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Beautiful ladyboy Natalie

Feasting comes after fasting. What's with you guys, it's been over a month that i haven't seen any new shemale stories from you, and now i'm getting them every day. Which is good of course. ;) Here's a shemale story from Tommy about his long-standing shemale fantasy finally fulfilled.

I'd had shemale fantasies for years, and when my job started taking me to Bangkok I walked around Nana Plaza a few times, spotting what I was sure were ladyboys outside Casanova Bar. Once I even went in and had a drink - you know what it's like there - in no time at all you're surrounded by hot ladyboys flashing tits, rubbing your cock etc. I had a drink with one and shyly touched the bulge in her panties - that's all I did that time having freaked myself out!

Months later I went back and met a beautiful ladyboy Natalie - the most gorgeous face, tits and flat tummy that just blew me away. We went to my room in a nearby hotel. She was really lovely and had a small cock that I couldn't resist sucking - it didn't get hard but for a first taste was delicious! She gave me absolutley the best blow job of my life - I shot a load in her mouth, she gagged it out on her chest - I kept cumming on her tits - have never seen so much of my own cum ever.

Anyhow, backtracking to Casanova - while Natalie was getting dressed to leave with me another gorgeous busty ladyboy sashayed up to me and told me that her cock was much bigger than Natalie's - she even showed it to me! I told her I'd be back in a few months - indeed I did and that's another story... ;)

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