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How I became a ladyboy convert

Our friend Brian went to Thailand 3 years ago and had his first experience with a ladyboy details of which he would like to bring to Your attention now. He proudly tells he became a ladyboy convert after his first time and we have no doubt he did!

On a trip to Thailand about 3 years ago I had my first experience with a Katoey. The guy who ran the hotel elevators asked me if he could get me anything, after a few beers I was feeling brave and asked about a Katoey, she must be good looking and a little kinky though. After an hours sleep I wake and feel hmm this is a mistake. Then there is a tap at the door and I think no way... I open the door to see a beautiful women there in an knee length PVC kind of raincoat, looking fantastic. I felt aroused right there and then and didn’t hestitate to ask her in.

I took her coat and invited her to sit. Her english was surprisingly good and she asked for a brandy and did I mind if she smoked. I mixed us two brandies and she lit her cigarette. She was a stunner and her legs just went on and on. She sat opposite me and her looks were just stunning there was an atmosphere, she just radiated sex appeal. She can see from the bulge raising from within my bath robe that I am very much aroused and excuses herself to go into the bathroom. In two minutes she is back still wearing her PVC Mack and sits next to me. After some kissing and nibbling of tits that were perky she rolls her head down over my now very stiff member and kisses it, I am thinking that this is the way. When she stands and unbuttons her Mack to reveal her also quite stiff girly clit and wearing nothing under her Mack.

She took a condom from her handbag and rolled it onto my cock and I lost it all right there the head of the rubber just fills up. She just smiles and guides my hand down to her and I begin to give her a slow hand job. In a matter of minutes I feel her explode and she leaves for the bathroom and returns, she just straddled me with the condom still in place and my wang back at attention. She just slid all the way over me and now I am right up into her tooshie as she opens the front of the coat to allow me to suck her perky little nipples.

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