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We arrived late in our hotel room. The date was going well... but I didn't know what to expect, being new in shemale dating - I was excited and a little scared at the same time. She was a beautiful Latina: busty, dark exotic skin, fantastic lips; we couldn't stop kissing each other in the elevator. She slowly undressed while I was watching, mesmerized by her perfect breasts and nipples which I wanted to suck right there. She gestured me to come closed and I started kissing her abs, working my way up through her cleavage, giving her nipples a twist and then a gentle touch. I could feel her g... Read full Story
‘Fuck yes! Yes Daddy! Fuck me like a little bitch!’ I scream into the pillow. My arched back allowing my partner full access to my greedy asshole. He slams harder in response. One leg bent, pointing a pink glossy stiletto heel towards the ceiling, bouncing against my stocking clad legs. Straightening my long caramel blonde wig, I run my hands against my partner’s sturdy thigh, reiterating the approval of my girlish screams. My high pitched, fake American, best attempt at a porn star. In my mind right now I am the star of the best porn flick anyone has ever watched. My lover grunts, s... Read full Story
Jayne, Linda, Carol And John Share
I have always found womens clothing got my cock hard & before I moved out of my parents house to live alone I had a couple of bras of my own. Away from Mom & Dad & very close to shops my other wardrobe collection soon grew to include panties a dress & hi-heels, allowing me to explore wearing them in private, & apart from a boyfriend who I had a relationship for over 2 years and enjoyed fucking me or having his cock shoot in my mouth with me dressed in a bra & panties, and my wife( who walked in on me seeing me wanking on the sofa whist dressed in br... Read full Story
The club owner shoves you into the room and you hear the door lock behind you. You are locked in and feeling very vulnerable. “He didn’t say anything about this” you think. The stiletto heels of the black platform heels click on the floor and your arms are crossed over your breast protecting them as you gaze about the room. You ask yourself "Why did I agree to do this". You are naked and scared and trying to adjust yourself to the strange room. It is octagon in shape, maybe 8 foot from wall to all and about the 3 foot level there are small square holes cut. The lighting is bright bli... Read full Story
Ashee Sierra Interview – Famous TS Shemale Ladyboy in Hot Seat
We got a chance and opportunity for a short interview with one of Asia’s most demanded TS Shemale Ladyboy Escort in Sri Lanka. Ashee is a mix Malian Nationality who speaks English fluently and is the best professional in town travelling across the globe. Ashee Sierra now has moved on to the next level as been identified as a Celebrity Transgender Personality for her beauty and lifestyle. Today we fired out a few questions to know how life is of being an Escort in the business and especially being a Shemale Ladyboy yet of high demand and price. Host: Hi Ashee Sierra, so glad to be in fro... Read full Story
Step-Mom China (Part One)
I was at Jon’s house that night thinking he would be home instead he was at some “party” I was not invited to and I found his “step-mom” home alone. I always found it odd he referred to China, as his step-mom since he was an orphan with no Dad to speak of she seemed only a few years older than he did but I never really asked him why he called her that. I sat with China in the living room for quite a while talking and watching music videos when she asked me if I wanted to go downstairs and play video games on the big screen TV. I of course being a guy said sure, since I loved to play video g... Read full Story
Step-Mom China (Part Two)
China had invited me to a little party at her house for her “Special Friends” it wasn’t supposed to be a sex party but there were going to be plenty of girls I would want to at the very least flirt with. And she said, “I will make sure to put you in the hot tub with at least six or seven that will just love you.” I was hard the moment she even mentioned that opportunity though I had to realize this wasn’t supposed to be about sex it was just a little gathering of her friends and others who liked them. There might be prospects of sex for a later date or even possibly later that night but not... Read full Story
Darlene, Jack & I Part One
I was driving home from a local peep theater when my car broke down luckily I knew a couple from work that lived nearby. I called my road service company who told me they were unable to help me before Monday since it was a three day holiday weekend. Luckily, when I arrived at their home someone was there or I would have been in big trouble having traveled nearly 60 miles to get to the theater in the first place. Darlene answered the door in a tight black teddy with three inch heels on which of course I thought was odd but she always was a snappy dresser at work. I saw she had a bit of drool... Read full Story
Sally the Seducer
I had been chatting online with her for about a month and she finally asks me to stop by. My butterflies are churning in my stomach, as I have no real idea what to expect I have only seen tease pictures. You know the kind, no face barely a body part in the picture. I pulled up to the address she gave me and knocked on the door. I did not think she was going to answer and this man answered the door. "Hi, come on in. "I will be ready in a minute." I was shocked the woman on the phone sounded female so sultry making me long to touch her. He disappeared into the bedroom ch... Read full Story
I was at a customers' house doing some yard work as they had paid me in advance for just minor clean up, pulling weeds, mowing, trimming the hedges. I was finishing trimming the hedges in between the neighbors and their house and as I finished up the neighbors' wife came out or so I thought. She politely smiled and waved to me and I nodded trying hard to act as if I was not noticing her in a skintight bikini with a lacey French cut bottoms. She could tell and began to tease me by dropping her towel and turning her back to me showing her pear shaped bottom with the long legs... Read full Story
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