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First time sex with a ladyboy

Ok guys, this is a milestone in my life. I had sex with a ladyboy!!!

It was completely amazing, something i have fantasized about for years but never thought i would do! I met her on the internet a while ago and have been chatting to her since. We got on pretty well and she invited me for dinner!

I was kind of scared she would be a bit manly and I'd freak out but when she opened the door I was blown away! She was malaisian, with great lovely long hair and she looked amazing in this tiny little dress.

Anyway we had dinner at hers and were going to go to the pub but we sat on her bed and started kissing... quite passionately! She was really getting into it as i kissed her neck and down, she pulled down her dress and her boobs popped out! I was really turned on, they were implants and i'd always been turned on by the thought of that!!!

Anyway to make a long story short... She was incredible, i've had possibly the best blowjob in my life! She wanted to drink all my jizz over and over again!

She had a nice little penis. It was odd touching one that wasn't mine, and I'm used to one a lot larger. We jerked each other off and came at the same time! It was really really hot!

Definitely something I will look back on and tick off on my to do list. Next week I will go for a drink with her and we'll see what happens!!

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