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Cara's First Time
Cara's First Time This little true story is about the first time I was with a man and a night that I will never forget. My name is Cara. Well that's my girly name, I'm a cross-dresser. I've loved dressing up in women's clothes since I was young when I used to dress up in my showgirl sister's outfits and feel the soft touch of her dresses on my skin. It's just felt right to me all my life and I guess that's the way I'm programmed. After many years of just dressing in the clothes I eventually began using make-up and wigs to complete the look a... Read full Story
Sissy slut gang bang Part 1
I hear a knock at my door and go to answer it even though I'm only wearing a little black see through lace top, black lace assless panties, thigh high fishnets and stiletto heels. I open the door to see all the men from this group I started on kik. "Guess this is my lucky night. Come on in", I say as I turn around and walk towards my bedroom walking as sexy as I can so my butt wiggles for u. I barely make it into the room b4 I feel hands on my waste pulling me back to feel a cock push against my hole. I bend over for easier access and feel it slip inside. I feel it throb as it s... Read full Story
My first shemale attraction
My first shemale attraction In high school a group of friends and I obtain a copy of Hustler magazine. Each week one of us will take the magazine home for the weekends, then give it to the next following classmate. It was the weekend of my turn. I rushed home to get started on my masturbation. I even had planned excuses for why I was taking too long in the bathroom or in my room. “I ate the mystery meat at lunch time. my stomach is not feeling too good” or “studying for a big test. Cannot be bothered”. I finally got to my room and began to get ready for my masturbation session. Stroking my ... Read full Story
Blowing Strangers
I was headed back into town from a couple weeks on the road and decided to stop for the night at a particular hotel, because it a had a small bar attached. After getting a room, I went upstairs to change. As usual, my outfit was right on the border of sexy and slutty. The five inch heels might have been a bit much for a hotel bar, but I love high heels and they made my ass look good in my mini skirt. I was sitting at the bar having a drink when I noticed a not unattractive man looking at me, I smiled at him and went back to my drink. A few minutes later the bartender brought another dri... Read full Story
My fist time
Hey i was out on a night in manchaster, meet up with a grill as i thought we had a few drink at the bar, She kissed my Nibley on my both lip as as said let go her place .. We got to her place she pushed me to thrpe bed opened my my buttons started to suck my cock licking up and down , im lieing back back thinking i never had a blow like this befor she lick my ball rith up my shaft, , I lifted her dress up to find a juice hard cock in my face i was shcked for a mounted and siad whats is this i never did this befor She side to me do want To stop sucking cock,, as it was best ... Read full Story
Amsterdam shemales
This was a few years ago I decided to go to Amsterdam and see if I was gay . Booked A weekend and went drinking,went around the the red light district see what girls and others were around. Went to this beautiful brunnett girl from Bulgaria with big tits, she started sucking me off but I could not get Hard,after a few minutes just go out of there. Then I went to the part that caters for shemales, crossdresser. I went to the window of a black shemale ,she was hot, she wanted €100, gave her the money and undressed, Sucked her hot cock ,let my tounge go around it and giving good mouth, she was m... Read full Story
Kayla is back and horny AF!!! Needs boipussy filled!!
This goes out to all my friends and subscribers...Sry to u all I Haven't posted in a while. Life got busy. But I'm back and horny and craving cock pounding my pussy and in my mouth! I wanna taste ur delicious cum!! Feed me daddy! I want ur big hard cock inside my sexy little sissy pussy while u pound!! I'm a sissy, so u can't get me pregnant, but I want u to fuck me like ur trying to get me pregnant!!! I want ur cock to explode ur seen inside me till it drips out of me! Cum filling my pussy will make me moan so loud as my itty bitty little sissy clitty spasms and squirts as... Read full Story
My sisters Tgurl friend Part Deux
Next day, after my incredible sex encounter with Christy , my sister let me know that her friend was a Tgurl. I acted like I was shocked. She told me that Christy was a friend from college and had breast implants and took some hormones to be more feminine, but she still had a dick. My sis told me this because she thought Christy liked me, and sis gave Christy my number. She didn't want me to freak out if things went farther.(little did sis know that Christy had already fucked me like crazy). Later on I got a call from Christy wanting know if I wanted to get together that night ,. I said s... Read full Story
My sissy experience
I guess you could call me a sissy, maybe even a whore but one things for sure... I love cock. So my story begins as a young teenage boy, curious like most. I would raid my sisters panty drawer for the excitement of trying on her sexy lingerie. It became an addiction, I couldn't help but want more. I would begin to try on her clothes, skirts, dresses, tops etc. I would feel so feminine, so sexy trying on her clothes and modelling infront of the mirror she had in her bedroom. It made me feel alive. But like most, I wanted more, I wanted to look like a girl. So then I began to try make up... Read full Story
I meet my new Mistress for the first time
I was feeling excited about and looking forward to Friday night. The reason for this was that I intended to dress up as my alter ego, Tania Harvey, and to go for a night out to a club nearby that is popular with TG’s, TV’s and other like minded people. I took a lot of care and attention over the way I dressed and the application of my make-up. I chose to wear my favourite red dress which is tight fitting in all the right places and shows of my figure to great effect. Underneath I put on a very sexy black corset, a pair of very sheer black stockings and a pair of lacy French knickers. I had alr... Read full Story
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