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Fucked by indonesian ladyboys

this is a true story of what actually happened to me in bali

When i was 17 i was on holiday in bali, indonesia. i'd only had sex once prior, with a genetic girl, and i barely managed to get hard and wasn't able to cum so i knew pussy wasn't for me.
i had been clubbing several times on this trip to bali and had been hassled by numerous prostitutes while out but wasn't interested, except for one night whilst walking back to my hotel on a quiet street in legian, a deep but seductive voice called out "hello" to me from the shadows of a run down apartment block, emerging from the dark stood a sexual creature of my wildest wet dreams. She had on tall stilettos with somewhat large feet with perfectly manicured and painted toe nails, long slim legs with toned calf and thigh muscles, a short and tight mini dress (tight and short enough to see a sufficient bulge), there was not an ounce of fat on her, but she was rather thick through the waist and torso, shoulders perhaps just as broad or slightly broader than my own, flawless smooth skin, i noticed the adams apple, a pretty face with plenty of makeup however a slightly masculine jaw and fore head. She was about 6'2-6'3 in heels, a few inches taller than me. No breasts i should mention, this amazing human being was a gorgeous cross dresser, no hormones, surgery, nothing. (like most ladyboys in indonesia)
She looked about 25
"do you want to come back to my place?" her husky but sensual voice asked me. i was in a trance, i don't think i even said anything. i turned around and power walked to my hotel as fast as i could.

When i got to the lobby, i sat down for a couple of minutes, nervously thinking if i should go back or not, i was a quivering mess, was i really considering this?
i was only 17 remember.

i got up and went back down the street, found the apartment block, and walked into the shadows. There she was, about to get on her scooter and call it a night. My fumbling nervousness got the better of me and i walked right up and kissed her. She politely but firmly pushed me back and asked the same question again, "do you want to come back to my place?"

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