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cindy and r.sissy
I meet cindy online we organized to meet at a motel l got there first l got ready l put on my black latex half cat suit my black with red trim latex blouse l put on my red platform thigh boots l was starting to get a hard cock but lhad makeup to put on did that and a great long shoulder length blond... Read full Story
Sucking off a stranger
When I was about 18 I started checking out craigslist in the morning before school while watching porn to help me get off. I would fantasize about meeting the people who posted but I knew I couldn't as most of them wanted to meet while I was in school or lived to far away for someone with out a... Read full Story
story of Jojo
Some find it confusing of who i am or what i am, including me. i found some kind of definition: femboy A young boy who presents extensive feminine mannerisms and actions often blurring the line between a boy and a girl. Can be confused with a cross dresser, but it usually refers to boys at v... Read full Story
My first cock
I have been crossdressing for many years. When I was younger I would wear my moms pantyhose and stockings .After I was married I would wear my wifes nylons and started to buy my own. Everytime we have sex my wife wears crotchless pantyhose or thigh hi stockings. Yes I have a nylon fetish. One day af... Read full Story
Alleyway Adventure
One day after school I am walking to a coffee shop and I notice this hot chick waving at me to come over to her. She is wearing a tight pair of Lululemon yoga pants and only a bra on top. As if in a trance I walk over to her and she smiles. She leans over and whispers in my ear "Do you want to ... Read full Story
Alleyway Adventure
I was on my way home from school and this girl in those tight yoga pants and a shirt that showed off her huge boobs taps me on the shoulder as I walk past her. "Want to have some fun?" She asked smiling. Nodding I said "Yes I would love to." Taking my hand she lead me down the st... Read full Story
Morning Head Becomes All Day Affair
I just woke up, super horny, and reach down with my hand, take out your soft cock and slowly work it while your still sleeping. Making it harder...and...harder til it's rock hard, I slip under our silk sheets and wrap my hot mouth around you stiff rod. Licking and caressing it up....a... Read full Story
My first BBC experience!
Lasted about an hour of getting pounded hard bareback but it didn't start that way. He had to start slow with some good quality lube and gently push and wiggle his way in until finally 9 thick vieny inches made it all the way in!!! :) All my dildo training had paid off and it felt amazing! It w... Read full Story
The Century Gurl Too
The Century Gurl Too Hey There! It’s me again. So, its been about a week now and I’ve been trading some serious flirting and dry humping around the office with my beautiful black haired T-Gurl. One day, she cornered me in the break room and asked if I would like a special protein drink for lunch... Read full Story
My first sex teacher..!
I must be about 16 or 17 and we were staying at our ancestral home and there was no TV there. So, I used to go to my aunt’s house to watch TV. Her name is Sheela. I am not sure when my aunt started to seduce me, but one day when I was at her place and none was around, she asked me whether I like ... Read full Story