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Kylie and Chrissy
The following story is the first part of ‘Kylie and Chrissy’, a story documenting the blossoming sissy-hood of two teenage boys. It is partially autobiographical and partially fiction. PART 1 - THE INCIDENT ‘Stop… we really shouldn’t be doing this’ ‘It’s just a bit of fun. Now just hold still while I do yours’ ‘Ok, but only for a few minutes, what if we get caught?’ ‘They won’t be home for hours, just relax’ ‘How long have you actually been doing this?’ ‘A while… do you like it?’ ‘I don’t know. Doesn’t your sister know? ‘Nah, why would she?’ Applying a final layer... Read full Story
Daddy looking for his sissy sub
You come over. Your cock is in a cage from last time. I go exercise so you can shower and dress up. You make sure your ass is clean. You put on lingerie, miniskirt, stockings, sexy top. Makeup. Wig. You now look like the woman you always wanted to be. You get ready for dinner and cook for your man. After making up you know that you should already be ready for sex with your daddy. I come home and give you a kiss I tell you to turn around and bend over. I pull down your panties and insert a sexy plug into your ass. Pat your bottom and tell you to continue while I get ready. ... Read full Story
First Nylons
I was 12 years old. I was over at a friend's house playing His mom was a pretty blonde who always wore very sexy things. One day I was over playing in their yard and had to go use the bathroom. Well, when I walked in and took my seat, my eyes fell quickly on several pairs of some very silky nylons hanging on the shower rod. I sat there doing and just stared at those limp sexy items of PURE sex! I could not keep my eyes off them and as soon as I was done, I stood up and HAD to touch them. I felt soooo naughty and hoped that I would not get caught. I was so turned on and being that I was ju... Read full Story
Best Gifts for Ladyboys especially this Christmas Season
Many have this doubt and a lot of confusions of what are the best gifts for a Ladyboy. Usually girls are fond of flowers but are very choosy in stuff. If you have a Ladyboy lover or a friend let me guide you on what will make them happy. Join me and make this Christmas season special for your loveable Ladyboy lover or friend. Lingerie Lingerie is the top of the list. Ladyboys love naughty lingerie, so surprise them this Christmas with something of red colour especially like a naughty Santa lingerie or red thong with a rose. Perfumes Perfumes are the next on the list. You may see a big ... Read full Story
Teen Sissy getting ready to give herself to daddy for xmas
Hey Im Rosie and im 22 from the UK im a aspiring sissy slut and i have been getting myself getting my whole body smooth ready for my daddy ready for my daddy for xmas / new years i have found out he has been watching ts / ladyboy porn for a while now and i have allays wanted to become his sissy slut so he can train me and treat me like a princess and fuck me like a porn star i know he has been watching ts porn such as and etc so i know he is into this kind of thing i have shaved my ass and my sissy clitty and i just need to get myself ready for him so he can begin to train me i... Read full Story
A Slice of Life - Ch. 1
Written by Nobody Home. All comments and feedback welcome! 1. It is dark out, night descending upon a wintery, snowcapped city backdrop. Cold against the windowpane, I feel my head shoved into it and my hand makes a streak against the glass. My would-be attacker tears my panties off of my slender hips and I hear him unzip his fly. Feeling the cold of the window against my cheek, I shudder at what’s coming next. His belt clinks against the hard floor as he drops his pants. For a moment, silence. And then, I feel his hands grasp me by my waist. My bra is still on, but that doesn’t ... Read full Story
A Hidden Surprise
Winter term at uni means thicker clothes which enabled me to hide some surprises under my clothes. The thicker blouses and tights would conceal anything from a thin g-string or a heavy lace pair of panties. And, me being me, I took this change of wardrobe to my full advantage. I’d been Matt’s fuck buddy for a month or so now and wanted to add some more fun into the mix. So as Friday rolled around I was lucky to finish at midday and got to head off into town for a little shopping session. Trawling the shops, running my hands over the soft fabrics in the girls section, fiddling with their bu... Read full Story
I hope your willing, and that you love shiny Spandex
I am looking for a woman, or a good look-a-like... (i.e. a trany, a ladyboy, a shemale, etc.etc.). No I am not gay, me I am what is called:" Bi-curious" If you as I do, enjoy drawing attention, or being and feeling sexy as often as possible, and this at any time of day... GREAT! Because I do. Like myself you MUST be NON jealous, and very open minded. I love to be a tease, or being teased, if you love same, then we understand each other already. (This makes for a good start). I also love trying new things, so I hope you can feel free, or confident enough to talk about your true desire... Read full Story
Shemale Personals Are Not Necessary For Great Fuck
When I was a little boy, the only thing I dreamed of is to become a little girl. My parents supported me 100% and, as soon as I turned 18, I had a breast surgery. My curves came later, after taking all those hormonal pills. At the age of 20, I wanted to go to the very end and have the surgery, but leaving my profile on shemale personals website made me change my mind. Of course, a lot of guys were interested in me. They kept on sending private messages, demanded dates and imagined wild sex. But the problem was in me - I was completely uninterested in those shemale personals addicts and want... Read full Story
Ladyboys are better than real girls – I am The Best
Today let us get to know on why you should go for a transsexual or transsensual shemale Ladyboy. I am a Ladyboy too in Sri Lanka who travels locally and across the globe as Asian shemales have a big demand in the international arena. Not only men, but also women love me a lot and couples are happy to have fun with me to explore new ideas. Here we go with the points why ladyboys are best. Sexy Ladyboys are sexier than girls as they put so much effort in beauty, figure maintaining and all other ways to please a man. Their sincerity to their body and mind makes them sexy with their lo... Read full Story
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