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My first time dressed
I've been working on feminizing myself for almost a's a difficult path to walk, since in normal life I'm very muscular and masculine, physically. That, plus I enjoy lifting weights, makes having a slim, female form a challenge. I've found some fitting dresses that accent my smaller waist and minimize the breadth of my shoulders...and wearing open back panties and thigh highs takes the attention down to the more fun places... I finally found a fit, attractive, masculine guy who wanted to meet me...he was visiting from out of town, so I met him at his hotel. ... Read full Story
Lost Island
Bright light hit my eyes when I opened them after a long time. My mouth was full of sand, my toung dry and the taste of salt overwhelmed me. I was stranded. My boat sank in a terrible storm and my body was washed on this lonely beach of a tropical island. The sea was calm and there were almost no waves. The Sun stood right in the middle of the sky so it had to be early afternoon. I was never this thirsty in my life and i had to find water. Quick! When I went over Board i had my backpack on and for my luck i found it 10 feet away half burried in sand. I opened it and opened a fresh bottle of w... Read full Story
Forbidden Thoughts
My penis is pocket size when soft approximately 3”. On occasion it’s an inch shorter. I very much enjoy my cock when it is soft. Im 5-5.5 inches hard, which is considered average. In my mind Im small when hard but that’s how I want it. If I had the chance I would use a penis pump to lenghten my dick only if my girth reduced. (Girth-3.5 inches) That way I’d be able to pull my cock further back into my asscheeks, allowing me to enter my ass and to self-suck. I’d also use it to bring me closer to being able to suck myself. I love cum, I have given myself self-facials as well as cum shots ... Read full Story
When the swimming pool becomes a "hot tub"!
I decided to try and get a bit more adventurous with my act, and one day plucked up the courage to go swimming as my alter ego. I went through my usual habits of cleaning up and slipped on a tight one piece red swim suit. I filled it out with a little padding in the lining and covered it over with a tight pink t-shirt and some loose fitting tracksuit bottoms and some faded pink converse. I drove over to the next town and made my way into the sports centre. When i reached the swimming pool changing rooms a rush of excitement came over me as I slipped the tracksuit bottoms down my smooth leg... Read full Story
Pretty panties in the toilets
Where I grew up in the North of England there wer many small villages with local toilets. Only much later in life did I realise how many sexy panty wearing dirty minded wonderful people are out there, I wish I had met more of them then, this is dedicated to all of them. When I was younger in the late seventies I was perpetually horny ( suppose I still am ) At one stage I was in between girlfriends and I started realising that public toilets were a very good place for sex , I had been to a couple of local ones and read the graffiti and loved the drawings that were often there , more... Read full Story
Bell boy
I like to travel a lot, once i was visiting south asia i found a great hotel with a very nice view of the coast. I arrived the hotel at midnight due to delay of my airline. When i reached the hotel no body was at the desk, after looking around about 20 minutes i realized a bellboy sitting at the entrance and requested his help. He was very helpful he quickly found the staff and grabbed my bags. After check in he showed me the way to my room. When we entered the room he couldnt set the lights on and he tried a few times to fix the lights. At that time i was looking at him, he was around his mid... Read full Story
The Hottest Shemale Phone Sex Session
I could remember my hottest shemale phone sex session like it was yesterday. I don't remember ever having such an intense experience. We have met over the dating site and after a short period of time we exchanged phone numbers.I saw her pictures but we never met in person. We had our shemale phone sex sessions before but it was never like this! Her voice was deep but sexy and just the tone of her voice was making me very horny. We have been talking for hours that night and I started to feel horny. I have shared my thoughts with her and she was happy to hear that. I told her I would start of... Read full Story
My Kinky Shemale Mobile Porn Movie
I liked him very much but I couldn't approach him. I have been sitting in front of him in the club and I could smell his colone.I have been fantasizing about him all night,and I just had to make contact.Eventually he approached me and we started to talk.We were chatting about all sorts of stuff and I asked him what kind of line of business is he in,he said he was in the movie business. I asked what kind of movies and he said he was making shemale mobile porn movies.I was surprised and then he asked me would I consider being in one of his movies.I was reluctant at first but then I agreed.The... Read full Story
She Male Mobile Porn And Sexy Skylar
He was the best director in town and his name was Skylar. He was making she male mobile porn movies. He was a bisexual, but he preferred a cock over a pussy. He was blonde, and he was blessed with a sharp mind. He was driving me crazy. I was the hottest shemale in town, and everybody wanted to make she male mobile porn movies with me , but I had a great desire to work with Skylar. I contacted him and he offered a business meeting. I was very excited because I was meeting him. We met at his place on a hot afternoon. I was wearing black thongs and a matching push up bra under a tight black dr... Read full Story
Porno Mobile Shemale Video
I have been always turned on by shemales, but somehow I couldn't find any that would like to be with me. That's why I was always watching shemale movies and I even had several porno mobile shemale videos on my android. I was always fascinated by the fact that I could sleep with shemale and touch her breasts and dick at the same time. That night, I was feeling lonely and I needed something that will cheer me up. I took my phone out and played one of the porno mobile shemale videos I had. The shemale in that video was wearing red bra and thongs. She was playing with her dick, when a guy came ... Read full Story
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