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Two ladyboys blow their seaman

Yargh! Today, my horny readers, i want to tell you a sex story about a rough sailor that accidentally got turned into a shecock lover by two sexy Filipina ladyboys. All this time he thought he was screwing two beautiful GGs when he suddenly felt something stretching his virgin anus. Enjoy this lovely story by our reader who just calls himself Sailor.

I was 21 and was walking to my girlfriends place around 100am when I walk past 2 sexy filipinas walking the same way. They started talking to me and when we got to their palce they ask me to come in for a beer and in I went, thinking they were girls the whole time. After a beer they both started sucking my cock and one got down and the other lifted her dress and aim my cock in her ass, wow it was heaven, I blew my load in her ass and the other lick my cum out.

We drank a beer again and when I was hard the other got down on all fours and the first one aim my cock in her ass, they both said it was their time of the month. The first one I fuck stared licking my asshole out and it was heaven and then I felt something go up my ass while I was fucking the other girl. That when It hit me that they both were ladyboys and wow it was great.

I fuck them both and they both fuck me, it was 5:00am before I got to my girlfriends place and my asshole was filled and licked so much that nite, I was so scared being in the navy that I never told any one till now. I married my girlfriend and never been with a ladyboy since, well I did suck one off in Singapaore.

Any ladyboys want a good blow job here in eastbay of San Francisco? I love sexy women with cocks to suck and to pound my ass. Forget pussy, ladyboys are the best.

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