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Nobody Forgets Their First Time With Shemale
Her name was Veronica. She was about 6" tall and her heels were so high it made me dizzy. Actually, together with the fishnet stockings she was wearing, it made me dizzy and horny. It was my first time with she-male and my first time with that kind of service. Veronica knew that was my first time. She asked “I know you’re nervous. Just let me show you all the things that we can do.” As I was sitting on my bed, she got down on her knees and started caressing my dick over my pants looking me in the eyes without blinking. I was seduced by her looks, her self confidenc... Read full Story
Making of a Sissy pt2
After Tom had dressed me & now had the photo evidence I knew I was at his mercy. I also knew that the blowjob I had given him wouldn't be all he was looking to get from me to keep my secret. He was soon messaging me, telling me when to be at his, along with a picture of me dressed, with a cock in my mouth and a face full of his cum. Knowing I had no choice if I didn't want that picture plus the many others to be public knowledge I agreed to be there Friday night. I arrived around 8pm and was immediately sent upstairs and told to get ready as he wanted me. I went up & w... Read full Story
She Male Photo Gallery Brought My High School Fantasy To Life
A friend of mine from high school came to visit me after many years when I moved into my new apartment in Los Angeles. We were good friends back then and kept in touch, but we went apart due to our careers. He was even one off the first and few people I came out to in high school, so our relationship was tight. I even had a big crush on him at the time, but he is unfortunately straight. I invited one evening some of my friends to have some drinks and see what we would do that night. We had decided to play it by ear. The crowd seemed to like my friend and everyone was getting quite comfortab... Read full Story
My Erotic She Male Pics Photo Shoot
You know that time when you feel so horny and you want to nail every guy that passes right next to you? Well, I was dealing with that! My body was just burning for some hot, sexy guy that will grab me like no one did before, place me against the wall and fuck so hard that I start screaming out of joy. It has been a while since my last sexual intercourse that even a man's sweat was turning me on. I wanted so hard that someone bangs me, that I would try anything. I wanted to make some sexy pictures, so I went on some website and browsed through sexy she male pics in order to do it right. W... Read full Story
I Added A New Story To My Porn She Male Stories
I was having a coffee with one of my friends and I was telling her about my porn she male stories from my past. In the middle of my talking she stopped me and asked why am I always talking about ancient history. She told me that I was repeating myself and that I need to freshen up things. I realized that it was true. All of my she male stories related to sex are long gone and it has been a while since I had my last sex. I decided to dress up and go out that night. I put my best dress on and went to the bar. I was drinking my dry martini and sitting at the bar. I knew that I looked seduct... Read full Story
I Spend Way Too Much Time Looking At Shemale Photo Galleries
It is true, I spend way too much time looking at them, but it's hardly surprising when I regularly get to see some of the unbelievable things that I have seen over the years. There is some seriously amazing sights going on with these shemale photo galleries, and I'm totally addicted to them. The weird thing is that when I first started looking at them, I wasn't really all that interested in shemales because I just did not think that they were really my sexual preference - but I guess I was completely wrong! I also have to admit that I have contributed my own galleries to these shemale photo ga... Read full Story
How Many Free Shemale Mobile Videos Did You Know Were Out There...
Finding out that there are sites that you can watch shemale videos on out there was something that was always going to make my journeys home from work a hell of a lot more interesting! I always used to end up falling asleep or sitting next to some drunken lunatic who wanted to strike up a conversation with me, but finding free shemale mobile videos has given me something a lot more interesting to do on the bus and train home! Of course, you have to be pretty careful watching this kind of stuff when you are on public transport or it can lead to some....incidents, let's say! I'll be honest, w... Read full Story
Caught Watching Free Mobile Shemales
I was watching Free Mobile Shemales on my phone browser during my lunch break when the phone rang. Annoyed by the fact that someone is interrupting my free time, I answered angrily "Yes, who is it?". "Wrong number", said a female voice, "Sorry to interrupt you lunch!", and she hanged up. I was angry, but then I thought "How the hell she knew I was having lunch?". Thinking it might be a prank call from the office, I disregarded the whole thing. Next day - same thing. As soon as I started browsing Free Mobile Shemales, the phone rang, and I was sure som... Read full Story
Tranny Porno Tube Surprise Party
“Is that some tranny porno tube on your computer?” my roommate asked, catching me once again in action. “NO!” I replied and added “You should really learn how to knock!” I was simply mad because he caught once more. I was about to move in with my girlfriend the following week and I knew that my roommates were planning a surprise party that night. I made up some reason to leave the house and come back in the evening to give them time to prepare everything. I thought that it was awfully quiet when I got back and as I opened the door, I expected a crowd j... Read full Story
Jessica's Rules
You knew that you had made an error in not following Jessica's instructions. You felt that you would be able to do as you pleased while at home alone. That, of course, included the right to masturbate at any time. After all, you had been beating off several times a day since your early teens. To be ordered not to was unimaginable to you. You were about to pay for your stubborn actions. Jessica had walked into the bedroom as you stood wearing your panties and high heels posing in front of the full-length mirror. Even though you were a transsexual, you had retained the capability of regular... Read full Story
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