Tranny Stories

Afternoon Tea on the Lawn
I waited outside the shop for it to open. It was quite chilly and my legs where frozen even though I wore an expensive pair of sheer stockings. The dress wasn't much warmer and I wished I had a full-length coat. Trish, the owner was the first to arrive. 'Hello darling, nice Christmas?' She kne... Read full Story
Here I was, on a Sunday night, going in the club to have some fun. After few hours of dancing and drinking, one pretty girl came and asked me to dance with her. Looking at her I saw that she`s not a "grenade" so I was thinking maybe I will have some fun tonight so we started dancing. Afte... Read full Story
Little cock convention
They came from all over the nation to downtown LA convention center. It was the "Little Cock Convention" I watched as men from all races and status came in. Sometimes they came with their wives,friends,Mistresses,lovers, or even their boyfriends. I was on Guard duty and walking the conven... Read full Story
Castro - goddess of love (starter)
Nobody would have believed the scene was true, slender, smooth and tanned legs crossed is such a such deliberately provocative way as to reveal a glimpse of sharp white panties. A tightly fitting, classically styled little black dress cut to ensure firm large breasts were displayed to maximum effect... Read full Story
TS Escort-true story
I wore my little bo peep dress, which is pink with lace and frills, and petticoats. I wore my pink frilly suspender panties and white thigh stocking with a wee bow. She treated me like her bitch. Standing up in fron t of me she masturbated her really thick 9"cock in my face until it was sol... Read full Story
My Sissy Fantasy
I reach the campsite just as the sun is going down and the clear sky is bright orange as if in memory to the beautifully warm day it has been. The campsite is popular yet set on secluded farmland and as the season is just over it is practically deserted. The whole camp is surrounded by woodland and ... Read full Story
My first Shemale
“Curious? Bi?” Well, yes, but only with a shemale. Beyond that I’m a firmly planted heterosexual. For many years I longed to have sex with a shemale but never did anything about it. (I’m not much of an initiator). The community I live in has lots of shemale beauts; maybe that started my intere... Read full Story
"How many nights will you be staying with us, Mrs. Gentry," asked the young man behind the registration desk? "My husband and I will be staying at least two nights, maybe more," she replied, while her husband Carl stood quietly at her side! "Would you like me to call you a b... Read full Story
Fuck Friends Forever
"Flip over..." Those two words come as a surprise, filling my mind with expectations. I find it interesting that Brian wants to switch from doggie style to a more traditional sex position, a romantic one at that. Hopefully, he won't be turned off if he sees my cock while we're having sex. I hope... Read full Story
Black Cock & Birthday Presents Chapter 1
I set my briefcase down on the wall desk in our kitchen and rolled my bag to a stop next to it. Before going upstairs to change, I looked into the refrigerator to see what was available for making dinner. Angela would want me to make something special for my 28th birthday before she went out with Da... Read full Story
My sexy girlie boy friend in high school taught me to suck cock
In school. the boys would all get so horny and have a need to cum many times during the day. there was a place down some stairs in high school where boys could get their cocks sucked for cream. they were told that pretty girls that didn't want to be identified were down stairs behind a hole in the w... Read full Story
Shemale Video Galleries And A Cock To Bang
I arrived in Bangkok one early afternoon and I was ready to experience the thing the place was famous for. As soon as I checked in my hotel and got in my hotel room, I started searching for some hot encounter through shemale video galleries. They were all really pretty and promised a lot of fun. ... Read full Story
Becomming a Sissy Slut
Sandy's Life My name is Sandy Johnson. I chose that name 35 years ago because I like Sandy and I knew a hot female with the last name Johnson. I first remember finding my mothers underclothes in the bathroom closet. We she and my Dad would go out I could go in the bathroom and put her slip on and f... Read full Story
Learning to appreciate the small things...
