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Another Goth Trans Girl Confession

I really enjoyed my first sexual experience. I had gone to the local adult entrainment store and purchased some toys; a butt plug, a 10inch purple dildo, some lube and condoms. I would occasionally play with my toys while watching some internet porn. I loved rough sex and domination. I particularly enjoyed watching facials or video that had "cum in mouth" scenes or tags. I had hung out with Jacob once since our first encounter and things felt pretty normal, no weirdness. We didn't even really talk about what happened the first time although we both seemed to be more comfortable with the idea of sitting close to each other and giving unnecessarily long hugs. I was still mostly watching trans on trans sex video but was much more open to the idea of having sex with guy. It had been very enjoyable.

It was supposed to be an outdoors day. Jacob and his best friend Chris were going to go hunting and show me how to rough it in outdoors.

"I'm not the outdoors type," I told him. He assured me that it would be alright and that he was basically going to do everything and that I could just sit and watch them. Cool, I thought. We piled into Chris's beat up old truck that I honestly had doubts would even get us out to the camping area let alone get us back. I wasn't feeling particularly comfortable with it. And though I had met Chris a couple of times before I wasn't all that sure that he was completely comfortable around me at first. He was really quite mostly, but as we began our trip he opened up a lot which made me feel a lot more comfortable. I sat in the middle between the two of them and Jacob and kept giving me the side glance and smile. I smiled back. I didn't know that Chris knew about what had happened between us the first time and I didn't bring it up.
It was getting really cloudy outside. Chris assured us that it was only going to get cloudy and but that we would still be able to do all the outdoor stuff that they had planned. But by the time we had gotten close to the camp ground, Jacob let down his window and said, " Dude, those are storm clouds."
And sure enough by the time we got to the cabin, I guess it was a cabin, it had began sprinkling. Cold sprinkles that peppered us like little icicles.

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