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Free Shemale Dating Site The Place Where I Want To Spend My Life
Browsing through all payed porn services left my wallet thin, so I went for free shemale dating site option. When my boss noticed that I was paying less attention to work and more attention to Shemales, he fired me without any notice. I was hit hard with the economic crisis - the bank sell my house. Jobless and broke, I moved to my parent's house, after ten years spent in jerking off in the privacy of my own place. My parents decided to spend that winter in Florida, and my mum's best friend Janet was left in charge of all those carefully chosen house plants growing around the entire place. ... Read full Story
Worry Free Shemales Dating Can happen To You Too
"There is no such a thing as an attractive tranny" was one of my lifetime mantras. Growing up in Bay Area, it was easy for me to spot and recognize all of those masculine bodies dressed in female clothes. Their huge feet in high heels looked as a combination form hell. Free shemales dating was something I could get any time, but avoided as something completely out of question. Everything changed on my trip to Tunisia. My friend decided to have a bachelor's party in a magnificent resort on one of the the longest Mediterranean beaches. Of course, we got drunk, and decided to watch a... Read full Story
Nude She Male Pics At The Porn Company
I was nervous - the people from porn company haven't called me yet, and it was almost a week since I sent the nude she male pics. I'm a pretty attractive shemale - short girl with big ass, decent tits and long dark hair, and a cock which would make any man green with envy - and I really hoped that someone will call me, because I wanted to make it in porn industry. My hopes were almost crushed when I got the e-mail. "Please visit is as soon as possible, your nude she male pics were great, we're interested in doing business with you. You will be required to show your sexual skills to our... Read full Story
Lay.. BJ Report #3
Lay Report #3 Real TS Encounters Lay Report (BJ Report) #3 Hey, So this is my 3rd official “Encounter Report” lets just say. This was early Saturday morning June 25th, 2016. Unfortunately, this report will not be that interesting/informative. I am writing it just because it did happen, and it will be good material for my book. If you enjoy reading these regardless, then perhaps you’ll enjoy it anyway. So I pretty much worked all night Friday. I haven’t been on TS Dating in a week or two, and it was around 3:00 am which is typically (not always) a bit late to call any “regul... Read full Story
If only...
I've been fantasising about your hard cock again. I want to meet you, take you somewhere quiet so that I can get my hands on your hot shaft. I want to push you against the wall, look into your eyes as I unbuckle your belt, unbutton your trousers and slowly slide the zip down. Put my hands onto your thighs and hook my thumbs into your boxer shorts and, as I sink to my knees, pull them down around your ankles. Then I'll be eye to eye with your rapidly hardening cock. I'll start by nuzzling your clean shaved balls with my nose, licking and kissing your ball sack, taking each one... Read full Story
How I Got Lucky Through She Male Personals Sites
For as long as I can remember, I have loved shemales. Trying to explain to people exactly what it is about shemales that I love is actually a lot more difficult than it should be, because it's almost as if I'm trying to make other people understand rather than just telling them what it is that I like about them. In the end, the only people that I have found that really understand are other people that I have met through she male personals sites - and I don't just mean the shemales either! I have met some really interesting people who think just like me and I have met some people who have told ... Read full Story
Lap Dance For Cash
I had a next door neighbor that loved doing favors for me with the hope that I would return his favors with my affection. He was an older, fat, and someone I would ever deal with but desperate times call for desperate measures. I walked over to his apartment that was next to mine and knocked on the door. I dressed in a plaid mini, pink t-shirt, my hair in a pony-tail, pink Cubs hat, white socks and pink sneakers. He answered and I took a deep breath and said hey Max, it’s me in a girly voice. He looked at me with a dirty smile and invited me in. His apartment looked just like I imagined, di... Read full Story
My First Cock
Im just your ordinary guy, night and day watch on this site when im horny. Still havent understood my fascination for this site but im here everyday for the last 4 years. Within that time i have slowly had urges to buy stuff so i bought butt plugs vibrators just to get so i knew who it actually felt like. For some reason also bought some lingerie why not right (i will shortly upload pic of my lingerie with dildo so you can all see) So on thursday night as a usually thing for me i slipped on my stockings put my sexiests thongs under my petit pink skirt and was just watching this, i went ... Read full Story
Lay Report #2
Real TS Encounters Lay Report #2 6/12/2016 Hey, what’s up! So I’m writing to you on Sunday afternoon. I had another TS Encounter last night, well early morning really. This girl I also met off Craigslist. As usual I’ll try to weave some information/teaching into the story which will hopefully help you with your meet ups as well! So it was a little before 1 am Saturday night into Sunday morning. Weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun) tend to be pretty good as far as girls posting on Craigslist looking to meet up. So there were a couple of decent ads that I was responding to. I usually like to ... Read full Story
Choosing From Shemale Pics Gallery
"You into shemales?", asked the man in Amsterdam's Red Light district, "We have everything in De Wallen, just ask", he continued to promote his girls, "Maybe the gentleman would like to watch some shemale pics gallery before making a decision?" And I thought - why not. What happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam. The girls from the shemale pics gallery were almost perfect: they had blondes, brunettes, dark, short and long hair; big and small dicks, tits and asses; it was like a meat market and I was the main buyer. "I'd like to be with this girl", I... Read full Story
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