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My amazing Filipina girl

Today's post is not a usual ladyboy sex story that we all got used to, but something more romantic, down-to-earth and non-porn. Thanks British Buy for sharing this story and being so brave in making your fantasies real and finding your true love.

I wasn't looking when I found her. I wasn't really looking for anything, except perhaps some relief from that late night restlessness when you're too tired to sleep. Her chat name, like her real name, was Agatha. There was no reason to suspect that it hadn't always been so. It was later on Yahoo Messenger that she told me; by which time her photos had failed to rouse my suspicions. She thought I'd run away. I didn't.

This was June, and the summer rolled on. Daily Yahoo chats turned into daily Skype chats, which soon turned intimate. When we first let ourselves go on jerky cams, an age of frustration and low libido flowed out of me, and we both came together like 18-year-olds; urgent and fevered. This carried on almost nightly throughout July and August; she was 7,000 miles away, but I felt closer to her than I had to anyone in years. But it wasn't just the sex; she was sweet and funny, and she had a quick mind, and she wasn't bitter in spite of the knocks life had dealt her. Against all common sense, I was falling for her, and I knew that for once in my life I had to stop dreaming and make it real.

But time was running out. I was due to start a nine-month contract at the end of September, and I knew that without real, physical contact, our momentum would wane. One Tuesday morning I was idly searching online for flights to Manila, as I had done before, but I didn't just check the prices this time. I edged closer to the check out page, and with my details entered, my credit card number entered, I closed my eyes and clicked 'pay now' with a shaking hand.

Three days later I was in the sky, and the flight was long. ON the first leg, between London and Dubai I drifted in an out of a half sleep; watching but not watching the in-flight films, and alternating between feelings of madness, euphoria, and the sense of having made the sanest decision of my life.

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