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The first day of a sissy bitch

She's preparing to become a sissy slut
First long and extensive showering then a total shave and she started to turn into the femme of a sissy slut.
Naked in front of the mirror, she applied the foundation and spread it evenly across all areas of her face and neck. Next she slipped into her black lingerie and stockings. The bra brought her breasts to good use. Wig set nicely brushed and now the eyes were made up, the eyebrows drawn, rouge cheeks. Lined lips and shiny. Simple jewelry completed the sissy slut look. Now high-heels and let's go to the chosen address.
When he arrived, she rang the doorbell, the door opens and she is greeted naked by a middle-aged man. She enters and more than a short "hello" does not bring her over her lips. And yet she made this situation really cool, she did not care anymore. The nice feeling of being used to feel a warm cock in her mouth that would squirt his cum into her mouth made her really horny.
First, he offered her a drink to which she accepted thankfully and now they did not want to lose any more time and he ordered her to kneel and he stuck his stiff cock in her mouth and fucked her in her mouth cunt and his balls clapped her the chin, but just before he squirts off he stopped and he stripped a condom over his cock and said in the tone of command you turn around you little slut I want to fuck you right now.
You have a really hot ass that needs to be fucked. She did not know what to do. But she was now so horny and excited that she was ready for anything. Even her cock, between the suspenders, which stood like a pointer in the air gave her a great feeling. So she turned around and stooped over the chair so that her ass stretched out towards him. She still felt like he slime her anus with his Vorsaft then he stuck her slowly his thick stiff cock in her asshole. Slowly and gently, but ever deeper, until she felt his balls on the buttocks.
A strange but a really cool feeling. He pulled his cock out a bit and then back in. Again and again until she was fully relaxed. Now he fucked her right in the ass and his balls slapped on her butt. Faster and faster were the bumps and his moan was getting louder, I give it to you now you little horny sissy bitch what they still got hornier. Yeah and suddenly the moan would make a loud Jaaaah, Jaaaah and he blew himself deep in her ass.

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