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An Unintentional Fisting
During the last weekend I ended up being busy, which I hadn't planned since that was suppose to be a weekend of anal bliss for me. I had finally ordered two new dildos and I was rearing to take them for a spin. Monday came and the day dragged on while all I could think about were the two black ... Read full Story
Lady and the Cop
A cab pulled up to the front door of the Orbit Lounge bar and three curvaceous figures, Regina, Alice and Rita stepped out, paid the cabbie, and moved gracefully towards the main entrance. They were all so jubilant and any observer would suspect correctly that they were already under the influence. ... Read full Story
Anal Pleasure
Hi, I am nick i'm 21 and I lovee trannies. I have been jerking off to shemales for quite some time now, at least a couple years and I always get really turned on thinking about fucking them. However, for some time now I've been feeling a little curious of how it would feel like to get fuck... Read full Story
The Roommate
I’ve been rooming with Bob for two years now. He and I met about 5 years back, while we both worked at the grocery store to get through college. We were good friends from the moment we met. We had similar interests, were both outgoing, good looking, and hated working at the grocery store. ... Read full Story
Being my Master’s Panty Slave
I was standing where he had ordered me to, with my legs spread slightly, bent over with my hands on the bed. I could hear him moving behind me but I kept facing forward. He had already told me he had something to plug up my ass with so I knew what was coming but had no idea what he planned to stic... Read full Story
My First Shemale
Let me tell you a little bit about myself I’m five feet 10 inches tall around 220 pounds, brown hair and eyes very muscular, I’m an ex-professional boxer. Around 10 years ago I I was working as a bouncer erotic a nightclub in Fort Lauderdale, when one night I heard a commotion in the ... Read full Story
Losing my virginity
I have always thought that sex with a shemale would be amazing. I dreamed about sucking and fucking a hot gurl. When I was a freshman at university I got on Craigslist and saw an ad for a t gurl who was traveling through town. I sent an email and she responded very quickly. We made plans to grab dri... Read full Story
The Fantasy Shemale Escort pt1
Looking for a girl who is up for some fun well alot haha and who has alot of FETISHES and FANTASEYS they wanna try like me looking for somone who has an open mind and would try anthing once really like me one of my many FETISHES is i would like to have a threesome with a girl and a hot dominant lat... Read full Story
Andrea CD: La Primera (1ª Parte)
Ha pasado mucho tiempo desde aquel lejano día en que tuve ocasión de poder quedar por primera vez. Hasta entonces me dedicaba a ver sobre todo fotos de Chicas CD en lencería, con tacones, en posados,… Hasta empezar con esta atracción que me producían las chicas crossdressers y travestis dedicaba mi ... Read full Story
Big Ones Go A Long Way
I’m fortunate that my line of work gives me the opportunity to travel and not to dumpy places but to cool ones like Frisco, Vegas, Atlanta, Miami, etc. Last week I was in Las Vegas for a few days for a convention and had some delightful extracurricular fun. While I like what I do for a l... Read full Story