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The Audition

New York City wasn't a bad palce to be back then. I was a student
working at an office job and doing what I enjoyed. That was being a
musician. Lots of weekend and night gigs at cocktail parties, lounges and
so on. There were a few pianists I worked for as standing time-keeper (
bass player to you who have not been in the jazz scene). Freelance
stuff, pick-up groups. In between I went from one bad love affair to
another Meet lots of interesting and different people. Wow, did that
turn out to be true!
It didn't surprise me when I got a call from a pianist named Randi. Said
she was new to the City but needed a bass player for a duo. Randi had
heard me play somewhere or other and wanted to try a session with me. I
was rock steady on the beat and creative enough to let her left hand go
for improvisation while leaving the bass line strictly to me. Besides I
wouldn't overwhelm her style. I guess she meant I was safe. Hell, it was
a possible source of revenue.
We met for drinks at the White Horse over on Greenwich Avenue. I was at
the bar when I felt a touch on my elbow and turned to meet Randi.
MARONE!!! She was lovely. Dark brown hair cut like Audrey Hepburn's in
"Roman Holiday" and slightly oriental shaped eyes that were absolutley
cat like in their green color. She beckoned me to a table. I followed
checking her out. Well dressed, great legs with slender tapering ankles.
I had to remind myself that this was an interview not an assignation.
She dropped her coat over her chair and sat down. She half curled as she
sat. Long graceful fingers punctuated her enthusiasm. Her voice
fascinated me; cello like with no regional accent. Randi was pleased
with my knowledge of Ravel, Chaminade and Stravinsky. Her idea was to
improvisation in impressionist music style in small clubs and at cocktail
parties. I was getting a little cynical. Her ideas were great but we
were talking not making music. And yet she was one of the most

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