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Old Mall Facial (part 2)
After my first encounter with the snacks guy, I could not stop tinking about his cock inside me. I agreed to go back the next day but when I tried to contact him I got no answer, I thought he didn't liked our previous encounter, but I was wrong. 3 days after he send me a message. He took his wife t... Read full Story
When Fantasy Comes True 2
After my first threesome encounter with Jenni and her friend, getting a golden shower from three trans women was a bonus. Being drunk and now four of us snuggled in bed, i thought the night had ended but i did hope for more. I was not disappointed as Jenni's friend (Sasha) who had been sleeping d... Read full Story
Old Mall BJ (Part 1)
After blowing and being fucked by some older men that I meet online I wanted to do something different. I wanted to go to a public place and blow or being fucked by a total stranger so I looked on the internet if there where glory holes or cruising spots on my city and I ended finding a blog with a ... Read full Story
Making love on the beach
= First = My name is Lely Bella Calistia, I'm an Asian shemale, I'm 27 years old, and I now live on a very beautiful island in Southeast Asia, I have only been here for 2 years and have a nice new life. I have a friend when I was a child, and we are good friends until now, but unfortunately wh... Read full Story
My CD lifestyle
8 years ago I arrived to the capital city to attend college since I am from a small town. I lived in my aunts house by myself since she recently moved in with her new boyfriend. She still had some of her clothes in there and I stared dressing up and using her make up. Posted an ad looking for an old... Read full Story
First time
Dreaming about cock . Form licking the balls all up the shaft enjoying the cock in my mouth slapping it against my face as I swallow it . Rubbing my hands up and down and slowly cupping the balls working my way to your whole slowly slipping a finger in . Then two as I’m working my Tongue down licki... Read full Story
Night out as a girl
Becoming a sissy for guys pleasure I have been working allot and this whole week I have been just extremely horny for a hot guy to fuck me. I got home on Friday and I proceeded with getting fully dressed up as a girl to go to the bookstore / theater fully dressed so I can get guys to have sex... Read full Story
Dani & Paulie - 2
Devon, it turned out, was a complete gentleman. The accent i couldn’t place was a hybred of south London in the UK and the Caribbean. He’d been in the states for a few years after being spotted as a student, modelling for some extra cash. He’d greeted me on the veranda like an old friend, a hug an... Read full Story
Dani & Paulie - 1
It was two years since Carl had taken me in the cellar of that bar. Paulie and I had moved to a large apartment courtesy of an unexpected inheritance from his father. I should really say "her" father, we had started using feminine pro-nouns for each other somewhere along the line, no one could reme... Read full Story
Late night park visit
It was 11pm on a Friday night, I was driving my car back from a failed meetup with a guy I met online a couple of days prior. I thought it was going to be an amazing night, so I spent close to two hours getting my makeup and hair sorted to look pretty for him when we met. I was wearing a short black... Read full Story