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When the swimming pool becomes a "hot tub"!

I decided to try and get a bit more adventurous with my act, and one day plucked up the courage to go swimming as my alter ego. I went through my usual habits of cleaning up and slipped on a tight one piece red swim suit. I filled it out with a little padding in the lining and covered it over with a tight pink t-shirt and some loose fitting tracksuit bottoms and some faded pink converse. I drove over to the next town and made my way into the sports centre.

When i reached the swimming pool changing rooms a rush of excitement came over me as I slipped the tracksuit bottoms down my smooth legs. I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the small mirror in my changing cubicle. My long blonde hair swung around, reaching to just below my shoulders. I pulled it together and put it into a pony tail. I tucked my things away in a locker and headed through to the pool.

I swam around for an hour, but couldn't help noticing one guy, who's gaze rarely left me. He wore tight fitting speedos that seemed to bulge, hugging his hips tightly. His muscular torso cut through the water has he swam lengths, his powerful arms and toned legs kicking up a spray in the water. After a while I climbed out of the pool, and wandered back over to the changing room area, and the guy followed me through. He sidled up to me at my locker and he started conversation. He placed his arm around me resting his hand on my slender hip. I turned to look up at him, and he smiled as we talked. I felt the warmth coming off his body and as i pushed my locker shut he pulled me a little closer. we talked as we walked over to the showers and i almost walked into the mens with him, i giggled and stumbled slightly, grabbing his towel as i fell. he caught me and pulled me back up and i looked in his eyes again and smiled, i thanked him and placed a small kiss on his cheek. his skin tasted of chlorine and was damp. he pulled me in tighter and kissed me properly. his tongue reaching in and exploring places, i went soft in his arms allowing him to squeeze me tighter, i felt his meat go hard in his trunks, pressing, straining, trying to burst free. i pulled back and ran my hand over his chest. then i ducked into the ladies showers. i was hot and flustered.

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