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Thai delight

A few years ago I was sent out to Thailand for a week by my boss to do some checks on our operations at Laem Chabang in Thailand, about 10km north of Pattaya. Our expat manager, Dave, lived locally and instead of having to stay in a hotel he offered me a bed in his bungalow.

He lived on a small gated development of about 10 homes, all occupied by expat Brits. The second night was Saturday, Sunday was a rest day so the guys decided to hold a dinner party, and Dave's place was the venue. In the late afternoon a very pretty Thai girl appeared, Dave introduced her to me as his girl friend Aum. As Dave prepared the dining table Aum worked in the kitchen preparing the food.

At party time the guys started to arrive, each one had an attractive Thai in tow, so I was very much the wallflower. As we sat down to eat Dave introduced me to everyone, but at the other end of the table was a lone Thai lady. Her name was Sunisa, the development's resident manager. We settled down to a fine meal, hot Thai soup and curry with lashings of ice cold beer. The conversation flowed and the evening was obviously a great success, but I found it difficult to ignore the constant glances that were coming my way from Sunisa. After dinner the music went on and dancing couples filled the verandah, spilling out onto the lawn. As the only two unattached bodies there I paired up with Sunisa, we chatted and danced, but I deliberately avoided the slow numbers, making an excuse to sit down. As the evening wore on fewer and fewer people were at the party, until finally there was just me and Sunisa. Being a bit worse for wear I decided it was time for bed, Sunisa seemed to be 100% certain that she was coming too! As we walked into Dave's living room the sound of noisy sex could be heard from Dave's bedroom. I was nonplussed by this, but Sunisa gently steered me out, saying come to my place. Obediently I followed her to the road and up the short hill to her much smaller place at the gateway.

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