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Sissy story and 1st meet humiliation

I recently met up with someone to be a sissy slut for them and wanted to share what happened on my first meet. This is the genuine true story. I use the username indoblu on websites, but my sissy name is Holly so I'll refer to myself from now on as such. I'll mention my history as a sissy before talking about the meet up, skip the first few paragraphs to get to that bit.

I have always known I love girls clothes, lingerie, miniskirts, colourful sheer blouses , anything satin or lace, since a very young age. When I was 18, I finally had a credit card, and bought my own lingerie. I bought clothes off ASOS, packages would have girly clothing inside, but being a unisex shop no one at my home would know. My tight black miniskirt, and the black lingerie with garter belt you see in my profile picture were the first things I bought. It felt amazing, especially as they were all mine to wear whenever I wanted.

The amount of hot CDs / T-girls on the internet increased dramatically around this time, there were hundreds of sissy caption pictures, sissy training videos, hot CD videos and more. Alot of it helped me realise a side of myself that I strongly was. I always saw myself in the girls place watching straight porn, I always wanted to be the dominated twink bottom watching gay porn, and I always wanted to be the passable girl watching TS porn. What started as me expressing femininity turned into me understanding I wanted to be a sissy, and I truly wanted to serve cock.

In my room all dressed up I began pretending I was serving a real man, being on my stocking covered knees and using make shift items as dildos. I came so much faster if I had my panties pulled to the side with something thrusting back and forth in my ass, even though my cock wouldn't be completely hard.

I joined xhamster and many other sites, and shared pictures of myself in my lingerie. I left descriptions here and on sites like CL, saying I was up to meet to be a sissy for someone. I chatted with lots of people, started camming one on one for them and even cammed publicly on xhamster's old cam site. I did all of it with hopes of someone meeting me. It was very exciting, I chatted with many different types of guys.

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