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I slipped into my gf suspenders skirt and heels. I opened the door and led this man in his mid 40s to my room. Ive never done anything with a guy before, but as I was walking shaking m girly ass I couldnt help but feel that this is right. Once in my room I dropped to me knees and started to stroke. It wasnt long until I started sucking, starting slow and getting faster and faster, deeper and deeper. I wanted to do this forever. His cock was so nice. Feeling his cock in my mouth was heavan. After about 15minutes, I bent over the bed in doggy style and pulled the skirt up. I fealt like a porn star; arched back, face down and ass up. He started to finger my ass with lube. That was good, but I was begging for me, even though it was my first time. Eventually once I was fully lubed up i fealt him smacking his cock on my ass cheeks. "Please, give me that big cock. I want it. I want to be fucked like a good little girl" I begged. He then started to slowly penetrate my tight ass. I screamed but in a good way. "MORE! DEEPER! PLEASE!" He strated to slowly work my ass and before you know, we were fucking. his big juicy cock tore my ass open and I moaned with pleasure. He then pulled out and layed down. I knew what was next. I climbed on top with my ass facing him and I slowly slipped it in. I started to grind. This went on forever, I didnt want it to stop. I then turned and faced him and started to bounce as fast as I could. I couldnt go fast enough. This was great. Bouncing on his cock. After a shile when my legs were hurting I lied down and spread my legs. He slipped his cock right in my ass and fucked me hard and fast. "Faster, please, harder, harder! PLEASE YES! FUCK ME! HARDER! OH YES!"I moaned. I looked in the mirror at the side of the bed and all i could see was him pounded my ass and my legs in the air. "Im gonna cum..." he moaned. "On my face please. And mouth" I said. He then pulled his cock out and quickly stood over me.

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