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Catching Up with A Former T-Gurlfriend
I was jogging one Saturday morning at well known West L A park. I was jogging kind of fast almost sprinting when I came up on woman jogging slower than me. I almost ran into her as I was running. She moved out of my way I slowed down and apologized for being rude. That's when I realized she was a fo... Read full Story
First Tranny Experience_Part 1
I met a girl that was fantastic, maybe a body builder, but she was a smoker. We became just casual friends when someone told me she was a transgender. She moved we lost touch but that short friendship introduced me to the attraction to transgendered girls. I really wanted to get to get close to some... Read full Story
First Tranny Experience_Part 2
I had said good bye to her at her door and drove home. I got home at a decent hour and went to bed. The following day at soccer practice, I could only think about how wild a time we had together and began fantasizing about the whole affair when my cell phone went off. To my surprise, it was Kim s... Read full Story
A straight guy who experimented.
I am a young straight guy. I had a close friend who I also worked with at one point. He told everyone he wanted to be a woman. Eventually after losing weight and working out she lost a lot of weight and began taking hormones. Eventually changed to a woman with tits and everything. She became skinny ... Read full Story
Be My Bitch
After a long day at work, I get in my car, and look forward to the long drive home. It gives me time to unwind and relax. I try to forget about the hectic office and concentrate on my beautiful girlfriend waiting at home with that warm smile that she greets me with when I get there. However, tod... Read full Story
Just Another Day
With a loud buzzing sound ringing throughout her room, Charlotte awoke in the dark and rolled over to slap the button on her clock radio. Well, to call it a clock radio was somewhat of a misnomer since the radio made a lower pitched and louder buzz than the alarm. Rubbing her eyes the glowing blobs ... Read full Story
My way to shemale sex
It all started with porn. 10 years ago, i was watching porn on my bed, jerking off watching a girl sucking a big cock. I looked at my cock and started wondering what that beautiful peace of meat tasted like. After a few moments of hesitation, my curiosity took over and i put my back against the wall... Read full Story
My gurly development
.... It starts with looking at girls and wondering... then it progresses to trying on girly things and thinking ... then it's, how do I look better? how do I do my makeup, hair, nails... then its time to shop for sexy pretty things.... And then it's why do women wear sexy lingerie, shoes, tight ... Read full Story
Fooled Into Love by a Beautiful Transexual
A fictional, steamy love story about a Man’s first experience with a Shemale... a real take charge kinda girl! Maria Lopez was an absolutely stunning 23 yr old Puerto Rican Goddess. I remember the first time I laid eyes on her, bent over inside her hatchback Toyota, pulling out a hanging fern pla... Read full Story
First time experience...
This happened on one of my trips to give you alittle background about myself... I'm a straight guy, but for years I had fantasized about being with a trans,,,but was always too nervous or scared to carry it out. Anyway...after a nice long walk on the beach and a shower at my hotel...I... Read full Story