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Once wasn't enough!- my 2nd shemale exp
So after my first experience I got really into the porn I bought movies magezines got on websites just couldn't get enough. But watching it wasn't enough I had the real thing once and wanted it again. It had been almost a year now and only one person knew about what I had done that one fateful night. My best friend Liz who swore to keep it a secret. So one night we were talking about it again and she asked if I ever would want to do it again. And of course I said yes and that's all I really think about! (Just to get out of the way she's a dike we have been friends since we ... Read full Story
First time with a trans escort
I've thought about seeing a t-girl escort many times and a few weeks ago I finally made a date with a local girl named Carol. She´s a lovely Colombian girl with long dark hair and a slim, sexy body. She welcomed me into her home wearing a sexy black dress and high heels and after pouring a drink for us she started things off by rubbing my leg and softly kissing me. I started touching her body and her firm breasts, kissing her neck and rubbing between her legs. She undressed me and began to give me a blowjob, she had a nice way with her tongue and obviously knew what she was doing. I... Read full Story
My first shemale experience
So before I was even into the porn I had my first experience. I was 25 years old and never thought about anything like this till it happened. I was out with my friends one night hitting the usual bars on the weekend when this hot young woman caught my eye. I was feeling pretty brave due to my "liquid courage" so I walked over and offered to buy her a drink to my surprise she said yes! So we started talking having a nice conversation and so to keep the fun going I take her to dance, and I as she grinds on me I'm continuously trying move back and forth to hide my growing hard caus... Read full Story
Craigslist ad
You lay face down on the bed and her hands knowingly massage your body sending warm tingling feelings up and down your spine. Her hands soon also begin to massage your bottom. First one bun and then the other receives deep strokes that both relax and stimulate you at the same time. You begin to feel an uncomfortable bulge rise up under you as your manhood reacts to the pleasure. Then, she roughly pushes your legs apart to expose your naked bottom even more fully. You gasp for air and the anticipation is almost unbearable. Her fingers begin to explore your most secret parts as they slide up,... Read full Story
My first date with a "shemale"
I met a guy whom i worked with and found out he was bisexual,it didn't bother me nor did i care because i know who i was.I realized he was trying to date me without asking me if i was that way.I flat out turned him down and told him i didn't go that way! I was cool with him and liked him as a friend but had NO interest in him as like that.So we just or shall i say i allowed him to be cool with me and hang out,he has seen xrated videos of me and i seen pics of him but i didn't think anything of it.He told me he meet a guy that wanted to be a gurl but he wanted him to be a guy ca... Read full Story
A Steamy Shower With Desi
We are in Vegas for a vacation and we are having a blast. It is getting late in the afternoon so we head back to the hotel to get ready to go out that night and have some fun. We take a nap in the room and I wake up first so I go hop in the shower. You wake up shortly after me and hear the water running. You are wearing a long white tank top and some purple cheeky panties. You get up and walk over to the bathroom and peek in to see what I am doing. I am washing my body and my cock is half hard and just hanging there. You lick your lips and suddenly all you can think about it playing with my ha... Read full Story
Sexy She Male Picture I’ll Never Forget
My friends and I were on a road trip, and we finally got to Los Angeles on hot afternoon. My friends wanted to go to the beach and to grab some food afterwards. I did not feel like it, so I decided to take a nap in our motel room. That was what I told them anyway. I was up for something else instead. Having come to a big city finally, I wanted to sate my fantasy and be with a shemale. I went online, and started browsing. I stumbled upon some she male picture website. One of them hit me up and asked what I was looking for. I said I was a regular guy who is willing to experiment a bit. I c... Read full Story
Subdued Keister
Curiousity got me roughed up. I'm a curious straight guy wondering what would it be like to be dominated sexually by a mature foreign guy. It got me browsing the CL site almost every night taking a chane to find that individual whose preferences match mine. Inevitably everything fell into place. A 55 year old caucasian was seeking a slighty chubby manly-looking guy whose able to be a submissive type in the sack. Let's call him "Tom"... Tom was a 6'1 white guy visiting the country for business purposes and was looking to sneak in a bit of NSA sexual fun during his tim... Read full Story
Dicked down by 9 bbc shemale
One of my current fantasies was to be picked down hard. No talking, no foreplay, just a sissy cunt for a hard shemale cock. Woke up at 4:30am Sunday morning with the thought today has to be the day. Sissy had been up playing with her toys Saturday night and was quite frustrated knowing the real thing was out there and looking for her. Posted ad on craigslist "Sissy looking for bbc to treat her like a piece of meat. Take what you want and vent your frustrations." in the t4t Casual encounters. Did a quick flush, showered, styled the hair, slutty makeup applied, and put on a n... Read full Story
Are my Tranny Orgasms Unique?
There have been some changes, some dramatic changes, in my sex life since before when I started out acting the heterosexual male role. Rather than being the hard cocked male entering whatever female partner it happened to be this time, now I am more commonly the trans partner being entered. Previously I was getting my dick sucked and now I’m the one that just loves sucking his or her dick! Back at the beginning of my real changes I didn’t even begin to grasp the sheer pleasure I would derive from blowing cock. So many years wasted missing out on something I now absolutely adore doing. I am nat... Read full Story
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