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When Fantasy Comes True 2

After my first threesome encounter with Jenni and her friend, getting a golden shower from three trans women was a bonus. Being drunk and now four of us snuggled in bed, i thought the night had ended but i did hope for more.

I was not disappointed as Jenni's friend (Sasha) who had been sleeping during our threesome was seemingly hungry for action, i was snuggled between Jenni and Sasha. Jenni's friend Ruby who had fucked me before was in the other corner ahead of Jenni.

Sasha, had real smooth skin and smelled so amazing. She had the biggest breasts (36D) of them all and an uncut 9 inch cock to top it. So not only did she have the biggest babies , even her cock was the biggest of us all.

While snuggling and taking the much deserved break, Sasha spooned me real tight. In a matter of a few minutes, I could feel Sasha harden and her sexy hot rod was pressing against the crack of my ass. her intoxicating aroma and the sexy hard cock pressing against me had made me rock hard again. I think i have never had a bigger hard on. We both could not resist and she like a master held my face and turned it towards her to kiss. It was a big sloppy and wet kiss with a lot of domination and passion. The sounds of us kissing had broken the silence and both Jenni & Rubi were up and now seeing us kiss and started to giggle.

Ruby said, "Oh Sasha you are going to enjoy this slut. She is such a bitch". The fact that I was addressed as a she and being labeled as their slut had turned me on so much. Never had I though of me as being a slut and a sissy, but this was like being in heaven. Not only did i not mind being addresses this way, but I was kind of grateful, appreciative and super excited with the treatment.

To Ruby's comment Jenni added, hun she has a soft and tight ass, you are gonna love it. Lets do something more fun with her tonight. I could but fathom my fate and the events to follow. Both fear and excitement filled me.

Sasha broke the kiss and held me by my cock asking me to get on my knees and ordered me to suck her cock and make it nice and wet. I obeyed and got on my fours and started to take her monster cock in my mouth. Lucky that I can open my mouth real wide as her cock was not only big but real fat. Her uncut (inc cock tasted so great and i was done on her cock like a slutty bitch they had called me.

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