying High Janice loved working as an airline hostess. Traveling all around the world enabled her to meet many people which she enjoyed doing, however she always felt alone, until one day while they were flying at 30,000 feet the plane suddenly encountered a lot of turbulence which caugh... Read full Story
Transsexual Dream - I’m Her Slut
Transsexual Dream - I’m her slut! For the slut that I am, I felt so exposed… I was bent over the desk in a little storeroom at my office with my ass cheeks spread wide in a hope to stretch my virgin ass hole. I wanted to please my hot babe… my babe who has a dick that she had just surprised me ... Read full Story
Lover Delight
Lover's Delight Ebony was a delight for Brian… and Lovers Delight is what the guys called Ebony down at the local. She was a hot babe that everyone wanted but Brian was the one she chose as her full time lover and friend. She knew how to please him and he knew how to tease her and what ... Read full Story
Three In A Day
Clara felf especially slutty today. She briefly gazed at her long legs shimmered in the smooth, silky black stockings, and black patent leather pumps as she pressed the gas pedal of her car. Her olive skin and black wig were set off by the brightest shade of red lipstick she could find. Driving d... Read full Story
The Audition
New York City wasn't a bad palce to be back then. I was a student working at an office job and doing what I enjoyed. That was being a musician. Lots of weekend and night gigs at cocktail parties, lounges and so on. There were a few pianists I worked for as standing time-keeper ( bass play... Read full Story