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My second time with ladyboy Nan

If you like the idea of a girl going at it with a ladyboy and follow the ladyboy stories section of our blog for some time, you should remember the story about Thai ladyboy Nan that our reader Julia wrote. Well, this is her second report and I hope you enjoy it as much as the first one.

This time I actually had a reason to be in Bangkok as my company needed me to go there and meet a client. However that remained my secondary objective as I had to catch up with ladyboy Nan. Once I had checked in at my hotel I called several times and finally tracked her down at her apartment, I guess it was early afternoon. She agreed to meet me at my hotel in an hour or so.

I was like a virgin about to experience my first time as paced, thought about things and smoked too many ciggies until I got her call that she was down in the lobby. There was a problem and she couldn’t access the room floors. I tarted myself up and raced to the elevators and down to the lobby. I found Nan sitting at the bar waiting for me and what a site she was. Her makeup impeccable and sitting there in a short red skirt, thigh length red PVC boots and a skimpy little halter top. She was nursing a beer and smoking at her bar stool. Actually she was smoking more more ways than one. I nearly lost my breath just looking at her there.

We kissed hello and retired to a corner of the bar and I ordered a strong drink. Her magnetism was all empowering and all I could think about was being close with her and the feel of her hands all over my body. However up to that point I had been chattering like a school girl telling her how I had a week in Bangkok on business and we would be able to see more of each other than last time, poor girl barely got a word in edge ways until I went into my handbag for my ciggies. When she spoke it was something like I really enjoyed our time together last year, that’s when I noticed her Eglish had improved hugely. My hand was shaking as I put the cigarette to my mouth I realised that my hands were shaking.

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