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No hand cum,being pegged by girlfriend, wishing for real cock
I'm a vers guy and / your typical BI guy, but mostly I prefer being the top. I am crazy about gurls, with their thick hard cock ( or flopping dick) riding me . You could say this is a story about me. It describes me, since there's not alot of room in the description column. Like I was explaining ... Read full Story
First time
I was 20 years old and was at my first days of my lastest year of university school, I had always had girlfriends and had just broke with this girl I had a relationship with over a year, I was so upset and horney, when suddenly on this know social media page We know about I started talking with thi... Read full Story
A Raging Inferno In Phoenix
Relaxing house style music played in the background as I prepared dinner. I wasn't a world renowned chef, but I did know my way around a kitchen. Currently, I had the penne pasta boiling, the chocolate cake baking, the freshly made salad mixed, the white wine chilling, and the well-seasoned marinara... Read full Story
I felt the cool night air hit my face as I barreled down the long sloped driveway. The rope around my ankles and knees had converted my movement to just a pathetic hop. Each hop I took caused my aching feet to hurt even more. Just my luck, I had been on my feet all day long and now the opportunity o... Read full Story
Very Impatient on a sex fanstay
Are you ready for this Mish?" "Not really but it's too late to back out now." I stood in a dark alley before a metal door shaking with both anxiety and the cold, waiting for the door slot to open and for the night to begin. I wouldn't admit it to my friend Simone but secretly I hoped we would ... Read full Story
Wife Left Me so I Could be a Girl
I Am The Girl My Wife Did Not Want As the only child of a single mother I grew up around all things feminine. Having lingerie and stockings drying in the bathroom was normal for me and I always loved how pretty the full cut nylon panties and slips with tons of lace looked. I lived at home with... Read full Story
The Mocha Club... A Wife's Awakening
Fran had spent a restless evening in her hotel room, flicking through the channels on the television, finishing the large glass of red that room service had brought her and writing up the actions from the client meeting earlier that day. Now she was bored. It didn't help that the hotel her manager h... Read full Story
My pink panties
My pink panties .... You pointed to the bed and said to put on the lingerie that you had picked out for me. There on the bed was a pair of pretty pink panties that had a bow on the front, a pink lace bra, a pink lace garter belt and a pair of fully fashioned stockings. What a lovely feeling ... Read full Story
My first gurly orgasm
My first gurly orgasm Me being taught to have my first girly orgasm... 'You cute little bitch, Amber, it is time to have your pussy introduced to your first orgasm. You loved my fingers, and this will be better, I promise. It may hurt a little at first, but, let that pass and you will be in ... Read full Story
Alex pt. 3
After that b****** in the bathroom, me and Alex hung out a couple times. we went to a bar, and I ordered a beer, Alex had vodka and cranberry. I didn't want to get too drunk, because whenever I do I can't seem to get hard. Of course, I knew all along that somehow that night I would finally... Read full Story