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Nancy finds out...
Nancy’s stay with us that summer was going to prove even more eventful than ever I could have imagined. Even after having been caught wearing her things by the neighbour’s son, Lesley, which led to a whole new dimension in our friendship, as you’ll know if you’ve read “Caught in the Act…” Once ag... Read full Story
A day to remember
so I'm on a business trip and decide to call an escort to make this trip worthwhile. set up a time for an afternoon date call when I get to the parking lot. she answers the door in a nice skirt and top on invites me in and we procede to her bedroom. from there stood the sexiest black tgirl Ive ... Read full Story
My Journey and The Pleasure of Fucking a TG/CD/Sissy
I used to think I was crazy. Maybe a part of me thinks I still am. Whatever the case, I'm not going to stop, and I'm going to continue what I'm doing for a very long time. Why? Because it feels so damn good. As I sat there while my latest little Sissy slut was servicing my thick an... Read full Story
Sucking mature huge cock stepdad
When mom passed my stepdad KEN was alone for 3 yrs he made comments like you need tighter shorts your hair smells pretty one day as I was Su king my friends 5 inch cock as he surf cum on my face KEN walked in my room then told my friend to leave I started to cry and he said it was ok he new i was a ... Read full Story
My body became a gift for them
My name is Lely Bella Calistia, I am a shemale and I once had a boyfriend named Reza, she was handsome, muscular, sexy, and romantic, I was dating for a year. And a few years ago I broke up with him, because he made me a bet. At that time me and he planned a vacation to the villa where my boyfri... Read full Story
What are Friends For?
I was over at a friends house for guys weekend. I was up early Saturday and went downstairs to watch TV, so I wouldn't wake anyone up. Nothing was on cable, so I checked what else was on, Net Flix, etc.... There was Firestick, so I checked what movies were on there. I found one that was marked ... Read full Story
Discreet affairs
I always find myself with married or curious guys, like last night I went to the adult store to the arcade and a married guy and a very handsome guy he was like baby ur cute and winked and asked if I party, yes I do and he was like let's go my car OK but I have room right down street from here.... Read full Story
Fetishes: Selfsucking
When I started watching shemale videos, there were some that turned me on more than usual. I saw one video of a shemale with a long dick and she started sucking her own cock. It turned me on so much, I busted an early nut before the video was done. I've never seen anything like that before. As ... Read full Story
My struggle
I always used to swear to myself all the time that I was straight as can be. Even when I jacked off to BJ scenes when I watched porn as a kid. And even when I started enjoying shemale videos. But since I admitted to myself that I could be bisexual and that I love dick as much as I love pussy, I'... Read full Story
I have a passion for corsets and black fully fashioned seamed nylons, which I like to wear with tight revealing tops and miniskirts or very clingy dresses. I always wear multi strap 10 or 14 suspenders with a tight lacing corset that reduces my waist and gives a sexy outline to my shape. My favou... Read full Story