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The Search...... for Mariana Cordoba by Katrina Electrika - So, here is an interesting entry by Mariana and it kind of confirms a theory I was thinking about a week ago. . . In this here, Mariana complains a bit how her photographer/friend/boyfriend whatever he was to her I guess you could say, complained about how he always used to keep her on a strict diet(obviously for photography shoots etc. . .) .(Maybe THAT is WHY she is So THIN at one point in some of her photos, the few photos and a couple videos where I had said she looks either Anorexic or because of HIV perhaps) .... hmmmmmm....sooooooo, Mariana also said that her and this photographer had Broken Up at some point, and this is in around 2012, then they get Back Together. And, typically of most artistic people, Mariana says in this that she only really cared about getting the types of photos she wanted out to the public and that it was the public's Appreciation of WHAT she DID which was MOST IMPORTANT to her, and that she Didn't Care if her photos were used in online magazines or wherever. . . . - Right, so she never made any money just doing photo shoots and not much doing videos either, and as we can all see she was in simultaneity with doing all these wonderful photo shoots and some videos , also being advertised as a Professional Escort for $300.00/hr. So, about 4 days ago, it occurred to me that Mariana , because there Really IS No Evidence that she has passed away, that at this point in her life she has probably just realized something like, hey...why am I wasting my time with this photographer guy when he is just making money off me and I getting nothing WHEN I can just walk into ANY NIGHT CLUB any time of the day or night and find a client to spend time with me WITHOUT any Advertisements Online, Without an Agent, just me........ya know, I think this is a Strong Possibility. I mean, I have seen in Thailand many, many really beautiful ladyboys who never posted anything online, didn't have agents...they just walked into clubs, no hassles...

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