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The New Housemate's Secret

The New Housemate's Secret
How will you discover the hot new tenant's secret?
Chapter 1 by Bauer1

The doorbell rings, a soft knocking accompanies the bell to break the silence of the house. You look up from your laptop nestled snuggly in your lap and glance at your watch.

"That must be her. Right on time." You mutter to yourself, and reluctantly clamber out of the comfy reclining chair, situated in the living room.

Your thoughts turn back to the last few weeks. Ever since your previous housemate moved out and gone back to his hometown after finishing his degree you have been paying all the rent and expenses yourself. While your job is pretty well paid the rent is rather high, and a choice needed to be made: trade your fancy car in for something more sensible or get another person in to share the rent. Needless to say the car is still in the garage and an advert was put in the papers and online.

You quickly got an e-mail reply from a woman named Rachel. From what she had said in her e-mails she was eighteen months younger than you, on her last year of studying for her Masters Degree and was employed as a waitress part time to pay the bills. She has already visited the house with a letting agent when you were out working. She is moving in tonight.

The bell rings again, awakening you from your thoughts. You look outside the window nearest to you, and you discover to see that it was raining heavily.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" You exclaim, and rush to the door and open it quickly. Standing before you is a beautiful brunette of average height. Her hair is plastered over her face thanks to the driving rain. Your attention however is caught by the tight and wet top she is wearing, which is revealing the fact that she is rather busty.

Realising you have been staring at her chest for a fraction too long you open the door wider to allow her indoors. "Hi I'm John. You must be Rachel, come on in!"

Rachel quickly shuffles past you and into the warmth. She shivers from the cold rain. The action inadvertently causing her large breasts in her tight and wet top to move spectaculary for you. Not wanting to be considered a pervert by your new companion you quickly fetch a towel.

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