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White dress!
It had been a long and hot day that sunday! Some friends opted the idea to go drinks and have a cookout, little did i know how the night would end. By the time it got to midnight we were all drunk and wanted more action so we decided to head to one of the local bars for more drinks and see if we fo... Read full Story
SissY Piss faggot Facts Jane Doe TV
Well, hi :) I just want to let you know that I won't post stuff here chronologically as I wanted :) HARD WORK xD Instead I will post all the quick thoughts about me and my sissy faggot experiences, OK? Now, today I just wanted to say that I've just realised that I'm beggini... Read full Story
What Lies Beneath (Part 2)
A RENDEZVOUS WITH SUZY – What Lies Beneath (Part 2) We woke in the morning, showered and dressed before going down to make breakfast. Mia must have planned this all with the girls in advance because she had packed a small suitcase with some day clothes for us both. The sun was streaming throu... Read full Story
What Lies Beneath (Part 1)
A RENDEZVOUS WITH SUZY – What Lies Beneath (Part 1) It had been a busy last day of the week in the office and I had started something that needed a little more time to complete. The office was quiet with most people having already left. It was a great opportunity to finish with no interruptions or ... Read full Story
My first night was making love to a man
First .... My name is Lely Bella Calistia, of course it's the name when I decided to become Shemale. My age is now 28th, I became a shemale when I was 24th, when I first chose to be a shemale because I was obsessed with my ex girlfriend, after parting ,, .. maybe because I really miss her an... Read full Story
Lucky to be insatiable...
I reached down to you with both hands and you grabbed them with your slightly trembling, soft hands. I pulled you to your feet and draped your long coat over your shoulders. I put my arm around your shoulders and walked you out of there. As we passed the clerk on the way out, I tossed him a few bil... Read full Story
Married but the urge was to strong
I have always been interested in shemales. I played with a few and even explore my bi side with men but I soon got married. My wife and I did a little swinging with bi men but she wasnt attracted to shemale. After several years, we stop swinging and our sex life slowed down to maybe a couple time... Read full Story
THE ATTIC NOVEMBER 7 – PART 1 THE JOURNEY AND GETTING READY. Susan had not had the opportunity to make the journey to the Attic dolled up to the nines so she made do with just wearing her black and pink lingerie under the hideous drab stuff (yuck). Having arrived early and parked up, she relaxed ... Read full Story
Chapter 1- The River: Danielle
I was 22 at the time and working for a well known hotel in Tampa. It was a typical, steamy, muggy, day and I couldn't wait to end my shift and catch a spring training game with my friends. The craving for a hot pretzel and a cold beer was strong, so I made a quick walk to make sure all was ship... Read full Story
Las Vegas Lounge
I frequent the Las Vegas lounge quite often when possible. I have meant and dated several trannies and crossdressers. One of the girls I was dating was a tiny very feminine black trannie with a cock so big that when she tucked it between her ass it almost came over the waistband of the back of her p... Read full Story