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My Afternoon With Venus - Part II

My mind was still spinning from the out of this world cock sucking I'd just experienced at the expert lips of my exotic little doll as she led me by the hand into her bedroom. Her pink summer dress was draped down onto her waist so now it was only just covering her cute little derriere. As I walked behind her I was fixated on her beautiful and soft, cinnamon colored skin. The pink of her dress was such a contrast and it perfectly highlighted her gorgeous color. I thought about how many woman wished they had Venuses beautiful skin ... that and of course how fuckin' lucky I was!

We were walking into her bedroom and I noticed that it had started raining outside. I mentioned it to Venus and she giggled and said it had been raining for 10-15 minutes. "For some reason my mind must have been somewhere else at the time", I told her with a naughty little smile. She laughed and mentioned that in her country of Thailand that it would sometimes rain for long periods of time and that her favorite thing to do was make hot passionate love while the tropical rain was beating down outside. Just as I was starting to think about how unbelievably perfect my Venus was my mind yanked me back with the memory that in all the excitement of coming to visit my exotic little lover I'd forgotten to close the sunroof on my car. I told her I had to run to my car and close my window real quick. She told me that was okay and that it would give her a chance to "freshen up and slip into something a little more comfortable". I threw on my pants and shirt and promised I'd be right back and sprinted outside to my car.

When I got back I eagerly shot back into Venus’s bedroom but she wasn't there. She was in the adjacent bathroom though and when she heard me come back in she told me that she'd be right out. She instructed me to take off my wet clothes and dry off with the towel she'd left for me and be waiting in the bed for her. Little did she know that I'd already ripped all my clothes off in the time it took me to run from the front door to her bedroom.

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