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Hormonal Family
Hormonal Family My name is Phil, a fairly normal middle-aged guy with a family composed of my wife, Carol, and kids, a son Billy who is 16, and 2 daughters, Sharon who is 19 and Cindy who is 14. I have always been the type of guy who is totally in control of almost every situation in my life w... Read full Story
Big Changes
Big Changes Jess was getting tired of hearing about all the female problems his sisters or his girlfriend were having. It seemed all they talked about was their sore breasts or their cramps or their bloating. At times he would just tell them to keep their problems to themselves, that he ... Read full Story
Shemale සුසී
සුසී කියන්නේ Shemale කෙනෙක්.එයා ජොබ් එක විදියට කලේ ඇග විකුණන එක.සුසී ගැන කියනවා නම්,එයාගේ දෙමව්පියෝ නෑ.හැදුනේ වැඩුණේ ආච්චි ගාව.අවුරුදු 15 වෙනකොට ආච්චි අන්ත්‍රා වුනා.සුසී තනි වුනා.එයා කඩේක වැඩට ගියා.කඩේ මුදලාලි අතින් සුසී අතවරවලට ලක්වුනා.ඒත් කඩේ මුදලාලිගේ වයිෆ් සුසීට හුගක් ආසයි.සුසී කෙට්ටු කොල්ලෙක් ව... Read full Story
First Time Fuck with Another TS
Since I fully transitioned to a TS I've always admired to have a mutual fuck with another TS like me. TS like me were very rare in my area. I've always fucked lesbian girls who were really getting addicted to me. I really wanted to try out something new. Fortunately that moment came.v ... Read full Story
I drink. A lot . Whenever I get drunk I always wanna suck dick. I always find myself needing a cock in my mouth. But it never happens. I will purposely take the long way home hoping i run into a guy that secretly catches me staring at his dick. But it never happens. In case your wondering... Read full Story
Goth Trans Girl Confession pt1
This is true confession. A journal entry of sorts. Sep. 2009 Anyway, I would say that my family is pretty open, at least compared to most of the families of trans people that I personally know. That doesn't mean that I didn't have a difficult time as far as there understanding when I my... Read full Story
Alternative Plans
Another Goth Trans Girl Confession I really enjoyed my first sexual experience. I had gone to the local adult entrainment store and purchased some toys; a butt plug, a 10inch purple dildo, some lube and condoms. I would occasionally play with my toys while watching some internet porn. I loved ro... Read full Story
Oh Astrid!
Like most here I have watched a lot of porn over the years, AST being my favourite site and having enjoyed a lot of she ick beauty of all types, ages and descriptions it became my custom to sample, in real life what pleasures the cock of a beautiful tranny may provide. Most of the escorts visited... Read full Story
My Shemale Fantasy
This is my fantasy is I meet a sexy tranny with what considers really fucking sexy. Is she has a shaved 5-6 in cock and smooth balls. I take all my clothes off so I can really enjoy see tranny cock for my very first time. When sha has stripped this hot sexy tranny sets beside me. I gentle stroke the... Read full Story
wonderful day
I live with my mother. she know that I have a lot of femininity. I ignore it. I am at home. I do not wear women's clothes or men's clothes, but between this and that. I woke up in the morning and I wanted to have all this sex started by shaking my body hair and then looking for a man In th... Read full Story