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TS Escort-true story

I wore my little bo peep dress, which is pink with lace and frills, and petticoats. I wore my pink frilly suspender panties and white thigh stocking with a wee bow.

She treated me like her bitch. Standing up in fron t of me she masturbated her really thick 9"cock in my face until it was solid. Then grabbed my head and shoved it into my mouth fucking my face pushing it deep down my throat choking me. She kept fucking my face, my tiny cock was straining against the satin of my panties i was rubbing it whilst my mouth was violated.

She then pulled me off and roughly pushed me back onto the bed grabbed some lube and pushed my legs over my head, pulled my panties to one side and roughly shoved two lubed fingers into my hole, but kept my clitty covered, solid in its satin prison. I was lying pinned down eyes closed in ecstay when i felt her fingers leave and her massive cock start pushing against my hole. God it fucking hurt but she was ruthless pushing harder then in and out each time deeper. then i felt her bottom out all 9" deep in me, she took a few slows strokes then faster until she was fucking me like a hydraulic piston. She had me pinned down legs over my head, gripping my hips as she piled into my. I was in pain but pleasure, getting the fucking of a lifetime. My cock so hard, i wanted to stroke it but didnt want to come too soon.

She then pulled out flung me onto my side and shoved the monster back into me without breaaking stride and once again destroyed my hole. This continued again for a while, my eyes rolling into the back of my head. Then again pulled out and pushed me onto my knees, pulled my hands behind me and head down and smacked my arse few times before again commencing punishement.

This she continued until i could take no more.

She then pulled out took off the condom and put a new one on and standing up and pushing me to my knees in front of her before fucking my face once again. I had my hands in my panties at this point stroking my clit still not wanting to come, wanting to fuck her first, She climbed onto the bed, and let me fuck her, but i couldnt my little clitty felt so pathetic and i came i tiny pathetic amount like the little violated sissy i was.

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