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A Fantasy Fulfilled
I usually comb through the web for cool first experience stories involving men and CD gurls. I realized that I should also contribute my own, however. Mine occurred years ago when I I’d just broken up with a long time girlfriend that I’d been living with since my college days. I was in a financi... Read full Story
8 Steps to Convert to T-girls
Step 1: Foreign Tranny Temptations In Istanbul I found myself walking down an alley and looking toward the windows, where beautiful trannies gazed at me, inviting me to come in. At this point, I had already started beating off to tranny porn and I was in love with the idea of shemale ass. Thick,... Read full Story
o dia em que a carolina marques me arrombou
Essa historia aconteceu em 2016 , meu nome e davetlover moro em sao paulo a cidade com maior numero de travestis do Brasil... ,Em 2016 acompanhava o blog da carolina marques e vivia me questionando se o pau dela era photoshop fiquei dias obcecado ,entao resolvi tirar a limpo . Liguei pra caro... Read full Story
Chapter 2: t4t- Heather
Both Danielle and I tried to hook up again before she left town two days later but our schedules didn't align. We promised to stay in touch, especially if we were ever in the same town again, but now I was left with a freshly renewed desire that constantly danced through my mind and no one to p... Read full Story
How Ginger was born
So, how did I get into all this stuff in the first place? I had been into crossdressing from an early age and realised I was attracted to other boys from when I first went to an all boys school. I didn't have my first experience while crossdressed until later in my teens. It was certainly un... Read full Story
Ginger loses her virginity
My friend's father, Mr Webster, had turned out to be anything but the pillar of the community he pretended to be. Despite his regular Sunday church attendance with Mrs Webster, it transpired he also enjoyed the company of other men. He was certainly enjoying me, and within a few weeks I had fal... Read full Story
Ginger's First Gangbang
I had been enjoying regular meetings with my older lover, Mr Webster, for some time and the routine typically consisted of meeting up and heading off in his car for sex at some secluded spot in the countryside. He liked me to dress as femininely as possible, in pretty dresses, skirts and heels and a... Read full Story
My Afternoon With Venus - Part I
It was a stunningly bright and clear Saturday morning when I left my house to head out and run some errands. Nothing big, just little odds-and-ends that had been building up that I needed to deal with someday and it seemed like this was as good a day as any ... little did I know how good the day wou... Read full Story
My Afternoon With Venus - Part II
My mind was still spinning from the out of this world cock sucking I'd just experienced at the expert lips of my exotic little doll as she led me by the hand into her bedroom. Her pink summer dress was draped down onto her waist so now it was only just covering her cute little derriere. As I wa... Read full Story
White dress!
It had been a long and hot day that sunday! Some friends opted the idea to go drinks and have a cookout, little did i know how the night would end. By the time it got to midnight we were all drunk and wanted more action so we decided to head to one of the local bars for more drinks and see if we fo... Read full Story