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I will go back there!

Gotta thank our reader Amanda for this lovely ladyboy sex story.

As an openly gay women I had heard so much about Katoeys in Thailand and that they were affectionate and prepared to do most things. I have to go to Bangkok on a marketing junket so decide to test the waters. The first bar I walked into was confusing to say the least. So I plonk myself down, order a drink and look around. As I took a ciggie from my purse this lady perches herself next to me and offers a light. Going by the size of her adams apple I guess she is a ladyboy, her English was basic to say the least but she was very pretty all the same.

Within an hour we are back in my hotel room showering together and she was very much a ladyboy. That shower was enough to orgasm twice before we even got into bed as her hands explored my every crevice and moist spot. She was fantastic and very well experienced. We fell into bed half wet still as she begins all over again, she spots my handbag on the floor next to the bed and fishes out a ciggie for me and also discovers my travelling companion blackie. He is 6 inches in length and just divine to use.

I lay there smoking on the bed as she begins to perform a nice oral number on me, she took me up and then down all the while maintaining the control. By now I am kind of pleading for release and she introduces blackie, I am now beside myself and almost screaming. She didn’t let up though as she controlled the show and blackie inches his way in ever so slowly and with her easing off on the clit to slowly pull me back from the summit, its now way too hard to control myself any further and I am crying for some pleasure.

She finally relents and extracts blackie and poises herself over me as I am clawing at her ladyboy cock trying to pull her into me. At last I feel her sink all the way into my very wet pussy and she begins to fuck me very hard. I had never ever had sex like that ever before. I had slept with men, women and used every sex toy known to man. But what this women gave me was a succession of at least 6 massive climax's. It was something that I will never ever get again I have no doubt about that.

I had two more days in Bangkok and try as I did I couldn’t find her again.... I only had my faithful blackie for company over the next two nights. But I will go back there!

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