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I'm a straight guy! a few years ago, I stubble the cross shemale p***. now I must say, it felt weird, I mean being used to watching females doing p*** on my life. but I have to admit, these shemales that I was watching were passable, and most of all looked very f*******. shemale p*** made my dick hard, and I started to watch more and more. the shemale pornstars that got me hooked where Daniella Evangelista, and Sabrina Hemolly.

So, all these years later, I have never even come close to seeing hot sexy tranny. while attending college, it's a small college for a big city where I come from. not to mention, a Catholic College. then one day, as I was walking to class in the Halls of my campus. I saw her! she was a brunette, a little taller than me, kind of petite, and most of all had a real pretty face. but for weeks and weeks and weeks, whenever I would walk by her, all I could do was muster a smile and a hello. damn it, she would never even pay touch to me. but why I ask myself?

A new semester started, and she walks in to my class. I got excited, and as I was staring at her, she quickly looked up at me and sat down. now with each passing day she never raises a hand or ever spoke a single word. and the more and more look at her from top to bottom every day. I felt something was different about her. oh, by the way, I did finally learn her name, Alex! as I was saying she never talked and she always wore tight black spandex, and seem to over dress on top. What I mean is she always had many layers of clothes on top no matter how hot or cold was. did she not speak English, maybe she was from a different country?

then one day It's finally hit me, Alex was a boy. it made all the sense in the world. I guess what's really opened my eyes, was that the college had introduced the first transgender bathroom. there it was the symbol for a boy, and the symbol for a girl, right on the bathroom door. Also, sorry was placed on the door explaining anyone was free to use that bathroom, boy or girl. now It excited me fantasizing all those p*** movies I have watched. You know, the guy walks into the bathroom and somehow the hot girl walks in and starts blowing and f****** him. this was difference, was I allowed to go in that bathroom, I get in trouble? or, worse what if someone show me come out of it, what would they think?

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