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Warm milk before asleep

Lou was my best friend after 6th grade, he knew nothing about my “girly” episode (It was very embarrassing to me) we did everything together in those days… The summer was beginning and we were enjoying our vacations when the bad news arrived: Lou and his family had to move to another city because his dad got promoted or something.
They moved like a thousand miles from my city and I was very sad.

My mom told me that she would take me to visit him near Christmas I couldn’t wait!
Finally we arrived to his city in December and we stayed a few days, I stayed in Lou’s bedroom, he had twin beds and it was very neat!
We realized that in those months we hadn’t seen each other we began puberty, our voices had begin to change, we were taller and hair was growing in a lot of new places… and our new smell! Puff!

One night I was in bed reading a comic book and he entered into the room after taking a bath, he closed the door and took off his towel revealing the biggest hard on! And it was semi twisted, it was bigger than mine! He was laughing and pointing that penis from the door to my bed he said “lets suck our dicks a little” and we laugh a lot and he covered his body again… but I was a little horny with the looks of his dick… he climbed to bed and read another comic, but I couldn’t stop thinking about his erection, I was rubbing my cock by now.

He stand up again, I thought he was to turn the lights off but no, he put the comic over his desk and turned to me opening his pajamas, letting me see his beautiful dick pointing at me again. He said “lets suck our dicks a little” again laughing, and I answered shyly “ok, lets do it”, he stood still trying to see if I was joking but I wasn’t… then he said “Ok, suck it” (teasing me) And I answered “Come here, put it in my mouth”…
He approached to my face doubtfully, when he was at reach I took his wonderful penis with my hand (this wasn’t the first time I had grabbed someone else’s penis) and jerked very softly, he moaned unwittingly. This, however, was the first time I had a cock so near my face I could smell it! I was very aroused!

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