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My First Ladyboy Adventure

I had been watching ts porn and thinking about visiting an escort for a while, when I found myself working in London and actually got the oportunity.
I had been checking out the London Eros guide on the internet and had called several tgirls when I came across Seri Atika's profile. I called her for a chat and she sounded very nice and genuine, so I arranged to meet her.

I drove into London and parked the car a little way from her flat. My heart was pounding, my body shaking and my cock leaking in anticipation.

I hurried up the back entrance steps to Seri's flat on the top floor. She wanted to keep discreet as it was a nice area near Marble Arch. She opened the door in a neglige and was as pretty and feminine as her photographs that I had seen on the internet. She gave me a welcome kiss on the cheek and led me inside.

Her bedroom was very tidy and had a freshly made bed up against the wall. She asked me to sit and then climbed on next to me. She asked me if I would like a drink and I nervously requested a glass of water. As she sat beside me she stroked my bare arms which sent shock waves through my body and made my dick begin to swell. She then hopped up and disappeared into the kitchen to get my water.

On returning she asked me to slip off my tee shirt so she could see my body. I did as I was asked and she once again startes stroking my arms and then my chest and tummy. My cock was now straining against my fly and she clearly noticed and cupped it firmly. She then undid myy zip and pulled my trousers and boxer shorts off. As she did, my rock hard cock sprang out and stood upright infront of her. She told me that I had a very pretty cock as she curled her fingers around it and pulled down my foreskin, revealing my throbbing purple glans. A bead of precum oozed out of my slit and ran down my shaft and onto her fingers. She wiped it back up to the tip of my cock and circled her finger around, coaxing another couple of drops out.  She tightly gripped my glans in her palm and rotated it around making me squirm and almost spunk.

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