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when he cums it fits deepthroat story
sooooo this one summer I was at a gym. I went into the locker room. there was this guy just leaning against a wall. when I went in there he walked to his locker, letting me see it swing. he didn't do anything in his locker just walked back and leaned against the wall again. I didn't know what this g... Read full Story
Oh Samantha
Meeting Samantha for the very first time at the busy theatre restaurant was the best thing that could ever happen to me. She was performing with about 20 other ladies or sort of ladies, I found out later that they were hot shemales, transsexuals and even a few transvestites. Their performanc... Read full Story
Randy Candy
I’m not usually into walking the streets but I found this day was too damn hot to work indoors. There is nothing worse than feeling stuffy whilst a guy is up his balls in my ass. The enjoyment quickly disappears for both of us when that happens. So when I had a call from a guy called Rod who wanted ... Read full Story
My first girly orgasm
Me being taught to have my first girly orgasm... 'You cute little bitch, Amber, it is time to have your pussy introduced to your first orgasm. You loved my fingers, and this will be better, I promise. It may hurt a little at first, but, let that pass and you will be in girly heaven. I felt s... Read full Story
My pink panties
.... You pointed to the bed and said to put on the lingerie that you had picked out for me. There on the bed was a pair of pretty pink panties that had a bow on the front, a pink lace bra, a pink lace garter belt and a pair of fully fashioned stockings. What a lovely feeling rolling the stocking... Read full Story
My girly development
.... It starts with looking at girls and wondering... then it progresses to trying on girly things and thinking ... then it's, how do I look better? how do I do my makeup, hair, nails... then its time to shop for sexy pretty things.... And then it's why do women wear sexy lingerie, shoes, tight ... Read full Story
Angel The Shemale Vampire
Angel stood in the shadows watching hungrily as the group of laughing young college kids came toward her down the alley. The group was made up of four guys and a girl. The girl was hanging all over one of the guys and it screamed how badly she wanted to get in his pants. Angel's smile broadened with... Read full Story
Halloween Night Again
Last October my girlfriend Kelly and I were drinking wine and playing cribbage on a cold, rainy night. After dating her for six months we usually stayed in on weekends. I consider myself very lucky to be dating her. She is an incredibly beautiful brunette and has a perfect 36C-24-26 figure on her 5'... Read full Story
Halloween Double Cross
It all started off so innocently... My wife Jo, tall, slim, blonde, aged 40 with 34DD tits and the sexiest big ass imaginable, works as a doctor. Her hours are long and arduous. She often comes home completely worn out. Only during the holidays does she tend to recover her sparkle. She is gorgeou... Read full Story
My first time with a man
I have been dressing on and off for many years. But one time when I was feeling more like a woman I decided to join a site where I could meet men who liked girls like me. I met a wonderful man and we constantly kept in touch with each other since he lived in another state. Well he told me that he wa... Read full Story