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Thai Ladyboy

One year ago, when I was 19 I went back to Thailand. The year before was to see the sights and explore the country, the second was more exploring and more fun, the third and final time was to get with as many ladyboys as possible.

I had always been curious about trans women. Im not attracted to men but women/trans always get my attention. On my first trip I had my first experience I remembered how good it felt putting my cock in her arse and hearing the moans. Felling the warm cum in my mouth and her swallowing my load. She would lift my legs and lick my hole, anything I wanted was done, it was amazing sex but this time, it was far, far better.

I was in my 5 star hotel in Bangkok that was two towers separated by a long bridge on the 11th floor. I was in the second tower on the top floor. I was looking through the main dating app used in Thailand and ended up seeing the most beautiful ladyboy ever. More beautiful than most of the women I have been with. Usually the ladyboys are unfortunately escorts and I don't pay for sex. Im 6ft4, mixed race, 8inches, and I know I'm an attractive guy. So there are times when the girls who look the best just need the money regardless if they're up for it. I got lucky with this one. She was 26 and in her photos she had long slender legs, big red lips, long black hair and big tits. Everything I could possibly want. She said she wasn't an escort and didn't want my money then out of the blue she says she was going to be 1 hour. I was shocked, she instigated it, she wanted it, she was paying to come to me!

I got ready and we were texting as she arrived. Now even though I love ladyboys Im still nervous when I meet up with them as other people can be judgemental. it's stupid really but oh well. I was getting more nervous as she said she's closer and closer. A text comes 'I'm downstairs in the lobby'. 'Come up to the 11th floor and il walk with you from there'. I was waiting near the lifts on the 11th floor and finally see the most beautiful woman. It was jus like the photos. She was in this long white dress with black shades and big red lips. Couples were walking past with the men all turning back and looking at her perky ass or beautiful figure in black high heels.

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