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My First "Real TS Encounter"
September 2007 Alright, so I’m going to put into writing the story of my very first “Real TS Encounter.” This was back in 2007, so I’m going to do my best to remember as much detail as possible. However it’s been nearly a decade, so we’ll see how it goes. I had be watching “Shemale” porn for about a year at this point. I wasn’t too much into it, it was something I watched every once in a while. There were only a handful of TS Porn Stars that I liked (or even was aware of) like Danielle Foxxx, Vicki Richter, Joanna Jet, TS Jesse and perhaps a few others I can’t really remember. Danielle F... Read full Story
My BBC Friend
I was back in Indianapolis this past week. I had not had a good fucking for some time and was hoping to hook up with my friend Terry.I had hooked up with Terry several times when I was in town. He has an amazing cock. he can fuck for hours and loves to make love to his sissy slut. I got to the hotel and prepared for the evening of fun. I shaved closely and douched several times. Terry's BBC is a good twelve inches and he gets so deep I wanted to be extra clean for him. I dressed in my stockings, black short skirt, satin black top, corset, no bra because I wanted to my nipples off. I wore... Read full Story
Fem Firm 4: Pop Secret by: B-Man View Story Details Rating: XXXAdd Review Added: 11/20/2016 Complete:no Synopsis: Ruby learns a family secret which will change her life forever. Categories:Bimbo Workplace Situations Keywords:Long Finger Nails Very High Heels FEM FIRM 4-POP SECRET PROLOGUE As I knocked on the door of my parents' house, the nerves I had made me feel like ants were crawling all over my body. I suppose I could have walked right in since I used to live there but I didn't want to shock them. After... Read full Story
Shemale Sex Pics Are My Life's Poetry
My younger days are very hard to explain. All I ever wanted to do is to dress in girl's clothes, imagine playing with Barbies and their houses and watching my mom put on her makeup every day before she took me to school. I knew I wanted to become more girl and less boy, but knew nothing about it. Shemale sex pics were very hard to find those days, and I knew nothing about the ways of being able to fulfill yourself as a woman in masculine body. I started going to gym and worked on my glutes and chest muscles only. That gave a sort of results - my hips have widened and my breast grew. But ... Read full Story
Fem Firm 3: The Return Of Frankie
PART 1 THE VISITOR Over the next couple of months, it was pretty much business as usual at the Firm. You know, depositions, court filings, motions, hot sloppy blow jobs and ass destroying anal sex (Thanks Angela!).Not to mention Friday Fuckfests. But since I started working here everyone seems to be in a better mood than when I first started. I guess it has something to do with the fact that they know that my ass and mouth are available at a moment's notice for whom ever may need it. One Tuesday two weeks ago, for example, I got fucked four times and gave five blowjobs! Phew!... Read full Story
Fem Firm 2 -The Weathergirl
PART 1: A COURTESY CLIENT BLOWJOB Three weeks into my gig at Coxon & Dicster had been a blast. At first, a few of the girls had some reservations about me working there because I wasn't transgendered myself but I guess I won them over with my naturally cheerful personality. At least, that's what I thought it was. Hmm.... Anyway, the Monday morning of my fourth week I'd just finished the mail when Angela came into the mailroom. "Ben, could you do me a favor?" "Sure, Angela. What's up? "Well, I know Veronica usually takes care of c... Read full Story
FEM FIRM: Character Intro & Part 1
Coxson & Dicster is a law firm made up of nothing but she males They are: Debra Coxson- 37 Debra has been a lawyer for 12 years and started the firm with her college roommate Angela Dicster 5 years ago. She's a leggy ash blond with 38D tits a great ass and a 9 inch cock. She loves to fuck and get fucked but her favorite thing is getting a blowjob. Angela Dicster 36 Angela (as mentioned above) started the firm with Debra 5 years ago. She's a knockout brunette with a body women want and men want to possess. She's a tall drink of water at 5' 11" with 40Ds... Read full Story
Big On Tranny Dating
I walked into a bar where we scheduled our date earlier - I know that type - he wants to try tranny dating but when it comes to real thing, he'll probably chicken out and ditch me. I ordered a large martini and looked myself in the mirror: tall, strong legs, curly blond hair. You couldn't see my package, it was safely tucked under my skirt. I decided to be naughty so I wore a deep cleavage shirt, revealing my D-cup tits almost entirely. I was bound to get a few looks while sitting alone there. After a while he finally showed up. He was shorter than me and skinny - just my luck, to finall... Read full Story
But it's just two guys right?
CD's and TV's are not really chicks they are guys and they have guy sex drives! Unlike many online Cyber Queens as I call them. Years ago I did do some cross dressing. Unlike those AOL and Yahoo frauds I really did dress up and unlike them despite digital cameras being new things and very expensive I did get some shots of me dolled up. I found lots of gay guys wanted to suck dick and be fucked by a dick. They didn't give a shit if I was wearing a gorilla costume. So I ignored them all! Anyone who had no pictures didn't get a second look from me either! Finally I... Read full Story
Sofias first time
I became Sofia a long time ago when I was sharing a flat with a friend of mine, we were both straight guys and we loved fucking girls when we could get them, then one day we found some sexy womens clothes in the flat and for some reason I felt like putting them on for a laugh and almost straight away we both knew what was going to happen, back then I had a really slender body, I put on white jeans and a red bra and acted all girly and my friend just went crazy feeling my ass then moving me to my bed and slid down the white jeans and started groping my balls, I never saw him look at me that way... Read full Story
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