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Bachelorette Party
I was asked to masturbate in latex fetish clothing for a group of women at a bachelorette party last weekend. To make my cock harder, I wore latex stockings and a latex garter belt, latex crotchless panties a latex corset, latex gloves a latex choker and leather ankle boots with 6 inch heels. ... Read full Story
caught with my pants off
CAUGHT WITH MY PANTS OFF When they walked in the unlocked door, I froze like a deer caught in headlights. Although Carol was my girlfriend and we had great sex, I still enjoyed my closet dressing. I love the feel of lingerie and the way lingerie makes feel like ... Read full Story
Wedding Night Surprise
its my big dream to marry one women in our night wedding in the bed when i start to make her naked a discover i big dick between her legs wow she demand me to hide this secret and i accept ans she abuse to take me and more...... Read full Story
Fancy dress party
Living near the coast, there are quite a few caravan/camping sites near us,Every new year me my wife and friends go out in fancy dress to one of the parks that has a great club house, Usually I go as Batman, a Centurion, things like that but last year my wife suggested we all go out dressed as Frenc... Read full Story
My Recent Holiday Treat
I've come to accept that I am a bit of a dirty girl sometimes. Most of the time I think that I could easily fall into be labeled a nerdy, quiet goth girl, book worm and not at all up of current trends. A misfit as I was called in high school. But there's another side of me. A side that craves sexual... Read full Story
The Weekend
The weekend A story inspired by the very sweet and sexy samantha satine and my beautiful wife Part 1 - The preparation samantha packed her suitcase with her usual attention to detail, makeup, lingerie, wigs, but no dresses. Her head was confused by this, Master D had given her instructions... Read full Story
The Lonely Encounter
I'm sitting at the hotel bar, nursing my drink, lost in thought. Wife and I had a big argument, and she kicked me out of the house for the night. I was quite content to spend the evening getting drunk, and hardly noticed when you sat in the seat next to me. Your friendly greeting roused me from deep... Read full Story
yes, Mother give it to me
"Do your fucking job right, Henry! Jesus Christ, what are you, five years old? If I ever have to call you in here again, you're done! You hear me? You'll never work in this business again! Now get the hell out of my office." Mona could feel every set of eyes on the floor anxiously awaiting the pi... Read full Story
Many People Still Don't GET IT about Transexual Ladyboy Types. .
The most common argument that Anti-Ladyboy people often say, (and they are usually from the Extreme Religious Right such as Orthodox Christianity, Roman Catholic, Islam . . . ) is that Ladyboys are ' trying to fool ' everyone that ' they are a woman ' . . . - Here is a FACT : Ladyboys I hav... Read full Story
Dressing and driving
A little about me, I'm married, and wife doesn't have a clue I like to dress up. I would love to have her know and accept it, but I don't think she would. I do cam and love to get instructions from people that are watching on cam. Am I a sub? I think I am. I like to drive dressed. When I take a driv... Read full Story