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Hot Ladyboy

I had a phone number for a hot ladyboy that my friend insisted that I call for something different. I had always admired them but I had never been with one before. I finally decided to call the number a few nights ago and a soft feminine voice answered.

The hot ladyboy was named Hollie and she told me that she could come over to my apartment that night if I wanted her to. I told her that I did want her to come over and she said that she would. I waited for an hour and half before I heard a knock on the door of my apartment.

Hollie was a busty blonde wearing a short strapless hot pink dress that showed off her long tanned legs. She wore black high-heeled shoes that made her tower over me at six foot one. Her beauty was amazing and I couldn’t believe that she wasn’t born a woman. I invited her in and we gave each other a quick kiss.

I led Hollie to the bedroom where she took off her black high-heeled shoes. She then pulled the top of her hot pink dress down to reveal her large tanned tits. She told me that I could touch them. I cupped them in my hands and was amazed at how real they felt. I began rubbing her nipples with my thumbs and they grew hard. I placed my lips around her right nipple and sucked it. The rosy bud grew harder in my moist mouth. After a few moments, I switched to her left nipple and sucked until it was just as hard as the other.

She pushed me away and climbed on the bed. Hollie stripped off her hot pink dress and rubbed the crotch of her hot pink panties. I quickly stripped off my clothes and climbed on the bed. I kissed her lips for a few moments before I ran my lips down her throat. I then ran my tongue down between her large tanned tits and over her flat belly. I kissed the bulging crotch of her hot pink panties.

The hot ladyboy pulled down her hot pink panties to reveal her swelling cock. She had no pubic hair and her balls were also hairless. I sucked her cock until she begged me to fuck her ass.

Hollie got on all fours while I reached for the lubricated condom on the nightstand. I rolled the condom down my hard cock and proceeded to enter her ass. She began stroking her cock and she exploded moments before I did. The hot ladyboy used my bathroom to clean up and she kissed me before she left. I still have her phone number and I might call her again soon.

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