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My weekend with Nicole
So I believe I last left off about how me and Nicole started dating and let me say it was some of the best sex I've ever had but there is one particular time I could share. So after about 2 months of dating I was basically staying almost exclusively at her place. So the first weekend I stayed when went out to dinner, I got up to go to the bathroom and right as I'm done she walks in the door and says "suck my dick in the stall, it will look funny if anyone walks in looks under and sees a guy on his knees in front of someone in heels" she was excited obviously and I�... Read full Story
Tabitha at 19
Tabitha’s home from her freshman year of college. She’s gone off to California to a screamingly liberal school and I’m sure she’s been making new friends, learning new things, opening her horizons and fucking safely. After I popped her cherry and we had a very discreet summer of me teaching her a lot and her teaching me a bit, too, off she went. My admonition was that she play and be free to experiment but always safely. She was my little bareback bunny and I didn’t want her to ruin her life or mine with a nasty bug. We kept in touch with phone calls. I test, email, Skype and all the other won... Read full Story
Hitchhiker's Delight
Hitchhiker's Delight Last week I was driving down the east coast heading towards the Gold Coast when I spotted a gorgeous looking hitchhiker. She was wearing a very short skirt that showed off her slender tanned legs very nicely and with the way her large breasts were only just contained in her tight halter-top I knew she was indeed braless. Stopping a few yards from her, I looked back hoping she would run to the car without me calling… but she did not… The thought of her being dumped by someone raced through my mind though and so I leaned out of the window and politely asked her if ... Read full Story
The One That Got Away
I was out on a Friday night seriously just looking for a couple beers and a burger. I had a lot of work to do around the yard and house on Saturday and was having some guests for brunch on Sunday. Full weekend, tired from the week. I went downtown to a new gastro pub I’d seen reviewed in the local paper. Casual night, autumn upstate, jeans, old boots and a tee shirt with my old Carhartt jacket. The place was busy but not ridiculously crowded. Nice atmosphere, décor was old school UK pub and done well, not some cheesy tourist shit. I got a pint of something dark and what the Hell, a shot of ... Read full Story
My Tgirl lover
This is my first attempt at writing one off these stories so if you like it than please let me know and I'll look into writing another one also any feedback would be welcome My names Phil, I'm 28 and I currently live with my girlfriend with whom I've been dating for several years. Up until moving in together the sex between us was pretty good, we would do some BDSM on each other as well as having sex outdoors but unfortunately as soon as we moved in together back in mid 2016 the sex all but dried up to the point that we were only having sex on an average of once every six week... Read full Story
Mothers fashion mags
I think looking at womens' fashion mags when I was young must have fueled my crossdress fetish later in life. My mother back in the 80's used to get fashion mags in the post. I used to look through them and flick to the under wear section and see pictures of women in bras and pantys and got so turned on and horny that I brought them to my room and wanked off looking at the pictures. I also had neighbours on both sides of our house , teenage girl on one side and a teenage girl and her older sister on the other and yes you got the put their underwear on the washing line and me being s... Read full Story
My first I got horny for a guy
This happened when i was 13 and just starting secondary school, our class went to play football in the school hall and after playing for a while we finished and went to the changing rooms. Everyone was getting undressed and putting on clothes and going out the door,some were talking and laughing. There was a guy across from me wearing red addidas nylon small shorts the ones with the white strips on the side and I was looking at this guy and looking at his shorts and got so turned on it freaked me out,didn't know what was happening,he was a good looking guy with blonde hair with a fringe,a... Read full Story
That night....
I was extremely nervous when I pulled out my phone and dialed the number. Never before, in my wildest dreams, had I thought I would act on one of my strongest fantasies. I knew I would be nervous when I first met her, but after exchanging pictures and seeing that big, fat cock of hers, I knew I had to go through with meeting her. She told me her name was Fiona, and she was perfect. I have had a predilection for trans-women for a very long time. I remember seeing the 1-900 ads in the back of Penthouse & Hustler and thinking to myself how gorgeous these women with a little extra were.... Read full Story
Valerie Halls Car Trouble
I am a teenage trans working my way through college was on my way home from my night job at an adult store in my little SUV when the engine died so I pulled over to the side of the road and put my flashers on. I get my cell out called the roll back service that I knew and waited a short bit for Henry to arrive where I was stranded. Henry loaded up my SUV as I climbed into the cab of his roll back and we headed to his storage lot where he unloaded my vehicle while I waited outside. He looked into my eyes saying "Hey girl How are you? Are you still in school Valerie?" "Yes I am ... Read full Story
Play Day for Sara
It doesn’t happen often, but an opportunity opened up for me recently to take a day off to get a hotel room, get dressed, and entertain men. So I took it. When I discovered I would have this day to myself the previous week, I ran the following ad on craigslist: “Get ready boys – t4m super horny cd coming to town on Tuesday of next week. I’ll be hosting at a hotel in midtown. Unlike just about every other t on here, this isn’t a pay for play proposition (although it could be a pnp situation). The only currency I want is hard dick. Safe play only. Looking to host from 10 AM to 6-7 PM. ... Read full Story
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