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My Shemale mother !!!!!!! Chapter 5
Part 5 After crossing the line last night. Next morning we decided to shower together. During shower time she is standing near the tub. She is wearing a towel. I wanted to be that towel so bad. She was sitting on tub there with her legs crossed, head leaned back against the wall with her eyes close... Read full Story
Seattle Weekend Part 2
I awakened to the smell of coffee and this beautiful silhouette of a girl standing at the window watching sunrise. I could see through her lingerie the beautiful breast and nipples, and the silhouette of her TG butt which was so sexy looking I was getting hard. I joined Gwen at the window wrapping m... Read full Story
a shemale journey
Well, how to start? 1st me, a 62-year-old regular dude, loves real girls and all the parts! Porn lover. Pervert. Out of all my 'girl/women' experiences and @ 62 years I never even considered anything tranny/shemale oriented about myself. However, a while back began a 'search'... Read full Story
Becoming a Sissy - My aunt my Mistress II
There i was on the lobby block, dressed up as a whore with my pants down and my ass plugged, next to me was my aunt, laughing of my boner, my mind went blank for a second not knowing if all this is real but i was interrupted from trance when my aunt shacked me and said that we need to go. I pulled m... Read full Story
Florida TG Experience
I had known Jan from High School, we always had an attraction for each other but were dating someone else or married at the time. Jan had actually married a friend of mine and I was envious of course. She at that time had sandy blonde hair, and a body to die for. One evening we had them over for dr... Read full Story
Seattle Weekend
Saturday morning and such a beautiful day nice and cool morning I went for a run. I consider myself in fairly good shape for my age but I try and make it to the top of a hill in our neighborhood. I get winded fairly quickly. Coming down the hill I ran into a nice looking athletic girl, maybe 38 year... Read full Story
When I was twelve I met a new classmate named Dave, he and I became great friends hanging out, joining clubs and what ever else high school kids do. His family was from the Phillipines and he and his sister were the first generation born in this country. His sister Mai is the focus of this story. ... Read full Story
Long weekend at work
So I am the low man on the scale at work. My job is with the City I work in dispatch and am one of the people responsible for getting road crews, hydro and sewer crews out to fix problems wherever they occur. My boss is a very attractive woman named Jamie. She stands about 152 centimeters and dar... Read full Story
Becoming Zoe
My soon to be wife Annie had taken a job out of town and I only saw her every two weeks or so. I was so missing her. She and I had become long distance lovers. She was scheduled for a flight home on Friday night. I was going to pick up her son Zakk from his dorm and the two of us were going to p... Read full Story
A Night of Lust
I was out at a night club with a few friends, and we were there for for a while before I noticed this sexy, rather short girl across from me at the bar looking over. I could tell, even from this distance that there was something special about her, I wasn’t sure what that was quite yet though. The mo... Read full Story