So...Here I am. 33, transgender, & living as a female for almost two years now. It's been a strange & crazy trip up until this point, but I learned countless valuable lessons through all of my mistakes. For instance, I learned that size truly doesn't matter in the end, because it i... Read full Story
Double Wedding
I was about to marry my childhood sweetheart Paula Rother. I loved her and she loved me but it hadn't been straightforward. After school she went to Manchester University while I went to work at a local accountants as a lowly paid junior clerk. She said we where inseparable but during the two years ... Read full Story
My trip to Mistress Cindy’s House – Pa
Cindy and I had worked together for years. We had been peers for several years and became good friends, then I became Her manager. Our friendship continued but many coworkers were certain we were having an affair. We weren’t having an affair, but ate lunch together nearly every day and shared ... Read full Story
Amy The Tranny Part 1
I met Amy at an adult theatre in town. She was dressed to nines in a mini skirt, tight halter top, and pumps leading up a pair of fishnet clad legs. I invited her into a private booth and once inside, went over her price for some adult fun. She told me I couldn't fuck her as she was on her per... Read full Story
The Greatest Lie Part 6
In my rare moments of leisure in the weeks following my close encounter with death, I had had little opportunity to talk about it. Of course, the police had asked perfunctory questions, and I had testified at the coroner’s inquest, but until my next appointment with Dr. Erika Wright, I had not... Read full Story
Friends United
I'd been best friends with Brad since coming to the US from England as a child. We met at school and since those early years did everything together. He was very outgoing whereas I was passive. Now in our thirties we are still best of friends and even work in the same company. Brad loved motorcycles... Read full Story
An Appreciation Part 1
Andrea Dworkin has long opposed pornography. She has also rejected erotica. This essay is a refutation of Dworkin's position. Allow me to begin with a quote from a SilkyOne Literotica story, "Silky 09.' Someone tells Silky (the eponymous heroine of the Silky Series) that she is Gorgeous. ... Read full Story
The Bridge Part Redux - Transsexual
Upon the mere mention of Bobby's name, everyone kinda got a little nostalgic as they reminisced about that afternoon two years earlier when the young eighteen year old came in form mowing the grass and fucked each one of them silly with his huge teenage cock!!! They all had to agree that it was prob... Read full Story
Marcia Goes Back to School
Marcia was painfully nervous. She hadn't been able to eat very much in days. The upside was she was even skinnier which would make Mistress and her husband very happy. She'd always been thin and on the diet Mistress Carol had her on she was already thinner than she dreamed possible. Her anxious stom... Read full Story
Room 139--06
When I returned, Kelly, Michelle and Wendy were simultaneously changing into their costumes. Wendy helped me out of my dress and wig. I lay down on the bed to watch their preparations. Michelle had beautiful, olive-colored skin, which perfectly matched the light brown hair between her legs and o... Read full Story
Slutty Sissy's Naughty Weekend Part 1
I'm bi and it started when I was about 15, just wearing my GFs knickers, thongs and bras. The excitement of it, the feeling of the flimsy material barely covering me. I kept this up for 3 years until recently id been talking to a guy online who called himself seb, a guy who described himself as 'Tal... Read full Story
Poolside Fun
It was a perfect day for lounging by the pool, the temperature was just right and the sun was shining brightly with billowy clouds of white decorating the sky. With manicured hedges, the neighbors couldn't see a thing, which made nude sunbathing a perfect option. Chancellor had invited a friend over... Read full Story
Blue collar Master, white collar slave Part 2
About an hour later I was once again naked except for my chastity pouch and my stilettos and once again I was screaming and crying, my body covered with angry red welts from Master Darren's whip. On my knees crying and begging I held his cock in my hands, trying to give the best handjob ... Read full Story
Finishing School for Shemales Chapter 2
Davina hurried down the hallway, her books clasped in front of her heavy breasts to stop them jiggling as she ran. It had been almost two weeks since she had truly given herself to Mistress K in the beautiful, imposing headmistresses study, drinking the transgendered woman's seed from another T-g... Read full Story
Devoted to Pleasure
Waking to the diffused sunlight pouring into her bedroom window, Kelly snuggled against the cool body of her girlfriend Janice. The air in the room was already beginning to warm from the onset of day, but for some reason Janice always seemed cool to the touch. Kelly had always loved that about her. ... Read full Story
Ride of My Life
As a student at college I wanted a bicycle for Christmas. I hadn't past my driving test and even if I had, I couldn't afford to run one with my Saturday job wages. My parents didn't have much money so I didn't ask for an expensive model by name, anything would do. I didn't think they could go far wr... Read full Story
Transsexual Sisters Chapter 1
Pierre, a French diplomat and his wife Kathleen, a former Miss Ireland were expecting their first child any day. Kate's Doctor. Francois de la Trios told them she was carrying a girl and the parents were thrilled. They decorated the child's room in pink décor. When it was time to go to the... Read full Story
Which Are You?
Which are you? A, B or C? A) You treat me well. You insist that I look stunningly pretty 24/7. You insist I always wear make-up, care for my hair and nails. You pay for me to go to a beautician once a week. You buy me sexy lingerie. You get angry if I wear slacks or jeans. You prefer dresses in p... Read full Story
Very Impatient on a sex fanstay
Are you ready for this Mish?" "Not really but it's too late to back out now." I stood in a dark alley before a metal door shaking with both anxiety and the cold, waiting for the door slot to open and for the night to begin. I wouldn't admit it to my friend Simone but secretly I hoped we would ... Read full Story
Buffy the Shemale Vampire Slayer Part 12
The demons found exits in the walls or floor, vanishing between chinks of stone or through hidden grates or into holes they'd dug for themselves over the long centuries of their residence-or imprisonment-in Baphomet's palace. Only one remained. "My former consort, Baubo," Baphomet intro... Read full Story
Lost Girlfriend
I was on my way over to see Kelli, my current "squeeze", we'd been dating only a few weeks, but it was working out great so far. We hit it off well at the nightclub and dated a few times at some local hotspots having a good time in each others company. Kelli is a petite, yet medium ta... Read full Story
The Greatest Lie Part 5
Most of my classmates celebrated the first Saturday after the beginning of classes in hedonistic leisure, nursing hangovers and playing Frisbee on the Quad. But I spent the morning plotting my escape from this dangerous, macho dormitory, studying want ads and making appointments to look at studios o... Read full Story
Dirty little restroom tgirl slut. Part 2
As I left the stall I was grabbed by the arm by my friend, he winked at me knowing that I wanted to tease them all, I pulled the hem of my skirt showing off my cute panties. The two bigger guys who were in the restroom came over to me, they both towered over me they unzipped their pants releasing tw... Read full Story