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My ladyboy in a bar fantasy

Our reader, Mark, writes about his ultimate fantasy about meeting a ladyboy in a bar and petting her right there through her clothes. Things like that always arouse me, and what is more, Mark has a very remarkable and vivid writing style. Most erotic read!

While I haven't experienced one to date, I fantasize daily about an asian ladyboy. Slight of frame, with petite and delicate features (well, save one rigid one).

I would love her to have a light floral scent, and have her slim, firm body pressing up beside in a darkened bar. She would be wearing a light, print summer dress. She would stand beside me in a dark bar perhaps, while I sat and caressed a thigh, working my hand upwards to find bulging panties which I could fondle. To the others in the bar, we appeared to be looking about the place, but of course, as she became increasingly stiff, I could see that her true focus was entirely consumed by attentions to her lovely cock.

Continueing my caresses of that lovely firm prick, all I could think about was getting my dark asian princess alone, that I could slide that dress up to reveal to my yearning lips, mouth and tongue, that most beautiful and beckoning meat not more than a few inches away from my face posed there in the niteclub. From this point foreward though, much becomes awash with the notion of grasping hands, probing tongues and the like. I imagine this to be superior to any sex I have known, and hope to realize the real thing soon.

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