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Be My Bitch

After a long day at work, I get in my car, and look forward to the long drive home. It gives me time to unwind and relax. I try to forget about the hectic office and concentrate on my beautiful girlfriend waiting at home with that warm smile that she greets me with when I get there. However, today I am in for the surprise of my life.
Normally, my routine after work consists of my drive home, followed by a wonderful hug and kiss at the front door. Then it's off to the shower while my girl finishes up supper. Today seemed to be just like any other day. Hug, kiss, and off to shower. However, I didn't immediately notice that there was no smell of dinner wafting through the house. Once I was out of the shower, I went to my bedroom to dress in my t-shirt and sweats. When I got there, I got the shock of my life! There was Jenny, but not the soft warm, sensual woman I saw every day. No, this was something…new. She was wearing the most form fitting latex catsuit I have ever seen. I was immediately intimidated. It had what looked like black flames that licked up her thighs, then it was bright red up her torso to her neck. The arms also had black flames the licked up from wrists to her upper arms. Too say that I was instantly aroused, would be an understatement. I could also see the outline of her thick, hard, cock. She normally keeps it tucked, but not today. There it was straining to be freed from its confines, as were her ever beautiful 38DD's. My girl has an exquisite body and has up to this point been rather shy about showing it off.
I sauntered up, to take her in my arms and give her a deep kiss, when to my surprise, she raised her hand and smacked me hard across my face. I felt tears welling up in my throat. At last she spoke, and not with any voice I’d ever heard. She looked me sternly in the eyes and with a commanding voice ordered, "On your knees WORM! There's going to be some changes around here! From now on you will only refer to me a Mistress Jennifer."

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