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Soo, my ladyboy friend in Bangkok

This shemale story is not your usual one as it's written by a lesbian girl Jamie and it involves a very sensual description of sex with an Asian ladyboy. Enjoy reading!

Well as an openly gay Lesbian woman (submissive as I say) a long way indeed. My friend in Bangkok, Soo is a beautiful, articulate, and an intelligent woman who like me shares a delight in certain fetish interests. Those being latex, smoking on the right occasion, rubber gloves, KY and enemas. A typical session with my lover Soo has me pandering to her every need and enjoying her hospitality in her well appointed Bangkok apartment. Her father works for the government and seemingly keeps her in the lifestyle she has become used to, or in other words out of the public eye.

My last trip to see Soo a few months back was the best yet. I have always loved anal sex, never from a male lover though. In fact I have never slept with a man yet. My lasting memory was of us dressing each other in tight but not restrictive red latex and thigh length boots, red as well. The makeup was exquisite, lippy, mascara and nail polish to die for. Before we got down to brass tacks we talk of each others desires and what we expect of that particular session, normally over some lowering the inhibition level red wine that I take from California on my trips.

We smoke a few ciggies, always Mentnols, sometimes Mores but usually VS 120's. Soo loves that American look, a long ciggie and the sometimes slutty looks. But she never acts the slut when we are enjoying ourselves. I am always the slut and I must comply with her every wish. The talking, drinking and smoking tends to get the juices running and certainly drops me into the mood. After only so much of the prelim session I am generally squishing and excuse myself to the bedroom to prepare for my enema session, well the first anyway.

After I have prepared the enema complete and left it in the bathroom I must then sit on the bed without wine or a ciggie to await my mistress and look innocent and virgin like.

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