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Fucked and sucked by a ladyboy

Our reader Maxie wants to share what it is like to be fucked up bottom by a ladyboy and getting a blowjob from her at the same time. Seems very exciting, what do you think? ;)

On a recent visit to Thailand I went further than I ever thought I would. I picked up a "young lady" Bangkok which I knew to be a ladyboy. She was very good looking and then some. She appreared from the outset to be nice, very quietly spoken, her English was ok, just. But she seemed genuine. I explained that I wanted something different and to experience the real thing. In 30 minutes we are in my hotel room, equipped with condoms, a small vibrator, KY, cigarettes, Vodka and surgical gloves. She poured me a very strong Vodka and generally just made me feel comfortable. After a lot of small talk she made the first move and began to kiss me and caress my cock slowly, I responded and after some awkward kind of refusal she finally allowed me to get my hands on her girly clit.

She was small and uncut. After a shared Vodka and two cigarettes we began to get closer to the experience. I felt a finger go into my bottom all lubed up and ever so slow, that was followed by the vibrator which now went full shaft into my very well lubed up back passage. She cooed in my ear that I think you are ready!! I had to put the condom on her and suck her for sometime, part of the ritual I suppose...

Well I was ready, but still quite very much worried as to the pain etc. I shouldn’t have been concerned really. Just why she wore the gloves I have no idea but the feel of her hand on my very deflated and limp cock soon changed all of that. I was totally focused on the state of my dick and whether I could come or not, when I realized that she was in fact well into me. I began to grow in cock length with each push into my bottom. She then asked me to get to my knees and she could access all of me. Still somewhat hesitant I did as she asked, she was right up to the base of her cock now and began to ride me slowly but with some domination.

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