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Got raped last night
I was walking home last night, after a night out it was late walking through a park, and was confronted by six men. Wanted money, I explained I didn't have any, they said well we can do this another way, I said what do you mean, and there answer was we gonna rape you, I started to run, but hard in high heels, and they easily caught me, they dragged me into the park,forced me over a park beach, ripped my skirt, blouse, ... Read full Story
Gangbang im Pornokino - Ein wahrer Erlebnisbericht
Auf Travesta und der Internetseite eines Pornokinos in das ich ofter gehe, gibt es eien Kontaktbereich. Dort postete ich den Termin und die Uhrzeit meines nächsten Besuches. Dazu schrieb ich das ich mal wieder Lust auf einen geilen Gangbang hätte.... Ich kam mal wieder 15 Minuten zu spät in das Pornokino. Als ich dort wahr, warteten schon drei Männer auf mich mit denen ich mich über die Kontaktseite des Pornokinos verabredet hatte. Wie immer hatte ich mich erotisch gekleidet. Zu den ultrakurzen Wetlookmini trug ich eine emg geschürte Corsage, Halterlose Nylons und High Heels. Der knallrote... Read full Story
My 1st time with a man while dressed and 1st anal
My 1st time with a man while dressed and 1st anal The following story is true. I have been dressing in my wife's sexy clothes at home off and on for a while because I love the feel of hose and panties. My wife and I are swingers, actually we do mostly cuckold swinging but I am free to be with women if I want. I have sucked some of her dates cocks beside her. I love being on my knees beside my wife sharing a cock. One time we met a guy and she had came down with a bad headache, we explained that she did not feel like doing anything but we agreed I would suck him off alone while she coach... Read full Story
No One Loves Tranny Cock More Than Me Part1
All my life I imagined how much I'd love sucking tranny cock. Never thought "if" I'd enjoy it, it was how much would I enjoy it. At the start of puberty I always liked women, but pussy seemed gross. Thought I'd suck some dick but I'm not attracted to men at all. Then I stumbled on my first tranny porn pictures, it was a Brazilian cheerleader with pigtails! My jaw dropped and I immediately knew this was my thing, so honestly I've only ever watched tranny porn! Grew up proudly telling all I liked tgirls. The day I turned 18 I got a motel room and paid for an es... Read full Story
Third times the charm!
After my first 2 times with a ts it basically just became an urge that I had to have a need I had to satisfy! Just like regular sex the more I thought about it the more I wanted it. I finally asked Liz if she knew anymore from around where we were. Luckily for me she did and set me up with her friend Nicole. Naturally I was nervous cause I didn't know what to expect but I went with it. So we met up for a date at a movie theater. Which turned out to be one of the best things that happened to me. So we get in the movie and it's basically just us which is good for the most part, sh... Read full Story
Important And Interesting Observations About Online Porn
What is your opinion about watching best porn video online? Is it a bad habit? Is watching porn good for a relationship? Pornography has become a common part of the private lives of many individuals and partners. Nobody can disagree with this fact. Online porn can be used as a great tool by couples to improve their intimacy but it must be introduced into a relationship in the correct way. The statistics clearly suggest that men are more interested in watching porn and the main reason behind this fact is that men derive more enjoyment from visual stimulation compared to women. Different r... Read full Story
Once wasn't enough!- my 2nd shemale exp
So after my first experience I got really into the porn I bought movies magezines got on websites just couldn't get enough. But watching it wasn't enough I had the real thing once and wanted it again. It had been almost a year now and only one person knew about what I had done that one fateful night. My best friend Liz who swore to keep it a secret. So one night we were talking about it again and she asked if I ever would want to do it again. And of course I said yes and that's all I really think about! (Just to get out of the way she's a dike we have been friends since we ... Read full Story
First time with a trans escort
I've thought about seeing a t-girl escort many times and a few weeks ago I finally made a date with a local girl named Carol. She´s a lovely Colombian girl with long dark hair and a slim, sexy body. She welcomed me into her home wearing a sexy black dress and high heels and after pouring a drink for us she started things off by rubbing my leg and softly kissing me. I started touching her body and her firm breasts, kissing her neck and rubbing between her legs. She undressed me and began to give me a blowjob, she had a nice way with her tongue and obviously knew what she was doing. I... Read full Story
My first shemale experience
So before I was even into the porn I had my first experience. I was 25 years old and never thought about anything like this till it happened. I was out with my friends one night hitting the usual bars on the weekend when this hot young woman caught my eye. I was feeling pretty brave due to my "liquid courage" so I walked over and offered to buy her a drink to my surprise she said yes! So we started talking having a nice conversation and so to keep the fun going I take her to dance, and I as she grinds on me I'm continuously trying move back and forth to hide my growing hard caus... Read full Story
Craigslist ad
You lay face down on the bed and her hands knowingly massage your body sending warm tingling feelings up and down your spine. Her hands soon also begin to massage your bottom. First one bun and then the other receives deep strokes that both relax and stimulate you at the same time. You begin to feel an uncomfortable bulge rise up under you as your manhood reacts to the pleasure. Then, she roughly pushes your legs apart to expose your naked bottom even more fully. You gasp for air and the anticipation is almost unbearable. Her fingers begin to explore your most secret parts as they slide up,... Read full Story
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