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Chicago TG Romance (part 2)

As you must read part one of this story, one of the most interesting and attractive T-girls I have met is sleeping beside me in my motel room after a wonderful evening of being together. Beth awakened around 4am and got up to go to the bathroom. She was brushing her teeth and heard me stirring, I didn’t want to barge into the bathroom and invade her privacy. She said don’t be silly, we just made passionate love, showered together slept together, at least come in here and pee if you need to. I sat on the toilet and she commented why are you sitting to pee? I said I had been single for so long I got tired of spraying all over the bathroom, so thought it more common sense, I was used to it. Besides I do my own house-cleaning. She came over grabbed a tissue and wiped the head of my penis, and said there ya go no dripping. We both laughed. I got up and also brushed my teeth while she was fixing her hair, and here we are both naked. As I rinsed, I turned to her and we kissed good morning.
We went back to bed and neither of us could sleep, we started talking about how things happened the night before , and as we did we both fondled and kissed each other, but mostly we chatted about home, families, and where do we go from here? It was getting light outside now and I said I have some extra Calvin Klein underwear of you want a pair, I got out the iron and pressed our jeans nicely and steamed her top so no wrinkles, we dressed went down to get breakfast. When the girl came to our table she commented have you two been a couple for long.? I said it was a nice compliment because she was such a bright person in the morning and I enjoyed waking up with her.
Beth called ahead to her roommate and said she was bringing me over and was going to get some clothes for the weekend. This perked me up because I was not sure the plan for the rest of the weekend and I was thrilled to spend it with her. Beth’s roommate is a transgendered girl named Elana, and I didn’t notice when I met her previously but she had larger breast and a butt that would put most normal girls to shame.

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