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When I would get off the bus from after school activities, I would always walk through this truck stop on I-94 east of the Twin Cities. I would always look at the truckers parked for the night in the back. I always wondered what would happen if I brought my desires and fantasies to life for one of the truckers.

I grew up with all sisters and all neighborhood children of around my age were female. I sort of felt out of place being a boy. I would hear my older sister fuck and suck boys and I would wonder what it was like to please a man.

With sisters, I always had a stash of bra's, panties and makeup at my disposal. Any chance I could I would bring out my female side in me.

My fantasy was to dress like the slut I am, then at night walk back to the truck stop. I would wear a bra with a tight fitting blouse. A short skirt with a garter belt and panties. I would wear heels, wig and makeup. I would make sure I was hairless and clean my asspussy for the man.

I would walk between the trucks with my heels clicking on the asphalt. Going between the big trucks looking for a lonely horny trucker to make me a lot lizard without getting paid.

I dreamed up him leaning out the window and saying where are you going bitch or slut. Are you looking for a date or some cock tonight? I would turn and smile and turn to him and say, yes I am.
He would climb from his truck, to allow me to climb in. As I begin to climb in he would then snap my bra and then rub my ass to help me get in. This is when he would feel my sissy balls for the first time.

I would climb into the passenger seat, ignoring other factors because I am there for one reason. I am there to please that man. He would then say well sissy, what is your name. I would answer, my name is Candi. Well Candi, I am John and welcome to my home on wheels, lets climb in the back and have some fun. He would open the curtain and I would start to climb in when he smacked my ass. John ould say very nice tight ass you have, we will see if if is this tight when the night is done.

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